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The Belmont would be like a bar if Spencer Tracy opened an after-hours cocktail pop-up. This is a Fernet-foggy dream come true for artisan cocktail fans. There are black and white movies on the rear wall, a 1950s clock hanging from the tin ceiling, dark corners and comfortable seats, and not too many people permitted in at once. Excellent beverages are served on cloth drinking napkins, fresh pop tarts and charcuterie are served from the kitchen, and the ambiance exudes cinematic noir. There are usually tourists on King Street, but an excellent regular clientele is pleased to greet any guest who likes creative drinks. 

People congregate at the front tables to catch up with friends, and others opt to make Belmont’s snacks “dinner” so the crowd isn’t a one-and-done affair. Drinking the classics here is like seeing your favorite band perform a cover, sometimes with a twist, sometimes not, but consistently excellent. The Corpse Reviver may be the best in town, the Spicy Cucumber Gimlet a new favorite, and the rest of the menu is extensive. There’s a Fernet menu, an outstanding assortment of Amari, and a knack for mezcal cocktails. The emphasis is on build-your-own charcuterie and cheese platters, with several panini options and a range of homemade pop tarts. 

The amounts are a little tiny for the price, but if you’re having fun and don’t want to leave your bar seat, they’re lovely. While the bartenders are professional and attentive, they are not often exuberant, which may put off specific customers. They are more concerned with the technique of preparing drinks than with talking with newcomers. They are used to lag times before decisions because there is a vast list of drinks and liquor alternatives. If you want a more in-depth discussion, come before 9 p.m. on a weeknight. It’s more of a hangout and party location after those hours. So, this is one of the best bars and most fun places that Charleston has to offer! We highly recommend you to visit this bar at least once if you are in town. It becomes an exciting party spot as well.

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