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SpkrBox Bar Detroit , Guide & Review

SpkrBox is another funky, relaxed bar in Detroit known for its craft cocktails and mixing techniques. This bar is famous for how bartenders put their effort and time into making your drink and are accommodating. What makes or breaks a place like this is the behavior of the staff around you; hence, this place has cracked that code and made sure that everyone from the bartenders to your order takers and waiters is there to facilitate you. This is one of the most customer-friendly places in Detroit, and hence a must-try if it is your first time trying out cocktails in Detroit.
This bar is also for music lovers since the owner recently renovated this space and put up an excellent stereo system and a futuristic DJ bar. Moreover, SpkrBox has a hidden feature that attracts people from all over the city. SpkrBox has a basement with professional soundproofing, producing crisp and clear sound for the best experience. Imagine sipping your favorite cocktails and grooving to your favorite music. The food here is also sourced locally through a business called Village Hand Pies.
This bar is also famous for its coffee and coffee-oriented menu. This means that most of their drinks have a hint of coffee in them. There are two types of cocktails, hot and cold, and both have coffee elements. However, Homerton and Nervous Negori are some of the famous cocktails you should try. Homerton has whiskey and coffee reduction elements to it. Nervous Negori is made up of Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Campari. One of the best and signature cocktails this place offers is the 1738 Hot Box, which has many different elements, including Cognac, Cointreau, Lemon, sugar, and smoke. Mind you. However, this one costs $25!

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