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Soul Mates Karaoke and Dj Philadelphia, Guide & Review

Soul Mates Karaoke and DJ bar is open for dining, bar, karaoke room and takeout now. Soul Mates Karaoke DJ and VJ can make any event a success. They bring fun to the party. 

With state of art equipment they can provide quality songs, videos, and even outdoor movies. Soulmates Karaoke and DJ also features great music and videos, state of art equipment, cordless microphones, and an amazing sound. Whether it’s a DJ event, or both, they’ll insure your party is just what you want it to be, the best. 

Many of their songs come with a music video, which is shown right on their DJ booth; they have a 20 foot outdoor screen to show music videos and movies. (evening only). They can also help with some lighting options creating ambiance to make your event great. 

Highly recommended!

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