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Society Lounge Bar Cleveland, Guide & Review


Society Lounge is the perfect spot to spend the evening if you’re looking for a classy place with exquisite decor, chandeliers, and dark wooden accents. Soon as you step in, the retro theme kicks in. With red velvet sofas, huge paintings covering entire walls, and a classic bar, this is the perfect place to end the day.

Famous for the strong whiskey, the drinks don’t end there. From a variety of stirred drinks such as the ‘Triple Threat’ and ‘Cafe Carre,’ both of which contain blended whiskey with a mix of ingredients like coffee, honey, and more, to the Society OGs including ‘Death In New York, ‘Lebowski’ and ‘4th St. Sour’ which contains vodka, bourbon, lemon, pomegranate, absinthe and a blend of other mouth-watering ingredients. The combination of these is what makes Society Lounge known for its drinks. There’s a whole section with an endless choice of spirits and cocktails, some of which are limited release, whether fruity, intense or even both. So the experienced bartenders have you covered and will recommend you the best drink on the House. It doesn’t end here; food items, including varieties of pasta, salmon, and steak, are also available here in case you were looking for a meal with your drinks.

The speakeasy vibe of the Society Lounge takes you back to the old days, and the music and ambiance match it perfectly to have a good time with your significant other or family.

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