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11. Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill

Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill is a laid-back hideaway with a rustic bar featuring blues music & other nightly live bands with darts. This is the place to go if you’re searching for a low-key dive bar. Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill is a dark cave-like rustic barn. It’s a dark and eerie location. They sell reasonably priced beverages, so you may enjoy them without breaking the bank. They feature live bands that perform lovely songs and blues music. The Voodoo bar also has fantastic bar games, such as darts, to keep the customers entertained. The Voodoo Lounge is downtown Huntsville‘s spot for live music seven nights a week. 

You will have a great time with their excellent staff and bite-sized menu! Happy Hour: 4 – 9 pm weekdays feature daily drink and food specials. Lance Almon Smith, a local blues guitarist, acquired the Voodoo Lounge Bar & Grill on April 6, 2007. In reality, the anniversary is honored every year on the first weekend of April. The property has a significant downtown history, having been a pub since the 1990s (formerly known as Judge Crater’s and Tavern Under the Square). It is downtown Huntsville’s original underground pub, located below (below Vinny’s Indian & Greek Cuisine) off the south side of the Madison County Courthouse Square. The lighting and mood of the area are unparalleled. 

Lance is a local musician, and the Voodoo Lounge has a long history of promoting local live music. With its superb staff and bite-sized food, you can have a terrific time almost every night of the week. Do not hire your band by calling the bar! Voodoo Lounge will not be scheduling any acts during the low patronage of Covid-19. Therefore, any future musical acts will be chosen from among local and well-known musicians. Please do not send them any submissions to the play as a band. They will update the main website page for bookings when this policy changes. So, make sure to keep an eye on their website.

10. SiP

SiP is a fantastic place to get your hands on an exceptional beer selection. They provide excellent beverages and are well-known for their Bourbons and Whiskeys. There is also a Cigar Room. In most cases, bartenders are there to provide the best beverages to the customers. Nonetheless, SiP employs a tobacconist who aids in selecting the perfect cigar. The restaurant can accommodate many diners at once with indoor and outdoor seating. Aside from that, their team is competent and informed. SiP is the place to go for a jazzy and exciting night out! SiP Fine Spirits & Cigar is Huntsville’s top cocktail bar and cigar lounge. Sip provides a vast selection of whiskey from across the world and creative cocktails and cigars imported from only the most incredible places on the planet. They are a destination site in Huntsville, AL, because of their excellent assortment of alcohol and cigars. 

They are looking forward to partnering with Madison County to continue offering unparalleled customer service while creating simply great drinks. Born from their belief that finer things are sipped, such as fine cigars, espresso, whiskeys, and wine. SiP aspires to be Huntsville, AL’s top upmarket lounge destination. A ventilated cigar lounge, a ventilated members lounge, a walk-in humidor, and a smoke-free bar lounge are all available. They have a complete bar and a modest range of quality coffee and espresso. Come in and unwind. Sip a few stogies and beverages with your friends or coworkers and enjoy the better things in life. Remember, a cigar should never be inhaled. Like a great scotch, the smoke is sipped. 

Their specialties include Whiskey, Cigar Bar, Craft Cocktails, Old-Fashioned, Rare Whiskey Products: Specialty Drinks, Cocktails, Bourbon, Scotch Services: Lounge Area Locations Facts: They are located at the bottom of the Times Building. This is a hidden gem if you enjoy vintage clothing and cigars. Don’t worry: you’ll pay for the ambiance and service! We went on a Wednesday & they had wine specials which made the price compared to other places. The service was excellent. The old fashions were done perfectly. They have a book of all their bourbons, whiskeys, scotch, etc. Super laid-back atmosphere that seemed straight out of a great mystery novel. A very fantastic cocktail bar. It reminds me of something from the 1920s. I adore the ambiance, which is darkly lit by Edison lamps. If you don’t like what’s on the menu, the bartender may create something special for you.

9. The Bar at 805

The 805 Bar is a location with something for everyone. Campus No. 805 is often known as an “adult playground.” The facility, housed in a former public school building, brings together a variety of brewers, pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues. They feature outside seating, which provides a different perspective and environment. The beverages are reasonably priced, and the atmosphere is excellent. They have an open mic, Karaoke, and free weekly music events. Customers also refer to it as a friendly bar because of the pleasant personnel. Try their smoked old-fashioned as well! Guests are served a selection of delicious craft beer, liqueur, or whiskey. So, you may select between indoor and outdoor sitting. This Bar’s friendly staff welcomes you all year. Many reviewers praise the service as outstanding. 

The prices at The Bar at 805 are worth noting because they are reasonable. The cool environment may be found here most of the time. The Bar @ 805 is a bar on Campus 805, directly across from Yellowhammer Brewery. We provide handcrafted cocktails, 16 taps, all domestics, and more than 30 bottles of wine! Every weekend, there is live music with no cover charge! This Bar is fantastic. Based on a coworker’s recommendation, I decided to check out this business. I discovered that the pricing, beverages, and environment were all excellent, aside from the free music and activities that seem to be going on all the time. I can find people from all walks of life when I’m there. I don’t usually go to bars, but The Bar At 805 feels more like a cigar lounge or something along those lines than a bar. 

This is the place to go if you want terrific beverages, an excellent environment, and pleasant people. I recommend their Smoked Old Fashioned, which is fantastic! This location is fantastic. It is so welcoming and beautiful that it is the first place my folks like to go when they arrive in town. They love bars like these. This spot has excellent rates, beautiful beverages, and a welcoming atmosphere. It’s simply unbeatable. Therefore, you have to make sure to visit them. My favorite place to drink and hang out is The Bar. Fantastic music comes in on the weekends. On Thursdays, we have Karaoke, which is a lot of fun! So, this is one of the best bars Huntsville has to offer you. Go for a time full of merriment!

8. Jefferson Street Pub

Jefferson Street Pub is a chill tavern featuring simple American grill fare, sports on the TV & weekly acoustic music. The restaurant delivers excellent American grill cuisine. It also provides a vast assortment of beer. The location is a calm bar in the heart of town, making it convenient for everyone to travel. They have enormous screens where you can watch live sports. There are also two floors for clients to rest and enjoy themselves. The live music at Jefferson Street Pub is one of its most appealing features. On Tuesdays, you may get a deal on food and drinks. Arrive early and stay late. Jefferson Street Pub is suitable for casual meals and a night out with friends. Every Friday and Saturday, there is live entertainment, and daily food deals are always available. 

Jefferson’s gives all they can to delight its customers, whether a plate of wings with a beer to relax or a place to dance and have fun. On Fridays and Saturdays, there is live music. Drink and Food specials are available every night, and the kitchen is open late. Some of the best daily drink specials around. Live music on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Never a cover charge. I love going to Jeffersons for their wing specials. It is one of my favorites to go to bars downtown, and they have some of the best wings in Huntsville. The staff is always super friendly, and on certain days they even have a super cool, friendly bouncer upon entry. A bustling pub scene with nice drink deals is always a wonderful time. 

If you’re not downstairs seeing the live country performers play, there are corn hole boards upstairs to keep you occupied. JSP is an excellent location to hang out. Full bar and plenty of beer options, but I haven’t had their food enough to judge. Small men’s bathroom, unfortunately. They have live music, most of them being decent that I’ve heard so far. It can be quite loud with the music added. Cornhole upstairs for some entertainment as well. What a fun find with a great vibe, moving air, and the right volume of music this venue was. Super service. Close to all the hot-Huntsville fun. This spot is fantastic and on fire! So, this is one of the best bars Huntsville has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend going here!

7. Ruggby’s Food and Spirits

Ruggby’s Food and Spirits is a perfect place for a night out with friends. They have a smoking area where you can exhale the smoke and stress out! Because they do not provide on-table services, this establishment is best suited for people familiar with self-service. They have screens for entertainment purposes. It is considered a local favorite, and some call it “Cheers Bar.” After all these years, Ruggby’s is still a great dive bar to shoot darts and hang out in. Tip: Best Jukebox in the city. A neighborhood favorite. It’s been around for a long time. I usually get a cheeseburger on the way. So, it is one of the finest burgers I’ve ever had. Because it’s a pub, it’s smokey, so I wait in the car. The service is fast, and the atmosphere inside is pleasant if you prefer a low-key, not-too-crowded pub. 

They have dart boards and, I believe, one pool table, as well as the sports channel. Excellent food and atmosphere! Servers who are kind and punctual. A good lunch or happy hour place. It’s where I go when I need my car serviced at a neighboring dealership. First and foremost, this is a smoking venue. If it is an issue, you will not enjoy your stay here. The cuisine is quite typical yet beautifully cooked, with sandwiches, fries, and the like. It’s not fancy or nutritious, but it’s delicious. The design is gloomy, with dark timbers and dim lighting that allows you to view the games on TV. Ruggby’s has a distinct aura that is difficult to explain without sounding more nasty than intended. 

It’s your welcoming local dive bar. It is not for everyone, but some will enjoy it. This spot is a neighborhood favorite. Because it’s a pub, it’s smoky, so it is not for non-smokers. They have dart boards and, I believe, one pool table, as well as the sports channel. Fantastic location to chill and maybe have a drink or something to eat while listening to the very excellent and current music options. The proprietor is great and very outgoing; he comes to meet you and make sure your order is to your liking; if not, he’ll repair it. The customers here are joyful and full of life; they will chat with you and make you feel like family. We had a great day and will return.

6. Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is a family-friendly franchise that serves American food and arcade games in a sports-bar ambiance. This is a family-friendly sports pub. In a sports bar, people generally hang out with their pals. You can also visit this location with your family. They provide delectable and fresh American cuisine. During happy hours, you may get food and beverages at a low price. The cherry on top is that you can also play arcade games here. What does Huntsville require? It requires more victories. More Arcade first dates with zombie murders in virtual reality. More Strawberry Watermelon Margarita margaritas with coworkers during happy hour. Every gameday, Alabama Crimson Tide touchdown dances are shown on ridiculously big TV screens. More of the same at Dave & Buster’s in Huntsville, located just off University Drive close. 

They have the event space, packages, and the best people to help transform the ordinary into a memorable occasion. So, does your day require some victory? Ding Ding Ding Ding! Every Dave & Buster’s features more cutting-edge gaming than ever, more delectable cuisine choices, and the most inventive beverages available. They offer something for everyone, from wings to steaks, and our premium bar ensures they are well-stocked! You may watch the game on one of their vast HDTVs with dramatic stadium sound. As always a great place to have a party! Accommodating, friendly staff, excellent food, and the kids have a wonderful time! This sports bar in MidCity boasts good food, fun games, and meeting space. Eat. Drink. Play. Watch. We had an EXCELLENT experience at Dave & Buster’s today! 

First of all, workers constantly walked around sanitizing the machines. I was so happy to see this. There were also ample hand sanitizer stations around, which was beautiful. We decided to order food there, and all our meals were excellent! I’m impressed with this place, and we can’t wait to return. They opened a party room for us at the last minute and changed all the TVs to the games we wanted to watch. The service was excellent, and we appreciate how accommodating they were to our large group. I had a great time! All of the personnel were kind and helpful. We got delicious truffle fries, a giant pretzel, and a Big bacon burger that was so good! Kids and family can’t wait to go back. So, this is one of the best bars Huntsville has to offer you.

5. Pourhouse

Pourhouse Rooftop Bar, Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville’s first rooftop bar was The Pourhouse at Stovehouse. Take a handmade drink or craft beer from the round bar in the lounge downstairs and walk your way up to the rooftop, which overlooks the live music area. You may also get food from one of the beautiful alternatives near Stovehouse, play foot-pool, or bocce ball, all located around the patio area below. Pourhouse has an extensive wine list and domestic, foreign, and local craft beers, spirits, and creative cocktails. Although no food will be provided at the bar, Stovehouse customers are urged to bring their meals from the development’s various alternatives to the bar and enjoy their meal with their favorite Pourhouse selection. A lovely spot to visit and drink is required for a destination like Stovehouse. That’s why they chose to establish Huntsville’s first rooftop bar, Pourhouse. 

It’s a destination in and of itself, with live music and Trivia Tuesdays. They are excited to serve you. Pourhouse is the perfect location to kick back and relax with a drink! Choose from a complete bar, tap and canned beer, wine, spirits, and artisan cocktails to unwind and enjoy an evening with friends. Keep an eye out for our Tap Takeovers, which feature all-new beer releases on tap. Pourhouse is your pleasantly swanky hangout, whether you’re lounging outside at their rooftop bar or hanging out inside. Monday-Friday from 12-4 pm for Happy Hour, and Tuesdays for Trivia. So take a chair, relax, or grab a drink and stroll about Stovehouse. They look forward to serving you! They are your favorite comfortably swanky hangout destination! Craft cocktails, beer, and wine. Outside food from Stovehouse restaurants is welcome. 

Pourhouse is a chic bar amid the food garden at Stovehouse, a Huntsville mixed-use complex. The distinctive spherical rooftop bar is Huntsville’s first of its sort. Pourhouse provides drinks, wine, and beer and has a large-screen TV that shows movies and sports regularly. The garden stage hosts live music, and the wrap-around terrace is outfitted with fans and heaters, making this outdoor dining space comfortable all year. At this venue, ChurchStreet Catering provides a menu for any occasion, from opulent weddings to business meetings and all in between. Their award-winning chefs prepare personalized meals, hors d’oeuvres, and pastries that delight the senses. They make entertaining as easy as possible so you can enjoy your occasion! Please get in touch with them right away for a personal consultation.

4. BarVista at AC Hotel

The AC Hotel’s BarVista is located on the second level in downtown Huntsville. This bar, located on the second-floor terrace level of the AC Hotel in Downtown Huntsville, has a beautiful view of Big Spring International Park and serves seasonal handmade cocktails and local craft beer. This rooftop bar features unparalleled views of Big Spring Park and Downtown Huntsville. You can indulge in delicious shareable and unique craft cocktails on their rooftop terrace. They have quickly become known as the most notable Bar and Restaurant in the heart of Huntsville. From their unparalleled view of Downtown Huntsville to their unique and approachable cocktails and our delightful shareable food, they have everything you need to have a great night out.​ Chef Lee Gregory guides the Culinary experience, most recently being recognized by Esquire Magazine (#6 in the country), GQ Magazine (top 13 in the country), and Southern Living (#1 in the South).

Chef Gregory is also a three-time James Beard Semifinalist. He owns two nationally recognized and award-winning restaurants in Richmond, Virginia, and is the lead innovator of our most current menu items. Their Food Menu is sourced from the surrounding region, and we pride ourselves on providing an authentic “farm to table” experience. They have many tapas and shareable style menu items that they are sure you will enjoy. The Bar Menu consists of over 90 whiskeys and 60 tequila, along with a great variety of bottled, can, and draft craft beers. Their cocktails are curated using unique spirits and fresh ingredients, and juices. They can make everything from simple cocktails to your smoked varieties of Manhattans and Old Fashioned. 

Their view of Downtown Huntsville. They offer a beautiful view of Big Spring Park while maintaining a climate-controlled outdoor terrace. Rain, snow, or hot summer days can’t get in the way of an extraordinary experience at BarVista! They are dedicated to ensuring your time with us is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Their professional crew has carefully curated cocktails and a culinary experience that leaves your mouth buzzing with layers of flavor. Don’t believe them? Come on by and see for yourself. They have excellent service and food! We can’t find a better spot in Huntsville. It is one of a kind spot in Huntsville. So, this is one of the best rooftop bars Huntsville has to offer you. If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this spot at least once.

3. Stella’s Elixir Lounge

Stella's Elixir Lounge

Grab a drink at Stella’s Elixir Lounge, which has 4,000 square feet of space and changes from a fancy inside bar to open air rooftop sitting around comfortable fire pits. The space flows from the rooftop patio overlooking Holmes Avenue to the indoor seating and long bar to a covered patio out back. Their rooftop patio has semi-private cabanas, comfortable couches, and classic drinks. They offer highlighted elixirs throughout their happy hour, which runs from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. You are invited to visit their 4,000-square-foot lounge, which features a pleasant combination of open-air lounging spaces with comforting fire pits and a fancy inside bar that serves your favorite elixirs every night. They are honored to have won “Best Cocktail Bar” two years in a row by Best of Huntsville in 2022! 

This year they also picked up a few more, including “Best Bar”, “Best Music Venue,” and “Best Event/DJ” for their Final Fridays with DJs Caleb and Dustin! See why the Tennessee Valley loves Stella’s Elixir Lounge so much! What can you anticipate at Stella’s Elixir Lounge? They provide an unrivaled rooftop bar and lounge experience. Stella’s is THE spot to meet after work, gather with friends, or wow on a date. It’s impeccably classy without being pretentious. They are open daily and packed with a sophisticated yet fun and upbeat atmosphere! You are invited to experience their 4,000-square-foot lounge boasting a comfortable mix of open-air seating areas with cozy fire pits and a swanky indoor bar serving your favorite elixirs every night. Stella’s Lounge is so lovely! 

The crowd changes drastically after 9 p.m., but between 5-8 p.m. on a Saturday, the attitude was certainly “adult.” The music was fantastic, and the vibe was unlike anything I’d encountered at other lounges in town. We chose to sit by the fire pit and enjoy the sunset while listening to wonderful music and sipping a well-crafted drink. I’m looking forward to returning soon. Stella’s is fantastic. Huntsville’s favorite spot for a beverage. I like the environment, vibe, and drink menu. Stella’s sets the benchmark for more expensive lounges in Huntsville, raising the bar for other area cocktail establishments. I’m so thrilled this place exists! So, this is one of the best rooftop bars and cocktail lounges Huntsville has to offer you. If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this spot at least once!

2. Rhythm on Monroe

Rhythm on Monroe Rooftop Bar, Huntsville, Alabama

Indoor eating, outdoor patio dining, and a rooftop bar are available at Rhythm on Monroe at the Von Braun Center. Their rooftop is the ideal spot to unwind before seeing a play! While the rooftop bar doesn’t have a great view, a few seating areas overlook Big Spring Park. They also have cozy fire pits and comfy seating to add to the ambiance. We loved their delicious array of fun cocktails! For food, the rooftop bar only serves a limited appetizer menu, so I recommend heading down to the dining room for a great dinner in Downtown Huntsville. This bar is within the Von Braun Center! Visit the official website for a complete listing of all VBC events. 

ORDINARY HOURS: Monday through Tuesday, 4-9 p.m. Wednesday through Thursday, 4-10 p.m. Friday, 4 to 11 p.m. Saturday: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. BRUNCH | 3-11 p.m. DINNER BRUNCH 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Sunday 3-9 p.m. DINNER Reservations for the dining room and downstairs terrace can be made by phone or online. Rooftop seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-ins are also accepted! Rhythm on Monroe is an excellent restaurant and rooftop bar for any night out! Rhythm on Monroe caters to all requirements, whether supper and beverages before a play or an evening cocktail overlooking Downtown Huntsville’s distinctive skyline. Rhythm’s cuisine, which features locally produced products, offers delectable urban meals to complement any afternoon. Guests will enjoy lounging among fire pits and watching the evening sun set over Big Spring Park while sipping specialty beers, a curated wine list, and homemade cocktails. 

In Huntsville, I discovered another fantastic eating choice. Our service was excellent! Our meals were also fantastic—excellent preparation, plating, and service. Therefore, the atmosphere is fantastic. The menu is diverse. And the crew is open to customizing dishes based on their customers’ preferences. We came here with family for breakfast. The ambiance and service were excellent. So, the dinner arrived quickly and hot. The charcuterie tray was delicious, as were the blueberry French toast sticks. We returned for supper since the breakfast was so excellent. I recommend the POMAtini; it’s delicious. The pesto spaghetti was delicious. 10/10 would recommend. We were staying downtown and decided to try this eatery. It was fantastic. My wife ordered the rotisserie chicken, and I had the grilled fish. Both dinners were excellent. On a Sunday night, the gathering was sparse. The service was excellent. 

1. Baker & Able

Baker & Able, named for the famous monkey astronauts, sits on the top floor of the 106 Jefferson Huntsville, Curio Collection by Hilton hotel. This swanky rooftop bar overlooks Downtown Huntsville. So, they have indoor and outdoor seating with views of the rolling mountains and church steeples. The bar serves high-class craft cocktails and small plates. Their bartenders wear white lab coats and use beakers to create your drink to fully embrace the scientist vibe in honor of the famous Monkeynauts. The rooftop lounge at the pinnacle of 106 Jefferson features quaint indoor/outdoor seating, curated cocktails, craft, and domestic beers, delightful wines, and incredibly shareable plates. Enjoy the view while you unwind under the stars. Contact the Baker & Able team of event specialists to inquire about renting their rooftop as a daytime private event space and ask about our available catering options. 

Treat your guests to fabulous cocktails, mouth watering food, and breathtaking views of Rocket City. Baker & Able, with its trendy yet friendly interior and stunning views of Rocket City, is the best spot to meet up with friends or spend a quiet evening. Explore the photos below to view the captivating scenery, exquisite drinks, and delectable food that will make you wish to go back again and again. They celebrate the pioneer spirit of these top primates with a unique cocktail menu crafted from the highest point at 106 Jefferson. It’s a place to gather and raise a glass to the sense of accomplishment and pure joy Baker & Able brought to the community. This downtown rooftop bar commands a view to the west, the perfect place for a cocktail and sunset viewing. 

The monkey motif was fantastic! Beautiful city views from a lovely terrace. The beverages we ordered were delicious (espresso martini and old-fashioned). They also have a fantastic assortment of bourbon. They have a great name, a great location, and a great start. They’ve made an evident commitment to excellent service, and if they can keep that up, then they’ve got a great future in downtown Huntsville. Beautiful rooftop bar with both indoor and outdoor seating. The artisan drinks are excellent, and the cuisine is fantastic! This adorable rooftop bar is located at the top of the Hilton at 106 Jefferson downtown. You’ll notice the adorable monkey wallpaper when you get off the elevator. This place is named after the first monkeys who went to space. The bartenders even wore scientist lab coats. Adorable!

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