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Taco’s Garcia Bar Amarillo , Guide & Review

Open in Amarillo since 1986, Taco’s Garcia is a family-run Tex-Mex restaurant and bar. The couple who are the owners started small and struggled a lot before they could find success and then expand their premises. The place still gives off a very humble vibe and is not extravagant or fancy in its decor. Wooden beams run up the ceiling. The walls are a mix of rust and purple color. Simple tables and chairs are placed all around. They have some beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, adding a soft glow to the room. There are many stained glass windows and Christian crosses hung around the place. This makes it feel like an antique church.
The bar area is secluded from the general sitting space. Big plant pots add freshness and color to the space. The whole place has its character that represents the food that they serve here. The menu has authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chalupas, and more. Even their drinks are inspired by Mexican cuisine and complement the food well. Each dish has portion sizes and different toppings or meat options that you can opt for according to your tastes. They do not put in the effort to plate each dish in a very presentable way, but their main focus is on the quality of food you get, which will never disappoint you when you’re here. To end your meal, you can order a flan drizzled with caramelized sugar and whipped creama fantastic combination.
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