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The Architect Bar is a classic place that has given a modern yet elegant touch to a speakeasy vibe. Brick wall design with a translucent roof and windows gives way for natural light and a beautifully designed wooden bar with bottles behind for decor and dim low hanging lights above it. The top is designed to look like an arrow, adding an artistic touch to the bar. Classic wooden benches and stools for seating with a few white couches break the color scheme of the place and give it a cozy and lovely vibe. The place is usually packed, so make sure to get in early, reserve a table, or simply enjoy if you’re a crowd person.
The Architect Bar offers craft cocktails with hand-selected spirits and fresh ingredients. The house mixologist makes unique cocktails with your selected spirits on demand, so you have to tell the spirit and let him show you his art and serve you a soothing and fresh drink. They also offer various beer options, such as the ‘Trophy Trophy Wife,’ ‘Victory Sour Monkey, and ‘Bizmo Beekeeper,’ all of which are on tap. They have classic bottle beers such as Goose Island and Highland Gaelic, along with a decent amount of others for you to choose from. If you’re a canned beer guy, their collection is also impressive, and you’ll find one, if not a few, to your liking.
Be sure to check The Architect Bar whenever you can for a chill and relaxed vibe and unwind from a busy day or just a get-together with your friends or family and have a good time.

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