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Sunny’s Bar New York, Guide & Review

Nice little bar on the old waterfront! Sunny’s Bar is a stunning hangout joint. Sunny’s Bar has an awesome menu consisting of mixed drinks from Margarita, Dark & stormy,  Moscow mule, Old fashioned, Negroni, Aperol spritz, and Manhattan. Wines include: Malbec, Rose, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco and Merlot. Draft Beer includes Flagship, Reissdorf Kölsch, Sloop Pilsner,  Bell’s Two Hearted IPA, Allagash White, and Threes Logical Conclusion IPA.

Great drinks, great music, great decor, great people, fun atmosphere, great vibes, live awesome music, intimate space, mixed age group, and ethnicities. good reasonably priced drinks, nice ambiance, low-key people and bartenders just a gem, state of art lighting and sound system, comfortable seats, food very tasty, wonderful service, clean bathrooms, great outdoor space in Back -a great place to hang out in the rain with a rooftop veranda. Amazing music which connects you with this kind of place. It’s such a cool and quaint place to stop in and have an adult beverage while waiting for a table at a nearby restaurant or just chilling old style. Bartenders are a lot of fun. They are dark and stormy too!

Great neighborhood bars can always count on friendly service and a cold beer….location and nice backyard make it special. Always an eclectic experience, never what you thought about walking into a neighborhood bar. Great bar. Great atmosphere. Great bar staff!!!! It’s the best bar in New York. Great atmosphere if you like authenticity.

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