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Best little bar in Phoenix. The Bar is an amazing place! The Bar serves Artisanal local food and craft beers, wines and spirits served in a warm neighborhood. Newer local hangout, themed after the Big Lebowski! Small menu but done to perfection, also made it quick to choose, which is better for everyone! Lol. The staff is super friendly and can give great cocktail and beer advice. The Bar is known for its elevated comfort food and Midwestern hospitality served up in a Big Lebowski setting. 

The Bar features diverse drinks that are reasonably priced, great atmosphere,  awesome outdoor patio, great delicious cocktails, several TVs, friendly bartenders, and a great location. The crowd is welcoming and like newcomers. The Bar also has a lot of good deals too. 

This place is a fun, casual bar to hang out and is an amazing late-night out spot in Phoenix. Fun place to have drinks and let loose. Head here today for an amazing experience and you won’t regret it!

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