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11. Arlington Rooftop bar and grill

Arlington Rooftop bar and grill

Arlington Rooftop bar is a legendary rooftop bar that almost everybody in the city knows. This bar has a luxurious ambiance and offers all sorts of variety regarding drinking and eating. From imported spirits to local brews, this bar has it all. Moreover, the dedicated rooftop bar is very spacious and offers unique views of Arlington. The bartenders are also experienced; you will have no complaints about your drink. The chefs also know what they are doing; hence you do not have to worry. There is classic American comfort food on the menu, which is a traditional take on each dish, so you will not feel out of place at this bar. Moreover, the design language of this place is unique as well; using dim lights and darker colors, they have made this place look very upscale and beautiful.
The menu at Arlington Rooftop bar is quite diverse and offers signature cocktails, priced reasonably at around $10. Some signature cocktails include Cherry Crush, Blueberry Crush, Key Lime Crush, Viva La Rita, Electric Shark, Make “A” Mule, Arlington Old Fashioned, Rooftop 75, and The “Metropolitan,” being the most famous ones. Most of these are made with tequila, gin, or vodka and several ingredients sourced locally to support the local industry. Around twelve different types of draft beers are available, which are priced between $5 to $7, which is quite reasonable.
The story does not end here since they also offer bottled and can beers. Wine is another essential part of the menu. You can get White, Sparkling, rose, or red wines from different sources at the Arlington Rooftop bar and grill. These wines are priced between $7 to $13 for a glass. Moreover, you can get some frozen cocktails on the roof only, some of which are Frose, Mango Tango, and Strawberry Sunset. All of these are a must-try and are priced at $9.

10. Buena Vida Bar Arlington

Buena Vida Bar Arlington

Buena Vida is one of the new entrants in the rooftop bar scene of Arlington. This bar sits on top of a Mexican restaurant, which is slowly gaining traction. Moreover, this place serves authentic Mexican cuisine and lets you enjoy the tropical cocktails, which are very famous down in Mexico. Furthermore, the staff is accommodating and accommodating so you can be sure to have a good time here. The rooftop bar is one of the most stocked up bars in Arlington and allows you to enjoy different drinks. The menu here offers a lot of good foods as well, and we recommend you try their famed small plates, which have hearty portions and taste. Pair these with curated tropical cocktails, making for a hearty meal.
One of the best things about this place is that they value customer service and hence go to extreme lengths to improve your stay. This is why people never forget about this place once they visit it. The head chef is also very talented, so you should know that you are in capable hands.
There are eight craft cocktails, which are priced between $13 and $15. These cocktails are made from the finest rum, tequila, gin, and vodka. Some of the best cocktails include Azteca, Oaxacan Express, El Jefe, and Paloma Lava. These cocktails are specialty cocktails that you should try. There are also several classics, which include Sangrias of different types and are priced modestly. The gin and tonics have a lot of variety and flavors. As we know, without Wine, any menu is incomplete, so this bar offers four different types of wines: bubbling, red, white, or rose Wine. You can, of course, get these wines by the glass or the bottle. Draft beers priced between $6 to $7 are another specialty of this bar, which you should try.

9. Dogwood Tavern Bar Arlington

Dogwood Tavern Bar Arlington
This is a vintage bar of sorts; hence you will notice this place’s old-school mannerisms, design language, and aesthetics. They are proud of Arlington’s history and promote it as much as possible. The food here is excellent, and so are the drinks. The specialty cocktails are must try. The service at this bar is fantastic, and the bartenders are very skilled, so you can talk to them and have them personalize your cocktail.
These cocktails are made from some of the best spirits, both sourced locally and imported. The cocktails are made with attention to detail, which means the bartenders take care of which cocktail should be served in which glass, the type and shape of ice to use, and whether it should be mixed or shaken. We are telling you that you are in expert hands at Dogwood Tavern.
The food is another plus point of this bar; it is excellent, to say the least! The chef knows how to create heartily and filling American food. The tavern bites are the starters you can pair with your drink while being on the move or short on time, and they make for a good meal. Apart from this, the main entrees will not disappoint you either – we recommend you try their Cajun Pasta. Several variations of burgers, sandwiches, and wraps are offered here as well, so do not shy away from trying new things from their menu.
The menu also includes specialty cocktails, priced at around $11; some of them are Berry the Lede, Waterloo, Cool Rummings, I love Lucy, Hart of Gold, and Passion of sweetness, among others. Some of the classics include Dogwood Negroni and Moscow Mule. Dogwood Tavern also has a wide variety of draft beers, apart from a tasteful selection of red, white, and sparkling Wine.

8. Don Tito Bar Arlington

Don Tito Bar Arlington
Don Tito is one of the best new entrants in town regarding Mexican food and quality cocktails. This place is humongous and hence offers multiple floors. We want to divert your attention to the rooftop patio where the magic begins. The tables are limited and not a lot, so we would urge you to make reservations if you are coming here. The décor is very chic and modern, which wall art and crafty furniture which helps with the Mexican theme. The bartenders are very accommodating and attentive and are eager to make a drink tailored to your standards. Moreover, the service is speedy; the food is served hot.
This bar is known for three things, quality tequila, tacos – made only with the freshest of ingredients sourced locally, and beer. If a bar serves you a quality beer, it is seen as a hallmark of it is a quality restaurant, which this place is. The menu items are pretty diverse; Don Tito has taken a unique take on Mexican food and made it American. The numbers on this casino are pretty impressive as well; this place boasts ten thousand square feet of space, of which a dedicated three thousand square feet go to the rooftop bar. We told you! The numbers will surprise you. This bar was made for entertainment; hence it offers around 34 different flat screen TVs where you can enjoy your favorite games. Game night at Don Tito is a very loud, vibrant, and cheerful affair, where you will see loads of craft beer, good food, and smiles.
The menu is very diverse; it offers nine craft cocktails ranging from $9 to $15. Some of the best cocktails include Froze, Swirl, Mexican Mule, and Grande 24 oz. Margarita and Slim 67. We recommend you try the House Margarita since it’s made from Blanco Tequila, with an option to add salt or sugar. This is priced at $10 and is one of the best cocktails on the menu. Several wines are offered, ranging between $8 and $10. The menu also has many types of draft beers and bottled beers.

7. Parc De Ville Bar Arlington

Parc De Ville Bar Arlington
Parc De Ville is another beautiful bar that has opened its doors to the people of Arlington. This bar has allowed people to get a feel of what it is like to dine in France. The European country influences the design language, menu, and architecture. The white marble is beautiful, and words cannot justify how beautiful it looks when the sun hits it just right. The rooftop is a lovely place to be during the dark hours when you want to enjoy nothing but a special house cocktail with your partner under the night sky. You can get a long list of cocktails at this bar, along with the menu items, which make for a very filling meal.
This place is open every day from Tuesday until Sunday; however, remember to come in on time since they are not taking reservations currently, so you will have to leave it to luck to get a table here. The rooftop has beautiful views of the mosaic district of Arlington. You can order many things from the menu on the rooftop; however, the entire menu is unavailable. You will, however, not feel this since the abundant collection of beers, wines, and other spirits will keep you company.
The menu is very diverse on the rooftop; hence you can enjoy the cocktails during the happy hours as well if you come on time. The happy hours are from five to seven pm, where you can enjoy cocktails for as low as $12 while enjoying wines and beers for as low as $7 and $6, respectively. The best cocktails this bar has to offer are Bee’s Knees, French Martini, Carthusian Daiquiri, Rose Garden, and Herbed Sangria. These are priced between $14 to $16. Wide varieties of red, white, and sparkling wines are also available.

6. Wilson’s Hardware and Bar Arlington

Wilson’s Hardware and Bar Arlington
Wilson is a premium restaurant and bar in Arlington, which is based on different floors. These floors house a restaurant and a rooftop bar. Moreover, the owners at this restaurant are constantly experimenting and trying new things with the space, including the ambiance, menus, and other things, which will ensure that you are not bored by this space. This place attracts people of all kinds. Hence, you can be sure to find someone who matches your energy at this bar.
However, the best thing about this bar is its variety of cocktails. There are three different types of cocktails for you to try. These are the simple ones, the signature ones, or the slushy cocktails which have recently become trendy again. There are seven cocktails in the first category, which range from between $9 and $16. Some of the best cocktails from this category include Permit Denied, Paid Time Off, Tongue and Groove, Supply Run, and Moscow Mule. We recommend you try the one called Tongue and Groove, made up of Bourbon, apple cider elements, and maple syrup.
There are around eight signature cocktails, which are more exquisite and pack a punch when you want them to. Moreover, hands by expert bartenders make for an excellent experience to craft these cocktails. These cocktails are priced between $11 and $13. Some of the best ones include Screw Him, Disconnect, Rose Margarita, Framing Hammer, Hex Key Martini, Anvil, and Torque Wrench. We recommend you try Rose Margarita, which has tequila, rose win, passion fruit, and lime extracts for that extra kick.
The story does not end here; there is a third category of cocktails called Slush Cocktails, which have recently gotten famous. These comparatively cheaper cocktails are priced at $9 and are made of rum and tequila. Some of the slushy cocktails include Circuit Breaker and Wire Stripper.

5. Highline RXR Bar Arlington

Highline RXR Bar Arlington
Highline RXR is another famous bar in Arlington, which has quickly made its mark as being one of the best bars for draft beer and watching a game. This bar offers a new and improved bar experience over the standard bars in Arlington. Highline bar offers around thirty thousand square feet of space and hence is quite spacious. The design language is also very modern, so you do not feel cramped. Moreover, this place offers a lot of variety. As we discussed earlier, there are over thirty different types of draft beer.
You can also play many games while waiting for your favorite cocktails. The food here is excellent, and this bar serves pure American cuisine for those who like a hearty meal with a cocktail. This is the place for them. There are many different types of beers, which include Pilsners, Stouts, Dark Ales, Ciders, Sour Beers, and Wheat Beer.
Almost nine different signature cocktails are offered, priced between $13 and $14. Some of these include Highline RR Manhattan, Bourbon Palmer, Paloma, Old Fashion, Orange Smash Ready To Drink a cocktail, and Kentucky Mule, among others. We recommend you try the Orange Smash Ready-to-drink cocktail, which contains vodka and essential citrus elements.
There are many different wines as well, which are sold by glass and bottle. These wines are imported locally as well as bought from local producers. Some other types of drinks, which are offered, include Vodkas, Bourbons, Whiskey, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Scotch, and Cognac, among others. There are some frozen cocktails offered, which are $11 each.
The service at this bar is fantastic, and the effort the bartenders put into each cocktail is evident since this place is also packed. This is one of the trendiest spots you can come to for your favorite drinks in Arlington.

4. The Board Room Bar Arlington

The Board Room Bar Arlington
The board room is not your local bar, so the least this place is for those of us who like some entertainment after they’ve taken off from work. This place allows you to interact with patrons while playing different games. You can order draft beers and cocktails while you enjoy your game. This makes for a very wholesome experience. This bar is known for its fresh brews, cozy atmosphere, and spirits. You will find a lot of friendly faces here and will make friends almost immediately. The Boardroom allows you to unwind and relax in a soothing atmosphere while sipping your favorite drinks.
There is not just a lot of variety in their drinks and cocktails, but there is a whole library of board games you can choose to play and enjoy. The beer offered here is known throughout the region and has won many awards and accolades. One of the most distinguishing features is that this bar offers a fine brewery experience on site, as it brews its own beer on-site in front of the customers. This is one of the most eventful bars in Arlington, which you should visit if you are interested in seeing how these draft beers are made. The menu also caters to people who come here for more than the food, and they have shareable plates and platters for those of us who like to munch onto something while enjoying their favorite drink. The menu items are priced modestly, so you will not soak up a lot of damage. The flavor is delicious as well.
Some of the finest beers they offer include Bishop Brown, Ticket to Ride Red Ale, and No limit Lager. Cocktails are divided into two sections, hot and chilled. Both are priced at $11. Some of the best-chilled cocktails include Mules Against Humanity, Apples to Cider, and Connect 75. Moreover, the Hot cocktails are also a house favorite. Some of the best ones from that section include Spiked Hot Chocolate and Mulled Wine.

3. SER Bar Arlington

SER Bar Arlington
SER is another excellent example of a great restaurant and bar, which is why it’s a trendy space for draft cocktails and good food for the people of Arlington. The Spanish cuisines and architecture inspire this restaurant. Spanish themes and design languages influence the inside of the restaurant and bar. The influence is not only on the design languages but carries itself over to the menu as well, where you will find their take on classic Spanish food. This is a family-owned business, and hence it is a very well kept and looked after owns this place, you should also expect good service. The staff and the owners are like a close-knit family because of which the customer benefits since the service is top-notch.
This restaurant and the bar are open seven days a week so that you can plan your visit anytime you want. Moreover, there are happy hours, which are from three pm to six pm, all seven days a week. The happy hour offers unique cocktails that are priced at around $8; some of the best specialty cocktails include Conference Room 1, Bella vista No 12, Campos Rose, Wexler’s Secret, and Stigma. The beer is for $6 during Happy Hours. Some of the finest beers include Mahou Lager and Union Duck Pin Pale Ale. You can also find a limited variety of Red, white, and rose wines priced at $8 during these hours.
The entire cocktail menu has non-alcoholic, Mocktails available as well. Apart from the regular drinks, there are draft beers available which are also $8 each. You can try a variety of Sangria in this bar, including Cava, Red, or White. The full menu has a wide variety of wines; you will find everything from Celeste 2020 to Pago Vicario 2019 in the white wine section. The red wine section is equally diverse, where you will find wines ranging from $12 to $16. We would recommend the Vina Otano Crianza 2016 from this section.

2. Barley Mac Bar Arlington

Barley Mac Bar Arlington
Barley Mac is another famous bar in Arlington, and for a good reason. This place is known for their craft cocktails and the attention to detail they give not only to their drinks but to their food as well. The chefs are good at what they do, and so are the bartenders, and when their talents are combined, it makes for an outstanding experience. This restaurant offers classic American food, which pairs really well with the in-house brews and cocktails on the menu. Make sure to ask your order taker for recommendations if unsure what to get.
There is a lot of diversity in the menus; hence it will be quite an experience even for someone who is a connoisseur of cocktails. The design language is also very modern and sharp, so you can expect the ambiance to be worth what you are paying for it. Moreover, the furniture is well designed, and nothing looks out of place. This fantastic spot is open seven days a week; however, make sure to plan your visit ahead since it’s most crowded, especially on the weekends. We all know that the prices of goods have been soaring recently, so happy hours can really come in handy if you want to enjoy reasonably priced meals and drinks. Barley Mac offers happy hours three days a week, Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, from 4 pm to 7 pm, so make sure to be there!
The specialty cocktails are all $5 during happy hours. Some of the best cocktails to have during these hours include Whiskey Smash, and Honor About Face IPA, among others. There are discounts on several red and white wines as well as beers. However, make sure to try the particular house, Sangria, since we have heard good things about it.

1. William Jeffery’s Tavern Bar Arlington

William Jeffery’s Tavern Bar Arlington

William Jeffery’s Tavern has an old-school vibe to it. They offer many different types of beers and cocktails; however, they ensure that the service is top-notch and everybody feels at home. This is why this place is treated as a meeting point for almost everyone in the neighborhood. This bar is all about the American experience. You will find hearty meals and meaningful conversations here in this bar.
The people over at this Tavern are a master at their craft, and their skills are evident in their food and drinks. They choose only the freshest of ingredients for their drinks. Moreover, they source their ingredients locally, which helps the local industry. Furthermore, the food is prepared by chefs fresh in the house, so be ready for a warm meal when you eat here. Apart from this, the home also offers a sixteen-tap bar and HD TVs to enjoy any of the games you like or watch other events live. You can truly enjoy yourself in this bar if you want to.
The sixteen-tap bar offers some of the best craft beers you can find nearby, which is also a specialty of this bar. Most of these bars offer American food and other cuisines; however, there are very few bars that will provide seafood as well. This is one of those bars offering different types of shrimps, oysters, and mussels for that exotic experience.

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There are four different craft cocktails offered, which are priced at $11. Some of the best ones include Frozen Patio Pounder, Dark & Stormy, and Cold Brew Nitro Irish Coffee. Several different types of wines are also offered, including red, white, rose, and sparkling wines. However, the draft beer is what this bar is known for; apart from their cocktails and a vast selection of beers you can choose from, these beers are priced from $5.5 to $6.5. Some of the best ones include Delicious IPA, Miller Lite, and the Seasonal Sour series.

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