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Sunset & Vinyl Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Hidden cocktail bar accessible through 800 degrees pizza, with 70’s -era drinks & moody vibe. Small intimate little hidden gem that makes great drinks and plays vinyls. There’s a super cool bar upstairs. It’s really a nice party place and is made for people of every age group. Very cool speakeasy above a pizza place, and so fun that you can choose out a vinyl to play. 

Sunset & Vinyl features great atmosphere, great delicious drinks, awesome vibe, nice location, fantastic, friendly and attentive staff, good beer selection, fantastic ambiance, delicious food, cozy atmosphere, reasonable prices, trendy crowd, great happy hour, wonderful music, and delicious cocktails. They’ve really very beautiful and have plenty of seating so you can sit according to your choice/comfort. They offer bar seating and a section for lounging. Extra cozy during rainy nights. They also have a great Vinyl Collection with classics from different decades and genres. At Sunset & Vinyl bar you’ll find perfectly seasoned and roasted whole pig, warm Sunset & Vinyl salad with roasted fennel and carrots, roasted butternut squash with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, and delightful green salad. To say it is all delicious and plentiful is understatement. 

What a hidden secret While trying to find a pleasantly populated (ie. not overly crowded) place in Hollywood with amazing cocktails. While here it feels like you’re hanging out in someone’s living room. If you ever needed a home bar this is the place to go. The  place is lit! Great cocktails in Los Angeles. It’s also a great spot in Los Angeles for drinks with friends or a date, it’s very low key so you can actually have a conversation and find somewhere to sit. It’s highly recommended checking it out.

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