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One of the most excellent zoomed-out views of Miami’s expansive cityscape is from this breezy Little Havana rooftop at the stylishly bohemian Lifehouse Hotel. Get comfortable among the glittering bistro lights, giant umbrellas, and sofa setups sprinkled around the lush, retro-tiled digs for picture-perfect sunset beverages and snacks. While you’re up there, check out Terras’ herb garden. Various vegetables and herbs are cultivated and harvested to flavour drinks and the different plant-based foods on the menu. In Little Havana, a rooftop bar? How endearing. The neighbourhood’s only open-air, elevated location is above the similarly beautiful Life House hotel, in a district where buildings are rarely taller than three or four levels. Oversized umbrellas and sofa setups dot its retro-tiled surroundings, which shine at night under rows of bistro lights. There’s also a herb garden on the roof, where various vegetables and herbs are cultivated and harvested to flavour drinks and the numerous plant-based foods on the menu. For example, the mushroom appetisers and the heirloom tomato salad are fresh and flavorful. It is a tropically overgrown rooftop haven overlooking the Miami skyline with a bar & restaurant. Dine, drink, dance, or lounge to your heart’s content. Terras’ food menu has Vegan Options available. They accept credit cards as a form of payment. The whole setup is outdoors on the rooftop, so outdoor seating is available. We can safely say that Terras’ vibe is Romantic, Trendy and Casual. You can wear casual dressing attire to visit the bar as well. It is a good place for groups to relax, unwind and have fun. Terras offers street parking to its patrons. Their waiter service is impeccable, and they have free Wi-Fi. The best nights at this bar are usually on a Friday. They have gender-neutral restrooms available. It is a bar that is open to all individuals and identities.

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