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As the name implies, the place is a hairdresser where gentlemen can do haircuts and get a fresh shave. However, behind it is a hidden pub, where national performances are performed live, and patrons relax in leather furniture under stunning chandeliers. Enjoy craft cocktails and whiskey table service. The hairdresser is full of strenuous personality, with a fascinating atmosphere where parties continue and drinks flow well in the early hours. Behind the obscure door of the hairdresser’s caretaker is a fashionable, hidden lounge reminiscent of the Prohibition era. In the evening, The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails show off their different personalities with live entertainment and a rich whiskey selection featuring a modern interpretation of classic favorites. 

Book a table and relax with your old and new friends. And if you’re looking for a sharp new look, book with a professional hairdresser. Everyone in attendance, please sharpen your heart! Hairdressers are state-of-the-art Las Vegas cocktail bars that offer unique combinations. This hidden gem of cosmopolitan blends style and substance. Facilities are some hair salons and some luxury bars. This means you can enjoy a well-crafted drink while trimming and razor shaving from some of the region’s top hairdressers. The hairdresser promises not only a novelty but also a full-fledged experience that is second to none. First,  enter through the confusing caretaker’s door. Once admitted, you will enter a beautiful salon inspired by the Prohibition era. 

Here you can find beautifully appointed interiors that have been carefully considered in every detail. Exploring space with elegant sofas and well-equipped information will make you feel like you’re back in the old days. With a different atmosphere than the bars you’ve been to, this space is a modern nod to some of the best whiskey bars in the world. Behind the bar, an experienced bartender is ready to process your order, whether it’s craft beer or three-finger whiskey. Enjoy professional trimming and shaving, be stylish and happy with your visit to a forgotten era, and feel like a million dollars and relax. Hairdressers are a return to a simpler era where whiskey and spirits were the king and word of mouth was golden.

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