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The security cage has been retained at Sunflower Public House renovated pub with a beer garden housing a pizza oven. Sunflower Public House is one of Belfast‘s top live music venues, transporting customers to the 1980s. What about entertainment? This establishment invites musicians and is renowned for throwing stunning summer parties in the beer garden. Sunflower Public House’s security cage on the front door transports us to 1980s Belfast. Sunflower Public House is a popular hangout for students, visitors, and after-work drinkers and is only a few minutes walk from The Belfast Telegraph and the University of Ulster. Listen to live bands in a candlelit nook, or stroll outdoors to the beer garden for a wood-fired pizza slice. Are you paying a visit to your four-legged friends? 

Water dishes and snacks are supplied for pets. Sunflower also stocks locally-brewed craft beer, including stouts, IPAs, lagers, and more from Boundary Brewing Co, Heaney, Farmageddon Brewing Co, and Kinnegar, in addition to a fantastic collection of Irish ciders. Sunflower Public House debuted in December 2012 at the junction of Kent and Union Streets, where a public house had existed for almost a century. It lies just behind Belfast Central Library and a stone’s throw (a local unit of measurement) from The Belfast Telegraph, The Irish News, and the University of Ulster. Sunflower is a modest corner pub with no frills or themes, yet it is one of the few that still exists. The security cage on its front entrance, a remnant from 1980s Belfast, immediately identifies it. 

The cage has been conserved and preserved as part of the city’s social history, although it is no longer required for security purposes. Sunflower takes pleasure in providing fantastic local beers, such as Yardsman, our draught stout, which is made in Belfast. They also have the Kinnegar range from Donegal, and our real ale is from just out the road at Hilden. They regularly have beers from other parts of Ireland, Scotland, and England, and the excellent wheat beer, Erdinger, from Germany. Our cider, of course, is county Armagh’s McIvor’s. We arrived here on a Tuesday night with a group of friends and did not make a reservation. Even though the place was packed, we were fortunate to secure a small table. We had one drink apiece, and the bill was about £25, which was reasonable for four of us. I enjoy the drink choices, the environment, and the cheerful staff!

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