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If you’re a techno music fan, or want to see a grungy (in a good way) club and dance away until sun rises. Sarajevo city is a renowned home to the hottest techno clubs that are a must visit and are renowned for unbeatable clubs playing unbelievable techno music beats. The city’s techno clubs exhibit amazing techno venue standards. Be prepared for hard-hitting Techno beats making you dance to your fullest fun. 

At Sarajevo techno clubs you’ll find pretty and friendly bartenders serving tasty reasonably priced drinks, delicious food that is freshly served, and delicious handcrafted cocktails. Lighting, sound systems and DJs booths are amazing and make the clubs beautiful for all guests to dance their moves in spacious stylish dance floors and eye-candy interior design. These venues exhibit an awesome and relaxed atmosphere. Amazing at different programs to choose from day and night hosting urban party seekers.

Underground Club Sarajevo

Looking for an unforgettable night out in the center of Sarajevo? Then the underground Club is the place to head to. It’s a very Popular spot for an amazing night out experience. Underground is a cool rock Nightclub in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This club caters to a young crowd dancing around tables arranged along the dance floor and it’s a great place to meet local party goers. The big club has two floors with the upper floor which has live rock band performances and local DJs playing the latest hits. Downstairs has more traditional styles and turbo-folk.

Cinemas Sloga Sarajevo

If you want to experience nightlife in Sarajevo, this is one of the places that is highly recommended located in the heart of Sarajevo. Monday is latino night, Thursday there’s live music, Saturday exhibits live music and party. One of the best night clubs in Sarajevo. If you want late night parties this is a place for you. It is an enormous, cavernous club that is mainly visited by a young crowd who happens to be students.  The students mostly here find a great time to dance and have fun till morning.

Silver & Smoke Sarajevo

One of the best places for a night out in Sarajevo. Silver & Smoke is a Night club located in the middle of the city, Sarajevo, Bosnia. It’s decent little electronic music and a very nice underground club with amazing electronic music is one of the finest places in case you want to dance till late at night to the beats of popular local as well as international DJs. The nightclub is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 22.00 to 6.00.

Trezor Sarajevo

If you find yourself in Sarajevo, Trezor nightclub for an amazing night out. Trezor is a nightclub in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Trezor is a club that has good vibrations, and it’s a place where you will dance ’til dawn to top sound and light productions, along with the positive energy of the staff. The club is located in a central area and quite easy to find in an old atomic bomb shelter, where electronic music lovers will definitely be looking for a good time, but other guests will also enjoy the modern ambience and sound-light effects.

In Conclusion

Sarajevo Techno clubs are highly recommended for you who are searching for an amazing night out with techno beats fun. You can listen to fresh and exciting techno music and have a good chance to meet with local music fans. Being into techno music and you want to party like a sir/lady, Sarajevo’s techno clubs are places to be.

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