Sugardaddie, A Simple Review

This dating website could be a goldmine for those looking for a classic ‘sugar daddy, sugar baby’ relationship. It’s pretty straightforward and will get the job done. However, this doesn’t go to say that the website cannot be improved upon.

The concept is simple – Sugar babies can sign up and look for Sugar daddies (sometimes it’s the other way round too). Once you find someone you like, you can pretty much take it forward from there. The site does provide you with a platform to find the kind of people you are looking for. 

What I like best about this website is how unabashed it is in its approach. It doesn’t bother with the frills and fuss of dating. Although the site claims that several users have found real relationships and even marriage here, that’s for you to find out. 

Why Should You Choose It?

Sugardaddie claims to understand why the concept of finding wealthy men is so popular – and not shameful at all. Wealth equals success, and a secure, stable lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

Well, if you have figured this out yourself and are looking for a wealthy, successful man who wants to take an active interest in giving you a better lifestyle, this is the dating website for you. Moreover, Sugardaddie is one of the most popular, pioneer dating websites of its kind. Launched in 2002, it has gained immense popularity over the last few decades and knows a thing or two about sugar daddy sugar baby matchmaking.

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

What I found the most intriguing about this website is its sign-up process. Well, not the process as such, but the verification and permission to enter the website.

You will have to answer a few pertinent questions and include enough of your writing websites’ suggestions. Each profile is personally viewed and verified. If the site managers don’t think your profile is worthy enough, you’ll find your profile randomly deleted. No message, no email, no notification. It’s gone. 

Well, this helps in keeping out the fraudsters.

How Much Does It Cost?

Signing up and browsing around is entirely free. Of course, there is a premium membership option, as well. Here is a breakdown of the cost:

One month – $25.99

Three months – $49.99

Six months – $89.99

One year – $149.99

Making a Profile

It’s simple, straightforward, and effortless. Well, mostly. You’ll need to answer their questions wisely and not beat around the bush, or you won’t get accepted as a member.

Matching With Someone

If you’re a Sugar Daddy, you don’t have much to do. Just make your profile, pay the membership, and look pretty. The Sugar Babies do most of the matching. Once you match, well. You know how to take it from there.


  1. Huge user database
  2. Can pay through phone or regular mail
  3. Quality score to find better matches
  4. Women to men ratio are 2:1
  5. Easy to navigate website


  1. Have to pay for chatting
  2. Can get boring or tedious waiting for a match

Final Verdict

As long as you have wealth, good looks, and patience, this website will be an excellent place for you to park at. You will find all kinds of people exploring, so the options are unlimited. Just a little patience, and it’ll pay off.

Keep exploring!

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