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Looking for a new cocktail refuge in Atlanta? Look no further, because we’re going to break down some of the city’s top cocktail bars! The ATL is brimming with possibilities, and we’ve put a few of them to the test! Atlanta has you covered for cocktail classics to something a touch more inventive, and so does this page! Here are the fantastic cocktail bars in the city that you must visit. Some of these establishments may need proof of immunization or a negative COVID test. Check ahead of time to ensure you have all the appropriate documentation.


Atrium Bar

On the cocktail menu at Atrium, you’ll find not one but four-punch cocktails. And if you prefer a different libation, you’re sure to find one on Atrium’s extensive cocktail menu, which includes seasonal cocktails and classics. With its hand-painted tile and gorgeous mural, you’d be remiss if you didn’t start your night at the Atrium bar for at least one cocktail (and maybe a handful of pics for the ‘Gram). So, it has a Modern American Menu. Atrium is an intimate restaurant and bar space with enchanting and whimsical energy located at Ponce City Market. The Atrium is a venue where guests can relax on a memorable night, sipping finely crafted cocktails and enjoying an unexpected but soothing meal. 

The full-service restaurant and bar offer a unique blend of fresh local produce and carefully selected interiors of Oliva. Inspired by world travel, we are here to take you to different places and times through every detail. This is a modern American dish, Oliva style. All the familiar favorites are reinterpreted. Located in Atlanta’s famous Ponce City Market, the Atrium is an eclectic and bright rest. The design pays homage to local artisans and craftsmen. From hand-painted tiles in woodwork and bars to floral installations and imaginative murals, interior details are created for and by the community. Are you interested in artisans? 

The restaurant can escape to another time and place by entering a cozy lounge surrounded by colorful curtains with comfortable seating. On the left is a 1,200-square-foot parlor area with hand-painted tiles by local artisan Charlotte Smith and murals by savanna-based artist Kipper Millsap. The restaurant welcomes guests to escape to a different time and place when they enter the cozy lounge ensconced by colorful curtains with comfortable seating. To the left is a 1,200-square-foot parlor, complete with hand-painted tile by local artisan Charlotte Smith and a mural by Savannah-based artist Kipper Millsap. Inside the 4,000-square-foot restaurant, diners are transported to an airy, serene wonderland with large factory windows, floral installations by Atlanta-based floral artist Pinker Times, and giant pink banquettes.



Founded by NFLer Cam Newton and his brother Cecil Newton Jr., Fellaship is a luxe cigar bar that also prides itself on its selection of equally luxe spirits and cocktails. You’ll find plenty of classic cocktails on the menu at Fellaship, but for a truly luxurious experience, you can splurge on a 1-ounce pour of Louis XIII de Remy Martin for $200. If you are planning a visit to Fellaship, keep your attire business casual and make a reservation ahead of your visit. Fellaship is an exclusive intimate lounge and restaurant experience. Born from the creative vision of the NFL’s elite Cam Newton and brother, Cecil Newton, JrFellaship is an experience where class and audaciousness collide. 

A place for those to indulge in the luxuries of fine dining, cigar smoking, and socializing. Authentic southern cuisine at its finest. From their famous seafood pasta to their mouthwatering ponzu-glazed Scottish salmon. Nothing says “Hello, Weekend” like a stiff cocktail accompanied by a smooth cigar. Enjoy a quality experience no matter what your vice may be. We introduce their signature Jazz and Juice Brunch. It is an exquisite experience where traditional saxophone jazz meets 21st-century hip-hop. Every Friday, they kick the weekend off with good vibes brought to you by some of the city’s most talented DJs.

 Every Saturday feels like a family reunion at Fellaship, giving the “grown folks” something to get excited about. On Thursdays, they showcase Thursday Night Football and feature select 1/2 priced wine and champagne bottles for your enjoyment. The dress code is strictly enforced. Business casual attire is strongly recommended. No ball caps, basketball sneakers, or athletic wear are allowed. Ultimately, on Sundays only, sports jerseys are accepted. For men, no shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops are allowed. This is one of the fanciest bars Atlanta has to offer.

12 Cocktail Bar

12 Cocktail Bar

Nothing beats the 12 Cocktail Bars for a fine cocktail experience in Atlanta. Located on the rooftop of Ponce City Market, it rises above most bars in the city. Beyond the physical position, the 12 Cocktail Bar offers a truly crafted mix of drinks by award-winning bartenders. 12 COCKTAIL BAR is an exquisite retreat in the Ponce City Market tower. Whether a private event or a casual night out with friends, experienced bartenders will pour a finely-appointed selection of cocktails. Experience rare spirits and handcrafted cocktails curated uniquely for your tastes by our award-winning barmen and women at 12 Cocktail Bar. Enjoy all the charm of Atlanta with unparalleled views. 

It is in a truly unique and upscale location, higher than any other location. The 12 Cocktail Bar accepts reservations and carry-on from Monday to Saturday. For groups of 6 or more, a 20% tip will be added to the check. To provide the best possible experience for all guests, we cannot offer split bills for groups of more than five guests. In addition, you cannot apply more than four individual payments to the same invoice. They keep the team safe and streamline the guest experience. Ponce City Market’s roof has moved to cashless operations. Cocktail classes by award-winning bartender and  Beverage Director Randy Hayden will be available until March. 

Enjoy an exclusive and intimate class environment and make homemade cocktails. 12 is a fine cocktail experience. So, they ask guests to dress appropriately. People under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter the bar. All guests must have a valid ID. Therefore, this is a non-smoking bar with all smoking facilities. Other prohibited items are cakes, balloons, and all ornaments. This is one of the best rooftop bars available in Atlanta. So, if you are in town, you should give this a try.

Jojo’s Beloved

Jojo’s Beloved

We don’t know who Jojo or their beloved is, but we do know that this recently opened cocktail lounge is the place to go for retro ’70s and ’80s vibes. From the music to the color palette of burgundy, pink, and orange. Expect to find drinks made with brightly-hued spirits such as Midori. Disco attire is not required but encouraged (by us). Jojo’s Beloved Cocktail Lounge is spirited in humming Midtown, Atlanta. Nestled in a secluded interior of Colony Square, the lounge boasts cathedral-height ceilings, an all-vinyl soundtrack, and a brooding, romantic vibe. Expect oft-maligned favorites from the era of disco and glam. 

You’ll channel a time of skates and tapes when seedy glamor, indulgence, and boogie reigned supreme. So, it is an upscale restaurant serving Basque tapas & more significant shareable portions cooked on a wood-burning grill. This is a Basque restaurant, so the flavors are bold and slightly different from Spanish tapas. They are wonderful. You can also get a well-prepared whole fish, half chicken, or large filet to share or eat yourself. It is a hip and happening place, so it is pretty loud on a weekend night. This is the perfect place for a girls night out after dinner if you’re looking for a chill vibe! 

The drinks are absolutely delicious and the service is very friendly. You won’t be disappointed if you’re coming for the aesthetic and vibes. Make a reservation, though! Jojo’s beloved is a charming cocktail bar with a wide variety of drink options. The music is excellent, and it has a good crowd of people. If you go on a Tuesday night and it will be pretty full, I strongly encourage making a reservation before your visit. They have very friendly and quick service. This is one of the best bars Atlanta has to offer.

Leon’s Full Service

Leon's Full ServiceYou can sit down inside or on a shaded patio at this former fuel station. Leon’s is the sibling to Brick store Pub; however, the cocktails are seasonally pushed and expertly crafted. Give the Three of a Perfect Pair a whirl if you need something spicier (eight-yr Jamaican rum, cognac, spiced pear, chai, P.X. sherry, lime, bitters, spices). If you’re feeling snacky, order a few crammed peppadew peppers and house-made ricotta served with grilled sourdough. It is stimulated using a contemporary-day eatery in an ex-fuelling station. So, this venue gives New American fare & cocktails, plus a bocce court. They additionally provide New American fare, cocktails, beer, and wine. This bar offers a complete provider-seated patio and a spacious returned deck. 

They have fantastic food, beverages, and atmosphere. These are simply a number of the approaches they can take to take care of you and make you feel welcome as their visitor. There was a time when you pulled as much as a fuel line station, and right now, approximately four humans might descend upon your automobile with smiles. They might test your oil and test your tire pressure. Clean your windows, fill your tank, and chiefly ask how you’re doing and what else you may want to do for yourself. They intended it with Full Service—the lengthy for the one’s days. Service, hospitality, and visitor delight are their pinnacle priority. This is why they do what they do. They need to welcome you, meet all of your desires, and, if feasible, exceed your expectations. 

They offer the eating place model of Full Service. So, the waitresses are friendly. They will provide suitable suggestions. So, delight is their goal. A lot of locations within the region require reservations, and you may determine to return right here because they didn’t need any reservations. So, you’ll feel fortunate being there. There is a significant number of seating available, and you may not regret it. Leon’s has a fantastic ambiance. There’s indoor seating that’s a form of a darkish and sit-back temper, or you could take a seat down out of doors where it is a bit brighter.



The Parlor is chic and cozy, with a turquoise mid-century modern sofa, vibrant art, and a bathroom where you want to take a selfie. Enjoy innovative formulations such as Gray Goose Vodka, Blackcurrant, Blueberry Syrup, Gambler & Gallantry with Lemon. We also offer unique snacks such as vegan port bellows, purple cabbage tacos, and lamb jerk pasta. This is Cocktail Den, which gives Prohibition-inspired cocktails and light meals. Drinks are served in an intimate atmosphere. The Parlor will gladly provide that service for your next event. Each event is tailored to your tastes and should offer you and your guests the best possible experience. 

This spot in Atlanta is a cocktail bar. It’s also a good title because the space is incredibly cozy. The unique cocktail menu is delicious with drinks such as Pretty Gin Fizz, Gin Formulation, Elderflower Liqueur, Yuzu Soda, and Butterfly Pea Tea. There is a human cave, followed by a carefully curated bar that functions in the cozy nature of a well-stocked basement. The Parlor is the very latter. According to Instagram, Parlor, a pre-Prohibition-style cocktail bar, is now open Wednesday to Saturday nights at Castleberry Hill. The Parlor is modeled after a room in most 19th-century homes, where people get together after dinner and chat over a digestif. 

Parlor is the latest venture of Alphonzo Cross, the owner of brand development company Quintessential. He has formed a consulting team of experienced food and beverage experts to develop a menu that suits the sophisticated 30-seat Cocktail Den. If you’re looking for the perfect place to enjoy a bite after dinner, check out Parlor, the den of craft cocktails hidden behind the pink doors of Castleberry Hill. Alphonzo Cross, the bar owner, explains that the idea came from the need for a middle ground where people can interact without the rush of a restaurant or the fast pace of a club while enjoying fine food and drink. They do play a music playlist here! House music is a  playlist carefully selected by owners, managers, and staff. Usually, it consists of soft jazz and R & B. There are also live music / DJ nights, which you can also find out on social media.

Nine Mile Station

Nine Mile Station

Nine Mile Station is a rooftop bar and kitchen on the top floor of Ponce City Market. Visit the rooftop of Ponce City Market and enjoy a side-view drink. In October 2016, the 9-mile station debuted at Ponce City Market. We serve local, national and international beers, award-winning cocktails, aromatic herbs, fresh local vegetables, and American cuisine with the finest meats and fresh fish daily. From local to domestic and international crafts to IPA, there are always 12 great beers on the market. Their award-winning cocktails are always a topic of conversation, but their chef, who makes your experience memorable with his tasty creations, will have you returning for more. 

You can hit up Skyline Park first and then grab a bite at 9 Mile Station, which serves up the grilled fare, has craft beers on tap, and features plenty of cocktails to choose from. It is a rooftop beer garden with local brews, creative pub fare & city views from atop Ponce City Market. They have craft beers from near and far, classically prepared cocktails, and delicious, shareable food! Their brunch menu has been completely reinvented. Soak in the views of Atlanta`s skylines from our pergola. Book and see you this weekend! It is highly recommended to book to guarantee the spot at the 9-mile station. Visit Skyline Park to customize your experience and get the most out of your rooftop visit. 

Located on the top floor of Ponce City Market in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the 9-mile station offers an expansive, unobstructed view of the Atlanta skyline from the backhead to the downhill, with sophisticated interiors. It is an outdoor space. At the 9-mile station, you can enjoy craft beers from near to far, classic craft cocktails, and delicious food. This restaurant offers you the perfect subtle city views. In the summer, you can watch the sunset 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even if you sit inside, you can feel the calm and warm breeze. The food is delicious and comes on time. So, this is one of the best rooftop bars Atlanta has to offer.

Ticonderoga Club

Ticonderoga Club

Ticonderoga Club is a colonial-inspired bar serving seafood, sandwiches, and craft cocktails at the Clog Street Market. Whatever your wishes, the Ticonderoga Club is here for you. You can eat and drink your gorgeous cocktail in a cozy New England room decorated with glittering Christmas lights all year round. However, you can also order TicoToGo to recreate your living room experience. If you want to eat there, you need to make a reservation. What is Ticonderoga? Questions from all new members and honored guests. Ticonderoga: Assembly, assembly, planning, planning location. Noisy drinking and gratitude meals, celebrations, revelations, places of revolution. A home for friends and whimsical strangers.

Ticonderoga: A club where all ambitious souls and honest hearts are welcomed. This bar was founded in 2015. The staff is all very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. You can see them taking care of all sorts of details in advance, and food tells the people behind them that they are also suitable. This bar has an excellent restaurant, pub atmosphere, and a vibrant menu. The service is top-notch, and the aura is calm. A New England-style bar whose fame extends far beyond the small corners of the Clog Street Market. The TiconderogaClub is home to quirky and kitsch decorations and some heavy drinking. 

This venue is a quiet little restaurant nestled quietly in the Clog Street Market, serving delicious seasonal cuisine. So, the Ticonderoga Club is a place where you can enjoy great food, great wine bottles, and excellent service. After your first visit, you are already looking forward to your next visit! Therefore, The Ticonderoga Club is one of the best clubs Atlanta has to offer. If you are in town, we highly recommend you to check this venue for its chill vibes.

Little Trouble

Little Trouble

Little Trouble is a futuristic drink bar with a moody, industrial look, serving creative cocktails and Asian street food. The funkiest bar is on the ground floor of the Westside Provisions District; beware of neon lights. You can enjoy Musini pop-up cocktails and appetizers at the restaurant or order them on the go. This venue is a surprisingly unique restaurant. Little Trouble quickly became a Westside staple with a selection of iconic neon lights, stiff drinks, and Japanese whiskeys. It’s more than a bar, but it doesn’t feel like a full-fledged dinner restaurant. The new lounge with atmosphere can serve everything you crave while drinking: Westside’s latest darling guarantees solid drinks and delicious Asian street snacks. 

The smoky whiskey cocktail “Found Art” does just that. The bar is called a “neon tavern,” which is precisely what it is. They reuse shipping containers and neon lights as part of the decoration. The menu offers tavern dishes with a modern twist. So, the service is excellent, with delicious drinks, food to support them, and a romantic atmosphere. It’s no wonder this place is a good place for a date. As long as the atmosphere goes, a little is very lovely! It has charming and beautiful lighting. 

This is also an excellent place for your first date. The food is so light that it’s a great place to socialize and enjoy delicious cocktails. The atmosphere is perfect. If you like East Asian-inspired food/drink + vaporwave energy, you will love this place. The neon lights perfected the aesthetic, and the service was young, cheerful, and very friendly in a fashionable way. Quietly nestled in the Westside Provisions corridor, Little Trouble is a fun and visually appealing place to enjoy a drink or a light meal. So, this is one of the best bars Atlanta has to offer.

Kimball House

Kimball House

Kimball House is more like a restaurant than a bar, but how do you ignore Miles Macquarie’s cocktails? Dining rooms and terraces can be booked at this venue. Combine with one (or two) drinks from Kimball House to create and enjoy one of the city’s most abundant oyster programs. Once a train station, this elegant restaurant and raw food bar offer French-style farm-to-table appetizers. They provide food and drinks that reflect the seasons, farms, and personalities of the people who prepare them. Humility, hospitality, and passion for technology are their driving forces and foundations. At Kimball House, they offer exceptional service and warm hospitality.

The parking lot is located at Arlo Parking Lot on Trinity Venue, opposite KH. It’s straightforward, just 150 meters from door to door. Pay the deck box for a discount. Park Mobile is $ 10. You need to consider car service as they try to make you upset. There is street parking along with East Howard. Kimball House accepts reservations and limited walks. To book a table, click on the “Booking” tab at the top of the official website. We recommend booking in groups of 5 or more. Gold mine! This venue space has Kimball House’s private dining and event space. The  600 m² dining room has a private entrance, terrace, and toilet. So, the Bonanza can accommodate up to 10 to 24 people. The menu is fully customizable or can offer pre-arranged dinner and drink options. 

Additional services include audio and video for presentations and demonstrations, flower arrangements, and decoration services. Everything in Kimball House works. Design, service, and cooking can balance preservation and progress. Nowhere else in Atlanta can you find such a rich and traditionally prepared absinthe menu and bartenders who are familiar with all drinks. Even waiters open like an encyclopedia and help you decide which cocktail is right for you, both inside and outside the menu. People arrive early at this Decatur Joint and enjoy oyster happy hour, but cleverly paired cocktails and complete classic absinthe service set Kimball House apart from its competitors. So, this bar is one of the best Atlanta has to offer.

Joystick Gamebar

Joystick Gamebar

Joystick Gamebar is a casual bar with arcade games, pinball, jumbo burgers, and a rethought bar bite. You don’t have to be a geek to visit this bar, but it probably doesn’t hurt to try the games. The funky space is full of classic arcades, table games, and cocktails. Expect easy-to-drink drinks like cranberry sage and bourbon coffee slash. So, this venue is an arcade and a bar. This venue is an old-fashioned arcade with a small amount of whiskey, great beer, homemade cocktails, and killer burger love, all in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. So, they ended up with retro pinball games in the ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s arcade games. They are nerdy dive bars with classic arcades, party games, and lots of liquor. The nature of old-fashioned gaming cabinets is beautiful and unique but temporary. 

They keep their playing skills messed up on their toes. Unfortunately, the ambiguous missing part may invade the radio waves of some postal delivery centers, or the circuit board may have to be sent out for a thorough repair. For this reason, they apologize if any games are out of order or absent. Know that they are working to bring them back to you to give you a romantic moment of escapist joy. Joystick Gamebar was founded in 2012. It started with a bag full of Remus and Romulus and a quarter. Thirsty, they decided to get drunk and fainted exactly where the joystick was. Only after 8 pm do they impose the limit, and you have to be over 21 years old to enter. 

They are all ages every day before 8 pm. It opens Monday to Friday at 4 pm and  Saturday and Sunday at noon. Therefore, their games include classic arcade cabinets, pinball, foosball, board games, and Spot the Tinder Date. There are also console games, Dungeons and Dragons, and karaoke on some nights. Try Oh well Mill Road’s Ohmsby or Decatur’s Twain for shuffleboard. This is one of the best and most unique dive bars that Atlanta has to offer. If you are a fan of gaming and bars, then this is the spot for you!

Bar Vegan

Bar Vegan

Bar Vegan is a club-like bar reminiscent of classic cocktails with vegan tacos, wings, snacks, and brunch. Bar Vegan is located on the 2nd floor of Ponce City Market. With a large footprint, you won’t miss it. This place is pretty trendy with a relaxed atmosphere and music. It’s a great atmosphere to play with friends or have a drink if you’re nearby. Pinky Cole won the belly with a vegan burger at Slutty Vegan. And now she’s trying to catch them again at Bar Vegan. Cole’s new concept at Ponce City Market offers “theater” drinks made from fresh juices. She also works with Derrick Hayes of Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks to provide pure luxury vegan Philly Cheesesteaks. 

Bar Vegan is a black-owned bar and restaurant located at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia. Like your favorite vegan cheesesteak, Bar Vegan offers fun and healthy homemade cocktails and hearty vegan bites. The atmosphere of their bar is becoming more and more popular in the Atlanta nightlife scene. Great for date nights or going out with friends. Stop by for a drink and stay at the vegan bar to enjoy the atmosphere. They are not your typical Atlanta restaurant. A vegetarian experience is reinterpreted in Bar Vegan. So, all Bar Vegan dishes offer 100% vegetarian dishes while preserving the authentic taste of each recipe. 

Each one of their drinks is skillfully curated with both flavors and presentations aimed to please. You won’t be disappointed, from your favorite traditional cocktails to drinks that come in a fire extinguisher, Ferris wheel, or a safe, complete with musical soundbites. Bar Vegan aims to create an enjoyable experience for those who want to eat well and enjoy a bit of fun and flair while maintaining the vegan lifestyle. Bar Vegan was founded in 2021 by Pinky Cole, Aaron Mattison, and Jason Crain. Things to note upfront are as follows. This cashless transaction will automatically add a 20% tip to every invoice. All the food here is “plant-based,” hence Bar Vegan. This is one of the best vegan bars that Atlanta has to offer. So, if you are vegan, you must visit this spot at least once!

St. Regis Bar

St. Regis Bar AtlantaThe St. Regis Bar is a relaxing luxury bar at The St. Regis Hotel, serving cocktails, wine, beer, and refined comfort food. For a classic martini surrounded by traditional luxuries, visit The St. Regis Bar in St. Regis Atlanta. Located in the city’s leading business spot, Backhead, The St. Regis Bar is an ideal place to enjoy a drink on the way home from work. The rich wood tones and leather textures are soothing yet elegant, and the St. Regis Bar is the epitome of Atlanta’s highest abundance. In addition, there are many opportunities to see people. I don’t know who to meet. At The St. Regis Bar, celebrities gather for cocktails and small plates. 

The patio has comfortable seating along with the fireplace. Backhead’s treasured bar has additional seats in the former wine room for watching sporting events and entertainment. Discover an elegant yet cozy atmosphere with exquisite cuisine at each dining and luxury venue in St. Regis Atlanta. A gourmet menu of fresh, chef-cooked dishes, carefully combined with wines from a collection of over 500 American varieties, craft beers from Atlanta’s most famous local brewery, or cocktails completed by bartenders. It is one of the most attractive places in the backhead. Whether you’re looking for a casual brunch on the aster court, poolside snacks at the poolside café, or luxury dining at one of Atlanta’s most significant private art collections, Atlanta’s Buckhead is an unforgettable dining experience. Please enjoy! 

The Astor Court serves seasonal traditional and famous and contemporary Southern dishes. Enjoy brunch, intimate lunches, and popular afternoon tea ceremonies at the back of the head. Under the leadership of famous culinary, Atlas brings a fresh and innovative approach to traditional culinary. Partnerships inspire their menu with local farms that use the newest and most seasonal ingredients. Each dish tells a story, and the menu is a journey. This bar is one of the best bars in the city. It is indeed one of the best bars Atlanta has to offer. So, if you are in town, we recommend visiting this bar at least once! You will not regret it!

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There’s a reason Atlanta is known as “the city too busy to hate”—we’re all too busy enjoying beautifully constructed Old Fashioned, foamy margaritas, and other meticulously crafted drinks. Atlanta has evolved as a craft cocktail juggernaut over the last decade. There are several places to drink, but if you’re searching for the finest of the best, we’ve sipped far and wide to compile this list of the city’s greatest cocktail bars. We hope this page helps you find your new favorite cocktail bar in Atlanta!

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