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Soopsok Karaoke & Restaurant Los Angeles, Guide & Review

A fun place to go with friends for karaoke and a great karaoke spot for large groups due to their spacious private room.

Soopsok Karaoke & Restaurant features Karaoke in 4 languages, big plasma screens, great sound system, strong delicious drinks, great music – fairly expansive song selection, cool ambiance, amazing private karaoke rooms – various sizes for your singing pleasure, super nice waiters, huge parking lot, delicious food, amazingly beautiful lighting system, great quick service, reasonable prices, great management and amazingly friendly & attentive bartenders and servers – they take real good care of you. A full bar and a kitchen on premises in case you won’t have eaten before arriving in the place. Soopsok Karaoke & Restaurant is a great spot in Los Angeles to host private parties and events. 

Highly recommended to everyone who is looking for a place to hang out. It’s a great place to have a night out with some of your best friends. You’ll definitely have a blastful experience. Super fun time!

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