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Tabac is a cozy, contemporary watering hole for beer, cocktails, and Asian and European fusion plates. Tabac, an unlawful drinking hole on Buchanan Street, exudes date night vibes. Step into the atmospheric cocktail bar, and you’ll be greeted with sensual lighting, comfortable banquettes, and bartenders eager to whip up a range of heady trademark tipples. Tabac, a sultry drinking lair, brings heady cocktails and artisan beer to Mitchell Lane. The handcrafted bar exudes rustic charm, with old trinkets and knick-knacks strewn around and art deco lighting in the form of salvaged Parisian street lights creating the atmosphere of a passionate liquid lair. The name of the game here is potent tipples. The Naked Word, a mixture of Laphroaig, yellow chartreuse, maraschino liqueur. 

And lemon juice garnished with tiny ice shards, is one of the menu’s distinctive cocktails. Tabac offers a variety of appetizers, from sharing boards and salads to croquettes and sirloin, for those who are hungry. This pub was fantastic; it had a fantastic selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. The crew is delightful and appears to love their work. The atmosphere here is fantastic. They made sure that my wine glass was excellent. I cannot express how incredible the employees were throughout our time. They were all kind, professional, pleasant, helpful, and friendly. I saw the client disrespecting a staff member, but she handled it perfectly. I will most certainly return. I haven’t eaten at the restaurant, but the Panther Milk Bar, located in the back of this restaurant/bar, is unique. 

When we walked in, I thought it looked like a spooky ancient pub from the stone age, with just candles lighting the way. We felt like we belonged to some exclusive club, hehe. The staff were beautiful and came to each table if you hadn’t been in before to explain a little bit about Panther Milk, which made us feel as though the staff truly wanted you to be there and be a part of it. The panther milk itself was fantastic. It’s worth a visit! My partner and I were visiting Glasgow last weekend, and we stopped by Tabac to take a break from our Christmas shopping. We loved it here! I had prosecco and loved how they served it in an ice-cold glass straight from the chiller with a raspberry. There was a great vibe; we stayed here for a couple of hours, feeling very happy.

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