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Supreme Pot San Francisco, Guide & Review

Looking for a great karaoke spot in San Francisco? Supreme Pot is the place to be! Established in 2019, Supreme Pot is a hot pot restaurant specialized in all you can eat hot pot and a wide range of drinks and more. Located in a residential neighborhood in Daly City, they’re proud to serve high quality Chinese style hot pot. With 8 different house selected soup bases, over 70 hot pot items, a wide range of house special sauces, and loads of soft drink and alcohol selection, they serve the best. Not only does Supreme Pot have a large seating area, there are four private karaoke rooms with karaoke service. This means that Supreme Pot can accommodate any events or meetings. 

Supreme Pot features tons of options of delicious food, reasonable prices, great lighting and sound system, great atmosphere with clean bathrooms, nice modern decor option of individual hotpots or sharing larger one as well as few robotic waiters delivering dishes to your table, lunch specials have good selections with several options of soup base, very good service, pretty good selection for ayce hotpot, fresh meat & veggies with lots of options to choose from, and easy parking. There are still servers that bring out the personal hot pot, refilling hot water, and tea. Personal hot pots are better because everyone gets to pick what they want. Indeed a great experience at Supreme Pot. This is the perfect spot for a family since the table has a stove for every person and thus a great place to eat with friends and family. 

Overall Supreme Pot is a good place to go for hotpot in the Bay Area. Definitely worth checking it out for an amazing experience in San Francisco.

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