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Some Random Bar Seattle, Guide & Review

Local New American eats & craft cocktails served in brick-walled gastropub with Mason jar lighting. Random Bar is a local, fresh, seasonal cuisine, perfectly poured pints and unpretentious cocktails served with a smile. Their passion for bold yet balanced ingredients and a warm socially inviting atmosphere has come to life in Seattle. Great neighborhood spot or casual location to watch a game. This playfully named bar just north of Belltown is focussed on chef-led, ingredient centric dining. Basically, well-sourced food, well-prepared a combination of which they approve. The room is large and airly, light streaming in from the street. There’s an abundance of warm wood and the obligatory exposed brickwork with three big screen TVs dotted around the bar for watching the game. 

Some Random Bar features good happy hour; Sunday drink specials; quality delicious food; awesome whiskey/bourbon list; amazing craft cocktails – Gin & Jam, Apple Rye, & the Bacon Old Fashioned just to name a few; awesome rotating beer selection, friendly staff; inviting atmosphere; interesting outdoor seatings; very trendy vibe; reasonable prices; elevated food menu – The food menu features dishes like crab nachos, house-made sausages, pork belly sliders made from pasture-raised piggies and chocolate bacon you can’t argue with chocolate bacon; friendly, attentive & professional bartenders who are helpful with selections; good ambiance; extensive list with a great rare collection – they’ve revolving menu based on what is seasonal, fresh, and available; very nice happy hour prices on drinks; great & attentive service; and friendly hosts. Such a delicious time with champagne and chicken wings and garlic bread with mozzarella. Their brunch menu is also well worth checking out; customer service is smart, smiley and friendly and the place attracts a cool neighborhood crowd. Everything here is fantastic! 

High recommended; great fun and if you’re looking for a special pour. You must, must, must try! This spot is absolutely amazing.

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