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The Best Casinos you’ll love to visit in Detroit

MGM Grand Detroit

MGM Detroit is one of the best casinos to visit in Detroit since it has different types of table games and your favorite machine slots. There are around 2800 slot machines, which means that there are enough machines for you to enjoy, and you will not get bored of them. The machines have denominations from a penny and go up from there, so you can start playing with as little money as possible. The machines are progressive, which will enhance your gaming experience. The casino introduces several new and popular themes. Some of them are Athena Unleashed, Buffalo Gold Revolution, Dancing Drums Explosion, and Wizard of Oz Munckinland. The table games are the star of the show at MGM Grand Detroit. There are over 160 table games for you to enjoy. One of the most persistent issues people have faced is that the smoke can sometimes become too much and irritable, and hence this casino has come up with a couple of solutions. There is an advanced air filtration and ventilation system in the casino, making the conditions better for non-smokers.

Moreover, there are dedicated smoke-free areas for players who want to play in a clean environment. Some of the table games are Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Four Card Poker, and 3 Card Poker, among many others. There are other variations of these famous games as well. In addition, there is a dedicated poker room with large screen LCDs where you can enjoy a good game of Poker and high hands. Some of the featured Poker games include No-limit Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha.

MotorCity Casino

MotorCity Casino is another excellent casino option for those of us who are living in Detroit. This casino is a favorite among the locals due to the friendly atmosphere. This casino offers around 2500 different slot machines, denominations from 1 cent to a hundred dollars. This allows people to play with as little as possible and still win exciting prizes and jackpots. There are several types of games, from the traditional reel games to the newer video games; you will find variety here. The lighting link lounge highlights the slot machine area, as it will allow you to play around 40 progressive games with a similar theme. These games are very much popular among the local players. Some of the most famous slot machine games are Dollar Storm, Lightning Cash, Buffalo Diamond, Fortune 88, Money Link, Fast Cash, All Aboard, Treasure Ball, and Wheel of Fortune Cash Link. Table games are indeed the most famous and sought-after games in a casino, and hence MotorCity Casino has played special attention to these games and has brought you the most famous table games. This casino has Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and their variations. However, there are undoubtedly other games that will give you variety in your gaming experience. Some of those games are Spanish 21, House Money Blackjack, Super 4 Progressive Blackjack, Single Zero Roulette, Blaze Roulette, Mini-Baccarat (Dragon Side Bet), Craps with Fire Bet, Progressive Pai Gow Poker, Progressive 3-Card Poker, Progressive Mississippi Stud, and Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’em. A dedicated poker room is available where users can play various games, including The Bad Beat, Omaha, and Texas Hold’em. There are many different promotions and giveaways exclusively for the poker games, which you can enjoy. Overall, this casino is must visit if you are looking for a quality casino experience in Detroit.

Greektown Casino

Greektown casino is a famous casino in Detroit. The numbers this casino boasts are excellent – there are over 3000 slot machines for you to play with at this casino. The slot machines have several denominations, from a cent to a hundred dollars, so you can start playing with as much as you want. Greektown casino slots have some of your most famous games, such as Blazing 7s and Buffalo. In addition, there are several progressive slot machine games called, Wheel of Fortune, Triple Strike, Hotter than Blazes, Lighting Ink, and Triple Stars.

Moreover, some other famous slot games you can try are Buffalo Gold, Dancing Foo, Lunar Festival, and Dollar Storm. Table games are the most important type of game, which will define the casino, and hence Greektown casino is not shy as it boasts many different ones. Some of which are Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Craps with Fire Bet, Crapless Craps, Four Card Poker, Let It Ride Bonus, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, Dragon Bonus Commission Free Baccarat, Mini-Baccarat, Three-Card Poker, Six-Card Bonus, Mississippi Stud 3 Card Bonus, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and High Card Flush. Greektown casino also has a dedicated poker room where you can fulfill all your poker needs in luxury and exemplary service by the staff. The poker room offers different versions of Omaha and Texas Hold’em. In addition, several poker tournaments and giveaways are happening, which allow you to win exclusive prizes.

Quick Tips for going to a casino in Detroit

Understand the table

One of the best tips we can give you is to understand the table when playing. You should be able to take a glance and understand the type of dealer and players you will be dealing with. Since money will be involved, you should make sure you play with a good group of people. This will not come naturally to you; hence, the experience will teach you how you read people.


Craps is some of the most famous table games offered in these casinos. Craps is the game recommended to beginners since the rules are easy to understand, and it is an excellent platform where you can learn the basics of playing in a casino so you can progress to games like Blackjack and Roulette. Make sure that you are good in craps and have the basic know-how of the game before you move up to a casino.

Machine Slots

Machine slots are some of the most attractive games when you walk into a casino. Machine slots have brightly colored lights, drawings, and music, which attracts people. Moreover, machine slots have some of the biggest jackpot winnings in the whole casino, and hence you will find people running towards them. The catch is that the machine slots have some of the most negligible chances of you winning, and you are more likely to lose money on these; hence you should try your luck on other types of games if you have a limited budget.


A well-stocked bar is one of the most prominent features of a casino. You should also know that these casinos have a policy where you can get unlimited drinks, and refills are free. It would be best to ask your bartender or server for such deals to enjoy complimentary beverages. Often, the casino will also have complimentary snacks. However, it would be best if you did not drink a lot; otherwise, it will affect your games.

Common Questions our customers ask us before going to casinos in Detroit

Which is the best casino in Detroit?

There are several casinos in Detroit, which you can visit. In this article, we have talked about the top three casinos, which are famous and are worth your time and money. Among them, MGM Grand Detroit is the casino, which we would like you to try first since we are confident that it is among the best in the area in terms of the gameplay atmosphere, dining options, and the quality of staff. Other than MGM, there are two other casinos, which we have listed that you can also rely on for quality entertainment.

How to win more money at these casinos?

There are many ways to increase your chances of winning at a casino. One of the main ways is to work on your game beforehand using online resources or by extensive practice, so when you bet on your game, there is a better chance for you to win. In addition, it would be best if you understood how these games work and which games will work better in your favor and which ones will favor the house. Once you know your games and have the skill needed, you can win more at these casinos.

Are dealers biased?

No, this is a common misconception that people have. Dealers are the house’s employees and will be paid by them despite the outcome of your game, so dealers are not biased. They will not get extra money if you lose; on the other hand, if you win, they expect a tip, which means that they are usually rooting for you to win.

Are casinos worth your time and money?

Yes, casinos are worth time and money if you know how to enjoy in a casino while playing your favorite game on your budget. If you have a good understanding of budgeting and the games, we are sure that casinos will be an excellent source of entertainment for you. Here you can get dining and other services under the same roof.

In conclusion

We would like to mention that casinos have evolved a lot and so have the rules and regulations. There are many more games and variations to the decades-old games of Baccarat, Blackjack, and Hold’em. Things have gotten a lot faster, more thrilling, and exciting, so you should try them yourself in these casinos if you are in Detroit. These casinos can provide you with a memorable experience if you manage your money well and know your game. You can either enjoy the company of friends or be alone and focused; hence, casinos are the top choice of entertainment for many people in Detroit.

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