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Southern Railway Taphouse is a Clubby gastropub presenting a long list of craft beers, American eats & live music. Southern Railway Taphouse’s beer selection matches any pub, with a changing roster of 40 beers and more than 100 artisan bottles. Since it is constantly updated, check their website to see which draughts are accessible on any given day. The vast bar room is a high-energy late-night gathering spot, and the outside terrace overlooking downtown Richmond‘s canal walk is ideal for the summer. Southern Railway Taphouse is a terrific spot to taste some fantastic beers. The bar can serve over 40 great draughts and a wide range of fantastic craft bottle beers. It is also ideal for anyone who likes American food and live music. This location is popular with young, trendy people who enjoy partying till late at night.

The Southern Railway Taphouse is well-known for its fantastic beers on tap. The bar has up to 40 draught beers and even more artisan bottle beers at any given moment. It serves good American meals and frequently hosts live music evenings. The pub attracts a youthful, hip audience and stays open till late at night. A fascinating location with excellent, friendly, and professional employees. Great beer variety and an excellent, simple menu of essential pub cuisine. We were exploring universities when two waiters and the manager dropped by to share their impressions of Richmond and its schools. The area transforms into a dance club at night; we were given a pre-chaos tour. We searched for good food, beer, and lovely people, and we found all those things and more. 

Terrific spot! One of the best places to burn your calories to the vibrant music on Friday and Saturday nights. This place is a killer from 10.00 pm till 2.00 am on Friday and Saturday nights. The security staff are very vigilant, keep the perimeter secured, and ensure they keep their guests safe. One suggestion is they could add a little more late-night food menus. We enjoyed all the yummy finger foods provided! Coconut shrimp, mojitos, wings, and those little quiche bites were terrific! Also, we should go out to the bartender. Our agents kept you busy! You stayed on top of it all! So thank you for your fast service! Every drink was made carefully, and the food was just over the top! We will be back. So, this bar is one of the best Richmond has to offer.

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