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Sunken Harbor Club New Jersey, Guide & Review

Sunken Harbor Club is the tucked away good time you want to have in a tiki bar. Such a cool space. It feels like you’re on a ship. Sunken Harbor Club is an intimate nautical cocktail bar tucked away on the second floor above Gage & Tollner. After 8 years as a weekly pop-up at owner St. John Frizell’s Red Hook Mainstay Fort Defiance, The Club finally anchored in Downtown Brooklyn in October 2021. Sunken Harbor Club is incredible. The aesthetic of an underwater, haunted, nautical secret society works really well, and they don’t hold back in committing to it through decorations, furniture and the menu. Indeed it’s a sweet little tiki bar tucked up on the second floor of the building. Looks and feels like you’re in an eclectic pirate ship, sound effects included.

Long story short, Sunken Harbor Club is everything you would want in a tucked away spot. The Sunken Harbor Club satisfies the theme bar itch with an incredibly well curated and delicate approach when compared to some of the loud and kitschy bars. The environment is so well crafted and the menu matches. The drinks are artisanal and watching the bartenders work is like watching craftsmen honing in on their work. Sunken Harbor Club also features great chic decor; awesome vibe; wonderful atmosphere – the atmosphere of a ship interior with sound of roaring waves just adds to the transporting vibes; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; some of the best cocktails you had ever had in New York; and highly attentive & professional staff from bartenders, servers, management, bouncers and cleaners – the bartenders work like the highly skilled craftsmen that they are. The design details of Sunken Harbor Club are evident as the theme ties into the food and drinks. 

Imagine a perfect bar — wait stop! The people at Sunken Harbor Club have done that for you! From the inventive classic cocktails to creating soon-to-be classics, on being cast adrift on a fantasy pirate ship, this place lives up the legends. Please, if you go out of your way for one new bar in New York, check out Sunken Harbor Club. One of the rare cases where speakeasy is beautiful, well-maintained, drinks are professionally done and worth spending your time and money on it!

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