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The Best Casinos you’ll love to visit in St. Louis

Hollywood Casino

Hollywood Casino

Hollywood casino is a significant casino located in St. Louis. This casino offers many different casino games: table games, slot machines, and poker rooms. Asian games are on the rise, and this casino knows it as it offers Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker – with two different versions. Moreover, there are almost ten different versions of Baccarat, which Hollywood Casino provides, some of which are Dragon Baccarat and EZ Baccarat. Poker games are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after games, and hence the poker room at this casino offers 20 different tables. The Poker tables have USBs, and the rooms have free Wi-Fi available. In addition, there are different versions of Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Slot machines are one of the main features of any casino, and hence this casino has ample of them. There are over 1800 slot machines in various denominations – the machine is the latest one in the industry, therefore a wonderful experience. Some of the most famous slot machines are Ba Fang Jin Bao – Abundant Fortune, Ba Fang Jin Bao – Fortune Totems, Buffalo Chief, Buffalo Gold Revolution, Buffalo Link, Cash Burst Orb of Atlantis, Cash Express – Buffalo, Cash Express – Timberwolf, Cobra Hearts, Coin Combo – Hurricane Horse, Double Jackpot Gems, Double Jackpot Lions Share, Dragon Link – Genghis Kahn, Dragon Link – Peace & Long Life and Dragon Link – Peacock Princess. There are over 50 tables for your table games as well.

Moreover, several electronic versions of your favorite games like Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, and Baccarat are also available. Apart from these, classic table games include Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Let it Ride plus three, Baccarat, and Heads up Hold’em. This casino has over six dining options, which means consumer choices and variety. There is a well-stocked bar and a fine dining restaurant as well. In addition, this casino offers several other amenities, such as a theater and a music park.

River City Casino

River City Casino

River City Casino is another grand casino for you to try in St. Louis. This casino offers you about 1900 slot machines in various denominations, so you can start playing with as much as or as little you want. Some of the most famous slot machines are Buffalo Diamond, Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Jin Ji Bao Xi, Mighty Cash, Ultimate Fire Link, Lock-It Link, and Hex breaker 3. There are video poker and electronic games available as well. Over 250 video poker games are exclusively for people who want to play poker digitally. The casino also boasts some of your favorite table games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, and roulette, along with 50 tables for different variations of these games. River City Casino brings you 20x odds on craps and high limits – as much as $10,000 on Blackjack. Some other famous games, which are not usually found by anyone else, are Cajun Stud, High Card Flush, and DJ Wild. This casino has five dining options: a fine dining restaurant, a burger spot, and an Asian eatery. This goes on to show the level of diversity this casino has. You can take your friends, family, or coworkers, and we are sure that almost everyone will have a blast! Several other entertainment options, including concerts and other events hosted by the casino.

Lumiere Place

Lumiere Place

Lumiere Place is an excellent casino option for those looking for a refreshing and modern venue for betting their money and getting quality entertainment. This casino offers around 1300 slot machines with the latest video game technologies and traditional reel games. This casino caters to every type of player; hence you will find games ranging in themes, denominations, and style of play. Some of the most famous slot machines are found here with bright colors and music, attracting the best of the best players in St. Louis. The table game room is also a luxurious experience, featuring fifty-five tables with your favorite games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Crap, Three Card Poker, High Card Flush, Roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. In addition, there is a dedicated room for those who want to play some high-limit baccarat and poker. Poker is also a favorite among the locals, and hence this casino offers a ten-table poker room dedicated to games like Omaha, Hold’em, and others. The dining options are pretty good at this casino, so you should try them out. In addition, there is a steak house called Morton’s.

Moreover, there is a fine dining restaurant called Cinder House and a pizzeria named The Slice Pizzeria and Pasta. Riverfront Grill is another famous restaurant in house. A sports bar in the casino premises offers your favorite cocktails and other drinks! This casino provides services like a dedicated spacious parking space, among others, to make sure that the guests are treated to a luxurious experience.

Quick Tips for going to a casino in St. Louis


Budgets are the most important thing when going to casinos as they will help you manage your money in a better way. Having budgets will help you not have a bet regret and will keep you grounded. Most people tend to waste money or have bet regret as they play to impress or play in jealousy. Therefore, you should always be clear-minded about your budget and money when playing in a casino.


Outfits are the most important thing when going anywhere, as your outfit can help with your stance and role. Moreover, outfits can also help you feel confident and blend in with the surroundings. You should choose your outfits carefully when going to a casino and try not to go with a very casual outfit. If you are going to those fancy high-limit games, make sure you are dressed formally or semi-formally.


Carrying change is another important tip that we would like to give out to our readers, and mostly some games require some cents to start playing, so you should always carry change for convenience. For example, machine slots have different denominations – usually from a few cents up to a hundred dollars.


Alcohol is allowed at these casinos; there are dedicated, well-stocked bars with professional bartenders that can whip up your favorite cocktails. However, it would be best to ask the bartender or the waiter for the promotions around the bars since you might as well get free refills and other complimentary snacks as drinks are mainly on the house.

Common Questions our customers ask us before going to casinos in St. Louis

Which is the best casino in St. Louis?

There are several casinos in St. Louis, and we cannot help you choose which one would be the best for you, as you should choose a casino based on your interests and tastes in different games and dining options. However, these three casinos pack a punch, and we are confident that choosing any one of these will allow you to spend your time and money effectively.

Why are slot machines famous?

Slot machines are some of the most famous types of games found at these casinos, and for a good reason. These machines are often very brightly lit and have music. In addition, the devices are colored according to the game’s themes and hence are a major attraction at these casinos. Moreover, slot machines have the highest and best jackpots prizes, further attracting players.

How important are the dealers?

The dealers are some of the most critical individuals at these casinos as they are there to regulate the game and make sure that the rules are followed, and everyone is playing fairly. Often, the dealer is there to mediate in fun as well. The dealers will also help you to understand the rules are constantly rooting for you to win so that they can get a nice tip.

Are online casinos better?

Not necessarily, online casinos can be better if you have conveyance issues; otherwise, going to a live casino and playing among people from different backgrounds and interacting with them can be a precious experience. This social interaction is perfect for your mental health. So you should invest your time and money in a good casino nearby and interact with those around you.

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In conclusion

We can say that casinos are a fantastic place to spend your time and money for quality entertainment; most casinos have dining areas in houses and theatres, so if you are bored of the games, there are plenty of other things to do as well. In the article, we have talked about the top three casinos to visit in St. Louis. Hence if you are in the area, do check them out!

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