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The Alchemist Cardiff is a creative cocktail bar and restaurant. All-day dining, classic dishes with a twist. Their bartenders craft each drink with intense attention to detail choreographed to add a naughty splash of drama for their Cardiff visitors. Welcome to their Cardiff cocktail bar and restaurant, Dragon’s Lair. Wales, the land of tales, stories, and dragons, has been clamoring for The Alchemist for quite some time. They’ve found the perfect place to live in the country’s capital, Cardiff – or Caerdyf if you’re a history buff like them. Discover the four delightfully eerie underground vaults where they’ll be hosting the spookiest soirees you’ve ever seen and, above stairs, experience the darkly decadent décor, burning atmosphere, innovative drinks, and devilishly exquisite all-day food in their hallmark manor – theater delivered! 

The Alchemist, one of Cardiff’s most inventive cocktail bars, combines brilliant mixology, technology, and a dash of enchantment to produce an eye-watering spectacular menu. They’re pushing the cocktail into intriguing new worlds, from color-changing mixes to VR tipples. As The Alchemist has become the buzz of St. Mary Street, step into a world of theatrical provided. This bar and restaurant specialize in the unique, with an unrivaled drink menu. Try the iconic ‘The Mad Hatters’ shared drink, which contains mind-bending science. This vodka and citrus beverage is filtered in front of your eyes before emitting a cloud of aromatic smoke, enhancing the senses and tantalizing the taste buds. Join them at the venue late at night. You may reserve a drinks table after 10 p.m. on Thursdays and Saturdays with their ‘After Dark’ drinks packages. 

Choose your beverages ahead of time with the online booking form, saving you time on the night. The venue is gaining a solid reputation as a weekend hangout. Alternatively, the all-day dining menu will feature breakfast, lunch, and supper meals from across the world, such as The Pancake Stack (with bacon or fruit), Crispy Curried Fish, and grilled British Steak. However, the drink menu will undoubtedly take center stage. The skilled mixologists will employ a variety of innovative ways to construct each drink, armed with exotic spirits and flavorful liqueurs. The bar appeals to a range of moods and tastes by offering classic dishes and innovative alternatives. Your chef has come equally prepared to bedazzle & bewitch with their famous molecular mixology, but to your table as glorious food inspired by worldwide cuisines. Enjoy classic dishes with an Alchemist twist.

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