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The Antler Room Kansas City, Guide & Review

Are you looking for a great cocktail spot in Kansas City? Look no further than The Antler Room. A stylish locale offering seasonal Mediterranean plates plus beer, wine and cocktails; The Antler Room is a neighborhood restaurant owned and operated by Leslie and Nick Goellner, located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. With a focus on the overall experience, we aim to make their guests feel a warm welcome, whether they’re going in for a small bite and a glass of wine at the bar, dinner with a friend, or a celebration. The Antler Room is indeed very fantastic. The Antler Room is hands down the best restaurant in Kansas city. This is truly Kansas City’s most exquisite and adventurous restaurant. You must go to The Antler Room when you want a stunning and palatable culinary journey – tucked in a sleepy residential neighborhood, this restaurant offers a fantastic culinary experience in the Midwest with a diverse range of shareable plates.

Their menu changes daily with inspiration stemming from seasonal ingredients, certain preparations, or dishes inspired by travels. The Antler Room operates Wednesday through Sunday from 5 pm – 10 pm. The Antler Room features amazingly delicious food – it’s a great place to try new and interesting dishes if you’re or aren’t food-adventurous; delicious handcrafted cocktails; great sound system; state-of-the-art lighting & sound system; plenty of comfy seatings; unbeatable service; tasty & strong drinks that are always interesting and decently priced; amazingly prepared and delicious small plates; and some very thoughtfully creative and globalized American Cuisine. Their pasta is to die for and everything is made with care. 

The Antler Room delivers a powerful multi sensory experience where each course progressively takes your taste buds into a titillating ride full of delicious unexpected detours and details. Each dish crafted with such mastery, refinement, elegance and thoughtfulness, will make an exceptional evening, and an endless night of foreplay.

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