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Texas Firehouse Bar Amarillo , Guide & Review

A leading sports bar, Texas Firehouse, is located in the Coulter Forum shopping center. It offers some new gastronomic sensations. You could get steak seared perfectly and steamy from the inside. Other items on the menu include gourmet pizzas, quesadillas, pizza rolls, wings, wraps, salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, burgers, and entrees that include pies, chicken, and pasta dishes. Once you open the menu, you will keep scrolling; it is that extensive.
Texas Firehouse has about 52 beers in its beer menu section. Yeah, that does not make your choice any more straightforward. But it does give you the room to experiment. The wine list is short and straightforward, so there will be limited options. Check out their cocktails if you’re in the mood to experiment. It includes ‘Moon Tang,’ ‘Dirty Hose Water,’ ‘Lava Flow,’ and ‘Patron Sunrise,’ which are less than half of the options available. Moon Tang has frozen moonshine and tang with a bottle of Blue Moon in it. The concoction is beautiful; imagine how good it will taste.
The whole room has a lot of flat-screen T.V.s displayed all around the room. Whatever game you’re in the mood to watch, it will be on here. You can grab food and drinks and get a spot at a table. They also offer daily, weekly, and monthly special offers that will make your day a little less heavy on your pocket. You will find sports enthusiasts here all the time if you need company.
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