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Ten & Two Coffee Spirits & Games Kansas City, Guide & Review

A blend of passion, deliciousness, and friends. Ten & Two Coffee Spirits & Games started with a vision. Could they create a destination where friends know they would receive premium coffees, pastries, delicious in-house craft brewed beers, and creative signature cocktails. And house it all in an atmosphere of rustic-chic-modern-authentic, with a touch of quirky, to make it a favorite for flavor and socializing. Go visit Ten & Two Coffee Spirits & Games! Because they definitely nailed it. This place is quite perfect! A great concept to offer coffee and a bar. 

Ten & Two Coffee Spirits & Games they commit to the highest quality coffee beans available, to the best roasting process known, to serving the freshest food items they can findz and then serving it with care and courtesy from their dedicated and passionate team members. They commit to providing a comfortable, fun environment for you and your friends, and to caring for each person that comes through their door. Ten & Two Coffee Spirits & Games will definitely become one of your favorite spots for coffee, eats, drinks, and catching up with friends. 

Ten & Two Coffee Spirits & Games features delicious cocktails, craft beer brewed in house, the coolest vibe in the Midwest, friends and good tunes. Yard games at the outdoor patio, or great tunes inside; unique menu – from the finest coffees, specially chosen from premium hills in Central and South America, nurtured by the hands of artisans, to mouth-watering sandwiches, pastries, smoothies, and speciality cocktails, their baristas and bartenders create exquisite presentations of deliciousness; good sized patio with comfy seatings; plenty of comfy couches and tables/chairs for seating; excellent prompt service; strong delicious drinks that are reasonably priced; and great lighting & sound system. 

You’re invited to stop by, and they hope to see you soon. Since they anticipate you to go by frequently, they want to reward you for your loyalty.

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