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Thank Sool Poocha Bar Denver, Guide & Review

If you are in the mood for a Korean pub experience, walk right in. ThankSool offers alcoholic beverages, a variety of classic Korean dishes, and some chef specials. The music genre is K-pop for a fun vibe at night time. The environment is comfortable and homey, with families all around you. If you want to try some soju or rice wine, both their specialties,  then go ahead and taste them. Or maybe if you’re feeling more daring, you might take a bite of a snail or some cow intestines. No? That’s alright; you can also try rice bowls and kimchi pancakes. They have a variety of soups and stews for a heartier option to try as well. If you want a safer option, try out their crispy chicken wings coated with sauce that creates a beautiful blend of flavors in your mouth the first bite you take.

It is a whole new experience for those who haven’t tasted Korean food and culture. It would be fun to try out with a bunch of friends. Or however many fit in the booth. 


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