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TENN nightclub and nightclub is one of Tallahassee’s clubs located on the six-venue “Tally strip,” formerly known as Encore. It is a Sleek dance club with lighting effects, boasting DJs & live acts, plus bottle service & VIP options. This is one of the Tallahassee pubs offering fantastic drink deals, such as a you-can drink for $10 on Saturday nights! Come to TENN if you want to hit the dance floor, relax in a VIP booth, and have a good time. This is the place to go for live entertainment on stage, DJs, and filled bars. It’s also an excellent spot to bar hop to the other five establishments on the Tally Strip! This Tallahassee bar prides itself on speedy drink service, with various bars and bartenders guaranteeing clubgoers can return to the dance floor as soon as possible. Next door is a lounge where electronic dance music is performed more relaxed. 

For information about “Top Tier Fridays,” please direct your questions to the Top Tier Entertainment’s Facebook page “Saturday Nights Live” $10 All-You-Can-Drink Wells & Natty Light (Drafts in Public House) 9 pm-1 am Featuring DJs Belles and Shulman Prices subject to change for special events/home game weekends. There is a $10 minimum for cards. Walkouts are subject to 20% auto grat. Each time you slide your card, a $25 “Pre Authorization” hold is put on your account, which usually takes 1-2 business days. We recommend opening a tab and keeping it open until you’re ready to leave to avoid multiple $25 charges. It is a lavish nightclub with good music and awesome bartenders. I recommend it on a Friday night! 

Just two words. Kramer, Luke He is Tennessee Street’s backbone because he is the only ten I see. Even in a fast-paced industry, he always ensures his clients’ requirements are addressed; he is undoubtedly a hospitality management major. With his vast knowledge in entertainment, risk management, and critical/creative thinking, he has turned a previously reviewed 1-star venue into the E11even/LIV of Tallahassee. He has a great future ahead of him, showing the world that the sky(box) is the limit. It used to be Floyd’s music store, so when you danced on stage, you danced in the same spot as some killer rock bands from back in the day. They just did a reunion Rock show with an epic social burn—hoping they would bring back the wild and crazy Sunday parties they used to have.

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