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Space Karaoke New Jersey, Guide & Review

Listen – if you’re looking for a solid karaoke in  New Jersey – head to Space Karaoke. The most modernized karaoke venue in Korea town. Snacks & cocktails in a sleek, colourfully lit bar with 10 private rooms for group karaoke. Space Karaoke has a legit bar setup with a spacious room all around. Let them coordinate your next out of this world event experience at Space Karaoke. They offer VIP bottle packages and open bar service for your private room. The place is cool, funky and just a little out of this world. The space is spacious and what you need is to just cut loose and enjoy yourself. 

Space Karaoke features good vibe; great karaoke song options – they’re hooked up to YouTube’s karaoke feature so there is endless music including current music and they play music in Spanish, English and Korean; delicious food options that are decently priced; pretty cool interior design; excellent service; relaxed lovely atmosphere; tons of delicious cocktails choice; great lights; the best DJs in New Jersey; very attentive and kind staff; nice, state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; attentive & professional bartenders; expansive drink menu; great karaoke system that’s easy to use; beautiful wall decor; and cool ambiance – very modern and sophisticated. The private rooms have multiple TVs, wide karaoke karaoke library plus YouTube, multiple mics, and even a little drum pad. 

This place is superb for groups/parties – overall the place is good for either small or big parties, for any occasion. What a great place to go out on the weekend or honestly any day of the week. 10/10 highly recommended to listen to some music, drink, and socialize. Definitely a fun experience at Space Karaoke. Awesome place to have a fun night. See you there for an amazing & unforgettable experience in New Jersey. Cheers!

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