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South Shore Tiki Lounge Bar Maui, Guide & Review

As the name says, this place is a fun Tiki bar. It is called the best Pau Hana, which means it’s the place to be during happy hour. The local DJ spins here after 10 pm, so your night out will become a lot more fun while you’re here. The decor has plenty of bamboo and tikis scattered across the place with a thatched roof. The table tops are painted beautifully by artist friends visiting this place. From mermaids to underwater animals, there are stories painted around the area. 

From regular locals here to tourists out to explore the area, you will find the place crowded every night. Their website has a calendar that mentions the events and performances coming up in the next month. They offer you hot sandwiches, pizza, and burgers along with pups which are local and main dishes. Their pizza is famous as it is made from scratch and is the best you will find on the island. There are a few salad and vegetarian dishes that you can try out. The kids’ menu is curated separately, keeping them in mind.  

The drinks menu offers you some specials and classics like ‘Sneaky Tiki’ and ‘Painkiller.’ Other options have blended drinks and some light and refreshing options as well. ‘Tiki Rita’ is a mouth-watering combination of Tres Generaciones tequila, citrus, and lime with a float of Grand Marnier for just $11. That is a steal. Juices and non-alcoholic drinks are also available, along with beer cans or those on tap. The bartenders are full of energy and very chatty so that you will be part of some interesting conversation at some point. 

follows this rule religiously. They do not complicate the flavors by adding too many things together. Balance is the key here.

The seasonal menu is complemented with an unbeatable vinyl collection that plays in the background of the chatter going around. The floral wallpaper and trim pots on each table make it feel homier. 

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