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 A bar is significant to a city; however the importance of a cocktail bar cannot be denied. In fact, it is primarily a cocktail that a person needs. Not all people prefer alcoholic beverages; therefore, the city’s people have a wide range of options to choose from at a cocktail bar. It is because cocktail bars also offer non-alcoholic beverages to their customers. For instance, if you cannot have alcoholic beverages because of medical conditions or preferences, you have many options for non-alcoholic drinks at cocktail bars. The cocktail bars in Chattanooga know their stuff so well that their cocktails surpass even wine in some cases when it comes to taking it easy. The list given below has some of the best bars in Chattanooga so that you can choose from them. These cocktail bars have one of the briskest and most refreshing cocktails, whether they are alcoholic or non-alcoholic. We hope this list was helpful to you.

30. The Comedy Catch Bar Chattanooga

The nightlife of Chattanooga is indeed pretty rich. It is a town where night does not overwhelm the city till the rise of the sun of the next day. It is due to the bars and clubs that this has to offer. The Comedy Catch is an example of one of the great bars that are unlike traditional bars in treating their customers because booze and laughter are also served here. The Comedy Club of Chattanooga offers live comedy performances to its customers, who invariably always find themselves laughing with a glass of booze in their hands. The club picks comedians who are really good and capable and know their stuff. If you are having a rough time and would love to have a hearty laugh, the comedy club of Chattanooga is your place.

The comedy factor is not the only one that places The Comedy Catch among the top of the list bars, but also the drinks served here are out of the world. The cocktails offered here are one of the best in terms of being rich in flavors and refreshment. If you want a non-alcoholic beverage, then The Comedy Catch would have you covered with its wide range of cocktails. However, if you’re going up the game a little with some booze, then The Comedy Catch also covers your drinking cravings. 

The ambiance of The Comedy Club is commendable in terms of being pleasant and colorful. The staff is also pretty lovely and dedicated as they make your visit worth it. The polite staff members ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable and are accommodated properly throughout your visit to The Comedy Catch. In addition to the staff’s demeanor, the food offered at The Comedy Club is also one of the reasons that the people who visit this bar once want to come here frequently. A quick bite obviously does not hurt with a good drink and an excellent environment to enjoy it. The food offered here is mouthwatering and palatable. At The Comedy Club, you get to enjoy a wholesome night of fun, and it is definitely something you guys do not want to miss.

29. Gate 11 Distillery Bar Chattanooga 

When you come to Chattanooga, you have got to know one thing that the nights here are as fun as they can get. The bars of this city allow one to have fun during the night and the daytime. As far as Gate 11 distillery is concerned, it is one of the Chattanooga bars that bring the tropical dream to life. The cocktails offered here are so refreshing and tasty that you could sit back and relax while sipping a cocktail and imagining that you are actually sitting on a beach with the sun shining on you and your cocktail in your hand to beat the heat. It is not wrong to say that the cocktails here at Gate 11 distillery are simply magical. 

The story does not simply conclude with the cocktails because there is more to what Gate 11 Distillery has to offer to its customers. The drinks provided here have one of the finest wines in terms of quality. As far as the need to have alcohol in a bar is concerned, Gate 11 Distillery is the place that takes care of this need of yours in the best way possible. 

Other than the cocktails and wine, another factor that causes people to frequently visit this place is its ambiance and staff. The air is lovely as the whole bar is stunning and aesthetically pleasing; on the other hand, the team adds to the customers’ experience by making them feel at home. In addition, the food offered at Gate 11 Distillery is a delicious and perfect match with the refreshing drinks. It is an enjoyable experience worth a shot for a fact.

28. Heaven and Ale Bar Chattanooga

The people of the United States of America know very well about how to make the most of their lives, and the bars of Chattanooga serve as some of many shreds of evidence of this fact. Heaven and Ale is a heaven on earth for those who are looking for a break from their mundane lives of theirs. “Heaven and Ale” is one of Chattanooga’s best bars for being a cocktail bar. The cocktails this place offers to its customers are not only yum, but also pretty brisk. They also have a variety of flavors that a customer can get. 

The wine provided at Heaven and Ale is also pretty refined in terms of its quality and taste. It is such a wonderful experience that you feel you are actually visiting heaven on earth. Besides the most acceptable kind of wine, the food offered at this bar is also a wholesome experience for the taste buds of those who come to have food here. The sweet and savory can both satisfy your cravings for yummy food. 

At Heaven and Ale, you can get a refreshing cocktail or a fine glass of wine with your food and enjoy it with your favorite game. It is a bar where sports lovers can come together from different backgrounds and walks of life only to bond over their favorite game. 

All of this can be found under one roof at Heaven and Ale, where the ambiance is pleasant, and you will surely enjoy yourself. The staff is also cooperative, and this bar cooperates with disabled customers. The accessibility of a wheelchair is also one of the options this bar provides its customers with. You can also pick up your order and have it in the comfort of your home if you want to. 

27. Brewhaus Bar Chattanooga

When it comes to most of the bars in Chattanooga, they are very well maintained and are exceptional in what they offer; however, Brewhaus is the bar that is considered one of the best due to the high aesthetic value that this place offers to its customers. The rooftop view from Brewhaus is simply out of the world. It is primarily a romantic spot for a couple of the town where they can enjoy the beautiful sunset and starry night sky in each other’s company. The ethereal view is a treat for anyone who comes here to visit. 

 This view adds to the pleasure of one of the best quality wines Brewhaus is famous for. For those who love to try new kinds of wine, Brewhaus is worth a shot. It can be said for a fact that they will not be disappointed. It is not only the wine of Brewhaus which makes it famous but also the cocktails of this place. These cocktails of a flavorsome and invigorating variety are at the customers’ service for them to enjoy summer and winter days. 

Brewhaus is also one of the bars where you can watch a game you like in the company of sports lovers other than yourself. For extroverts and sports lovers, Brewhaus is an ideal combination of all that is lovable and enjoyable. It has also covered introverts who want to have their food and drinks in peace by themselves. The food at this place is also one of the best Chattanooga bars offer their customers. The mouthwatering food with relaxing drinks, and all that while watching a game of baseball or basketball is the setting that Brewhaus provides to not only the citizens of Chattanooga but also those who are only visiting the place. 

26. Tremont Tavern Chattanooga 

Chattanooga undoubtedly has one of the best bars in the United States of America due to the essence of its bars which include great food, lovely ambiance, energizing cocktails, fine wine, cooperative staff, and much more. Tremont Tavern is not just any bar because it is a bar that has the American essence with all its properties well maintained in it. Therefore, it can be called one of the best bars in Chattanooga without a doubt. The food at Tremont Tavern is hygienic as well as pleasant to your taste buds. It is one of the bars where you can come to have the taste of homemade food in case that is what you prefer. The sweet as well as savory at Tremont Tavern are top-notch. 

Tremont Tavern also functions in the capacity of a sports bar as it gathers sports lovers from different parts of Chattanooga to come and watch their favorite sports in a delightful and fun way. Watching a game at a sports bar, as we all know, is way better than watching it alone at your home. The broadcasting screens at Tremont Tavern are also good enough for the viewers to get a view as accurate as the game itself.  

The drinks at Tremont Tavern are also out of the ordinary. The cocktails are energizing for not only summer but also a winter day. At the same time, alcoholic drinks are a treat for a relaxing moment which can be a respite from the stress of everyday life. The bartender and the waiters are really good at their job and do their best to make your stay at Tremont Tavern memorable. The ambiance, on the other hand, is true to its name as the bar looks like a trendy tavern ready to welcome you at any time. Being at Tremont Tavern is an experience you cannot afford to not have.

25. Local 191 Bar Chattanooga

Chattanooga is home to one of the most beautiful bars in the country. It has some bars the view from which tops everything else and adds to the experience of the customers who come to visit in the best way. One such bar in Chattanooga is Local 191, which provides one of the best views in the city. It also offers outdoor seating to customers; however, its patio over the riverside is a sight worth seeing. As far as your eyesight goes, there is water. At night, this view only gets better. The view is one of the reasons why people choose to come to Local 191 to blow off some steam. 

Another reason due to which Local 191 is one of the most famous bars in Chattanooga is its prominence in terms of being the best slush and cocktail providing bar. Local 191 has a wide variety of cocktails to offer, and its cocktails are famous throughout the city. People come from different parts of the city in order to try these cocktails out.

In addition to Local 191 being a cocktail bar, it also works in the capacity of a sports bar. This means that you can now have one of the best cocktails in the city while watching the NBA. Yes, you heard that right, and the food at this place is simply excellent. It has a good menu to accommodate the sweet as well as savory cravings of every customer who comes to Local 191. The service to the customers makes the food even yummier because the staff at Local 191 is friendly, and they know their stuff really well. Coming to have food and drinks or watch a match of your favorite game being broadcasted at Local 191 is never going to be disappointing in any way. 

24. Barley Bar Chattanooga

As far as the architecture and aesthetic value of the bars of Chattanooga is concerned, there is no denying the fact that most of them are pretty well built and maintained; however, Barley is one of those bars which belong to the top league in terms of its ambiance. The setting of Barley is almost like it came straight out of a movie. The brick walls dimly lit by lamps give the bar a great look and increase its aesthetic value by a thousand folds. The stools and counter of the bar are also made to coincide with the overall look of the bar. In terms of ambiance and overall looks of a bar, Barley tops many bars.

It is not only the architecture of the bar that makes it looks like a perfect Irish pub but also the wine that is presented to the customers here is one of its kind. The wine offered here seems to have come straight from the exotic vineyards of Italy since it is not only delicious, but also relaxing to a great extent. Other alcoholic drinks are also served at Barley and are significantly loved by the people of Chattanooga, and even the people who come to visit are brought to Barley by their family and friends in order to have the time of their lives. In addition to wine, the cocktails of Barley are also roller coaster rides of flavors for those who drink them, and this makes Barley one of the best cocktail bars in Chattanooga.

In addition to this, the waiters serve the customers to the best of their abilities, and it is pretty evident that they take their work seriously as they carefully attend to all of your needs. Missing such a bar is definitely a loss, so we better not do it and head to Barley at the first chance we get. 

23. Mayo’s Bar and Grille Bar Chattanooga 

The people of Chattanooga love to take it easy when they find the time to do so, and bars are just the places to do so. When it comes to bars, they love to choose the ones that serve cocktails, rich wine, good food, and appropriate customer service. One of the bars where they get all of that and an opportunity to watch sports under one roof is Mayo’s Bar and Grille. The interior of Mayo’s Bar and Grille is that of a typical vintage bar and, in this way, a sight for many eyes. The staff deals with the customers in a polite and respectful manner which causes many people to frequently visit Mayo’s Bar and Grille since they get treated there nicely. The ambiance of the bar is likable; therefore, having food or drinks here makes the experience more pleasant. 

The cocktails of Mayo’s Bar and Grille are fresh, and they take away your tiredness in an instant by relaxing you, and when you know it, you cannot stop asking for more. The people who prefer non-alcoholic beverages to alcoholic ones are definitely in for a treat at Mayo’s Bar and Grille. In addition to this, the alcoholic beverages of this bar are also known for their potency to allow a person to relax and enjoy himself as much as he can. The wine at Mayo’s Bar and Grille is also one of the richest in terms of taste and quality. 

The drinks and food at Mayo’s Bar and Grille make the evenings of the customers special, and the capacity to broadcast sports is a cherry on top for the lovers of sports. If you are an American, there is no way you would not love the sound of getting to watch your favorite sports while having the drinks you prefer, and that too at your comfort place. Therefore, it is right to say that going to Mayo’s Bar and Grille is an American thing to do. 

This bar does not allow any kind of discrimination as it allows the LGBTQ+ community to come here and enjoy as much as any straight person would.

22. American Draft Bar Chattanooga 

This list already contains the mention of some bars having exceptional architecture and aesthetically pleasing interiors. Still, that interior of American Draft is one of the best when it comes to the bars of Chattanooga. The interior of the American Draft is very colorful, and it looks like that of a train. The resemblance with a train makes the people of Chattanooga excited to visit American Draft. The people who find vintage designs attractive are in for a visual treat at American Draft. It is a place anyone would want to visit in the company of their friends or partners. As far as the interior is concerned, American Draft only impresses its customers. 

The drinks at American Draft are not of an ordinary kind. The beer is fresh and bubbly so much that you would want to finish it in a gulp. The cocktails, just like the beer, look inviting as you look at them after a whole day of work; in this way, you just want to have them. The wine that is offered here is also something that you would enjoy while having and remember long after you leave the bar. In this way, American Draft is true to the typical definition of a bar as it satisfies your cravings for drinking, no matter what kind they would be.

The food at American Draft is delicious, and it is presented in a polite and friendly way. This is one of the main things a foodie looks for in a bar, so as far as foodies are concerned, American Draft is their place. The food and drinks in the pleasant and amicable ambiance of American Draft are guaranteed fun. This fun is not limited to people with a particular sexual orientation, as members of the LGBTQ+ community are highly encouraged to come to this bar and make the most of their time. Such a bar is worth your time. 

21. Raw Bar Chattanooga

Raw Chattanooga is one of the bars in Chattanooga that have an elaborate menu. It would not be wrong to call Raw Chattanooga the heaven of foodies. When it comes to savory, the barbecue at Raw Chattanooga is juicy and wholesome. It is not only savory that attracts the foodies of Chattanooga to this bar, but also the sweet dishes. If you are someone who cannot go without satisfying his or her sweet tooth, then Raw Chattanooga is always ready to serve you. The food at this bar will have you licking your fingers, and this is a fact. 

The ambiance of Raw Chattanooga is inclusive, no matter what your mood is. It is cozy, so the people looking for a drink or a bite in comfort are at home here at this bar. It also sets the mood for a romantic evening, so if anyone of you wants to visit Raw Chattanooga with your beloved, then it is a good idea, and you will not regret it. 

The drinks at Raw Chattanooga are no less than their food in terms of taste and popularity. The cocktails are the best choice if you want to blow off steam as they have a wide range of cocktails. You know what they say: it can never go wrong with a cocktail. The alcoholic beverages offered at Raw Chattanooga are also true to their name and reputation, so refreshing that you would not even know and be ready to take on life with the newly found vigor. At one point, these drinks seem not just a choice but a need. Therefore, a bit of friendly advice to all of you is to grab your keys, and head straight to Raw Chattanooga, and let it blow you away with its grand menu and magnificent customer care.

20. SkyZoo Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Sky Zoo - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Partying

 Chattanooga is not at all short of bars that provide the customers with entertainment. In fact, one such bar where you can have the time of your life is Sky Zoo Chattanooga. In this bar, customers can hit the dance floor and keep dancing till they drop. Calling it the heaven of party animals is not at all an overstatement. If you are bored with your routine of the week and are planning to arrange a fun weekend with your pals, then we suggest a place that would totally meet your expectations. That place is nothing other than one of Chattanooga’s most fun bars, Sky Zoo Chattanooga. 

 When it comes to partying hard, the contribution of the ambiance of this bar is off the charts. While people are dancing, the lights make them feel like they are at a disco. The purple dim lights make the atmosphere really relaxing as well. 

 Suppose you are feeling like having a non-alcoholic beverage one evening. In that case, your cravings for tropical drinks can be well satisfied by this bar which is one of the best cocktail bars in Chattanooga. At this bar, you will be offered a variety of flavors and combinations of cocktails. Since this bar is also an Irish Pub, it serves wine and alcoholic beverages of many kinds. This wine is one of the best there is, and it is sure to satisfy you whether you are just tired; you feel low and vulnerable, or you just want to have fun. If you are someone who likes to watch sports and games while drinking, then Sky Zoo Chattanooga also caters to this need of yours. Even if you are feeling down, you would definitely be cheered up, because there is nothing better than booze with a baseball game being broadcasted live to make you feel good. In order to make use of all these amenities in one place, you have got to visit Sky Zoo Chattanooga. If you are visiting as a tourist, this is a bar you do not want to miss out on.

19. The Brew & Cue Bar Chattanooga 

When we talk about the best bars of Chattanooga, one of the most critical bars to be mentioned is The Brew and Cue. It has one of the most fitting interiors for a typical description of a bar. However, it is an impressive combination of modern and old-era settings. With the wine barrels as tables, the setting of this bar undoubtedly brings you back to Chaucer’s England. This part of the interior of The Brew and Cue seems right out of the Canterbury Tales. On the other hand, the LEDs and disco ball give the interior a modern appearance. This mesmerizing combination of the old and the new is so captivating that no one would want to miss out on it. 

The food at this bar is a motley of flavors, and the variety is so satisfying that even picky eaters happily get to have their pick at The Brew and Cue. The waiters pay attention to the customers and do not let them feel ignored or insulted in any way, so the customer service is also on the spot. 

The most fun part about this beautifully built bar is to have your favorite drink here. You can have non-alcoholic cocktails to regain your energy and spirit. This would not be a disappointing drink at all. On the other hand, you can have good quality alcoholic drinks too at The Brew and Cue. Having a drink in this setting brings you back to the old times regardless of what you are drinking. If you want to live your cowboy era, The Brew and Cue welcomes you with open arms. 

This bar has also put special arrangements in place in order to broadcast games of the most popular sports. The fun part has not ended yet, because not only can you watch games, but also can play games like Billiard to make the most of your experience. With booze, games, and yummy food, The Brew and Cue is living the true dream of Americans. Only good comes out of visiting this one.

18. Westbound Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Westbound Bar - Chattanooga, TN, United States

Chattanooga bars are famous for providing entertainment to their customers. If you are someone who is always in for the party, then your dose of entertainment is guaranteed by the Westbound Bar. This bar would bring back memories of high school and teenage for many of its customers as it contains a dance floor like that of a high school. If you never danced till you dropped at a prom night, then you have nothing to worry about because, at Westbound Bar, every night is a dance party night. With the people and yellow lights, the dance floor has a DJ too, and trust us, this DJ will make your dancing more fun than ever. This is also a great place to socialize with new people, so if you are looking for new friends, or expanding your friends’ circle, then Westbound Bar has got you covered. 

At the Westbound Bar, the quality and flavor of the cocktails speak for themselves. Particularly on a summer day, getting a cold glass of your favorite cocktail is the nirvana you are looking for, so Westbound Bar is there for you. All you have to do is sit back and relax because, at this bar, the goal of the management is to make the customer enjoy himself or herself to a great extent. 

At the Westbound Bar, the people of Chattanooga come from different parts of the city to have a glass or more of their favorite alcoholic drinks. Even those who come for a mere drink do not settle for less and have their fill. This extraordinary popular wine takes away all the steam in your head and prevents a breakdown. It makes you feel as if you were in seventh heaven. In our troublesome lives of today, nobody would want to miss out on this wine. Therefore, choose Westbound Bar and give yourself the care you deserve. 

17. The Honest Pint Chattanooga 

There are different myths about the people of Chattanooga, and there is no way to determine their validity; however, one thing about them is a fact, and that is that they are a lively bunch. This lively bunch loves to drink, and this is the way they enjoy themselves. This is the reason that good bars are very important to the people of Chattanooga. If you do not get your due promotion, just had a bad breakup, have been having a rough time, or even want to celebrate an achievement or a happy event, one place that you always want to go to is a bar with good cocktails and booze. This is the kind of bar “The Honest Pint” is.

At The Honest Pint, the cocktails are the best a person can get. They are so colorful and aesthetically pleasing, and their presentation makes them gorgeous to look at, so even if you do not want a cocktail, you want it. The cocktails are not all that there is to this bar; the wine presented here is also magnificent, as if it was directly descended from heaven. We save you the trouble of trying to find such a great bar by suggesting it to you. It also offers a beautiful outdoor setting. 

The interior of this bar is chic, and even the people who like to go to fancy places find this bar attractive; and to some people, it even becomes a go to place. However, you need to go there to believe it. The food is not only mouthwatering, but its presentation is also one factor that makes you want to have it. This bar is one of the fanciest bars in Chattanooga, so if you are a person who likes ostentatious displays, and a classy interior with good food and drinks, then the honest suggestion for you is The Honest Pint. 

16. The Bitter Alibi Bar Chattanooga 

Chattanooga has bars that align with the interest of almost every kind of person. The ones who only like to go to posh and elegant bars choose bars like The Bitter Alibi. The interior, food and drinks of this bar are as fancy and classy as they can get. As far as the interior of this bar is concerned, the well-maintained and clean shelves, stylish crockery, fashionable counters, and floor place this bar among the most stylish bars in Chattanooga. At this bar, you can have the best food in the best setting. It is beyond doubt that the food is extremely good to taste, but what makes it better than the food at many other bars is the presentation and service, which would make you think that you are at a five-star hotel. On top of all this, the seating arrangement adds to the brilliance of your experience. There are eating arrangements with chairs around the table. Still, the best arrangement is the wood counters next to the windows where you can have your delicious food and enjoy a great view of the outside.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are other factors that catch the attention of customers from different areas of Chattanooga. Be it fresh, syrupy, and sour cocktails or your usual wine and beer, the variety of drinks found at The Bitter Alibi is enough to make a person happy. The chic presentation also makes you want to have your hands on the glass, and before you know it, you are drinking to freshen yourself up. The demeanor of the bartender and waiters is not only amiable but also respectful to the customers.

This place does not have room for any discrimination toward the LGBTQ+ community, and they get to have the food and drinks here just like anyone else. You would want to go back there again if you visit this bar once, and this is for us to know and you to find out. 

15. Basecamp Bar and Restaurant Bar Chattanooga

Imagine it is a summer day, and you are parched. You would want to have a refreshing drink as soon as possible. This time, you are almost out of energy and ready to give up, but suddenly you catch sight of a bar where people are sitting in the outside sitting area. These people are enjoying themselves with chilled cocktails. You drag yourself to the bar and order one of their cocktails, and suddenly you feel a surge of energy flowing in you. This is how vital a good bar having cocktails and booze can be, especially in summer. One such bar in Chattanooga is Basecamp bar and restaurant. 

The cocktails of basecamp bar and restaurant are out of this world. They are so refreshing and yummy at the same time. You are guaranteed to revisit this bar once a gulp of its cocktail goes down your throat. These chilly and full of flavor cocktails are one of the best that the bars of Chattanooga offer to the citizens. These cocktails are a treat for summer and other seasons as a cocktail such as the ones served in this bar can never be a wrong choice. The wine is also a treat to your taste buds, and if you are someone who cannot go through a day without a drink, this base is where you can come to satiate your thirst.

The outdoor sitting arrangement of the basecamp bar and restaurant is a perfect spot to have drinks on rainy and cold days. You can always grab a bite to eat along with the drinks because the food here is no less than the drinks in terms of quality and taste. This bar is one of those bars that are a must to visit when you visit Chattanooga.

14. Whiskey Thief Bar Chattanooga

If we are asked to describe Whiskey Thief in the most exact words, we would say that it provides a scenic view with quality food and drinks. Whiskey Thief’s view of its customers is almost impossible to beat. It would not be an overstatement to say that the view you get to have at Whiskey Thief is undoubtedly one of the best views of Chattanooga. It is a bar that attracts many tourists who visit Chattanooga, and the citizens also come there to enjoy the view of the city from this bar. 

The setting of this bar’s rooftop is regal and elegant as in one corner, there are stylish tables and chairs where you can sit with your partners and friends. On the other corner of the rooftop is an arrangement of comfortable couches where you can sit with your family and friends. The tables are also trendy, and the best use of this view of the city can be made in the evening and at night when stars are sparkling in the sky as long as your eyesight can go. In this way, this setting can be a perfect spot for a romantic getaway with your partner as it heightens the emotions most positively. The bar’s glass and woodwork add to its interior’s brilliance with many folds. 

This bar is also popular among the citizens and tourists from other parts of the world due to the non-alcoholic cocktails and alcoholic drinks it provides to its customers. These drinks are exactly what you expect them to be as their presentation is elegant, and their taste and quality are perfect. If you do not want to regret it later, then come to Whiskey Thief today, and enjoy yourself with the amenities of one of the great bars in Chattanooga.

13. Flying Squirrel Chattanooga 

Photo of Flying Squirrel - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Bar Area at Brunch

We all love to go to bars and enjoy ourselves; therefore, we keep exploring different options available in our city. Similarly, Chattanooga also has excellent bars, and one is better than the other; however, if you want to up your game, and experience the best amenities that Chattanooga bars have to offer, then you better go for bars like Flying Squirrel. When it comes to the interior of Flying Squirrel, it is fantastic. The lights are hanging from the ceiling, and the glass panels on the whole wall allow you to enjoy the view from outside. Not only is this glass work commendable, but the woodwork in the form of the frame of a boat hanging from the ceiling in an upside-down fashion. The serenity in the ambiance of this bar, coupled with the friendly and excellent staff treatment, makes people come here over and over.

When it comes to the drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, Flying Squirrel is demonstrating its A-game. This is why the people of Chattanooga love the cocktails and booze of this place. The menu, too, does not fail to impress the customers; no matter what their preferences might be, they leave this place as satisfied customers. In this way, the food and drinks of this bar are loved by the customers due to their excellent taste and exceptional quality.

Flying Squirrel is also loved by the people of Chattanooga due to its inclusive treatment. People choose to visit this bar because they know that the customer service here is off the charts regardless of their sexuality. No matter what your sexuality is, you are most welcome to come and enjoy Flying Squirrel because it is LGBTQ+. In order to spare some time for yourself from the hustle and bustle of the contemporary lifestyle, Flying Squirrel is one of the best spots.

12. Pickle Barrel Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Pickle Barrel Restaurant - Chattanooga, TN, United States

The mention of Pickle Barrel is mandatory when the topic of the best bars of Chattanooga is brought up. Its interior is captivating, which is one of the factors that attract people to a bar. The interior of the whole bar has woodwork in it. It seems more like a fun shack. Some lantern-like lamps hang from the ceiling and do their job very well to set the mood. The tables and chairs are placed in a proper arrangement, but like every other bar, there is a counter next to the spot of the bartender, and it is also made of wood. In this way, the whole interior of the bar is a wood masterpiece. There is a seating arrangement next to the windows for you to have an outside view.

We can also call Pickle Barrel a giant Wine barrel because its wine and cocktails are renowned in the area, and people come here to enjoy them very often. The alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks offered by this bar can be enjoyed very well due to the ambiance, which allows you to relax and find a moment of peace. During the day and the evening, this place remains open to serve its customers.

You also do not need to worry about discrimination against the LGBTQ+. All the members of this community are free to visit this bar and make use of the facilities provided by it. The management and staff of this bar are very friendly and respectful, and they believe that the respect of the customer is above all, so they would not make any comments to make you feel uncomfortable. Keeping in mind all that Pickle Bar has to offer, it is a must for you to add it to your list of bars that you want to visit.

11. HiFi Clyde’s Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of HiFi Clyde's Chattanooga - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Bar area

You can take an American out of a game, but you can never take a game out of an American, and keeping this love of sports in view, Chattanooga has many great sports bars. As we all know, if a game is being broadcasted on television, the lovers of sports will not stay put and make their way to sports bars. We should also know that one of the top sports bars in Chattanooga is HiFi Clyde’s bar. Its interior is suggestive of its status as a sports bar. There are LEDs on the walls behind the counter, and you can sit there to watch the games being broadcasted. A game can be long, so there is no compromise on the comfort of the chairs that you sit on while watching it. At this bar, the chairs are as comfortable as they can get as they are soft so that your back does not get stiff. 

The booze and cocktails at this bar are the ones that you cannot miss at any rate. Having such high-quality and relaxing drinks while watching a game is a dream come true, and that dream is realized at HiFi Clyde’s bar. Since you are watching a game, you want to keep the drinks coming, and at this point, the cocktails and beers of this bar come to your rescue and help you enjoy your game big time. 

As far as the food is concerned, it is also palatable, and having a quick bite to eat while watching a game of baseball is all you can ask for. On top of all this, the staff is very cooperative and helps make your experience worthwhile. When you are looking for a bar with food and energizing drinks with your favorite sport on television, you just cannot afford to neglect HiFi Clyde’s Bar.

10. Cherry Street Tavern Bar Chattanooga 

Chattanooga has many kinds of bars, making it a priority for those visiting the city to visit some of these bars during their stay. This city has some bars that mainly attract young people, and one such funky and artistic bar is Cherry Street Tavern. The interior of this bar is creative as it is colorfully furnished and has paintings made on the wall. You can actually see the sky while gulping the drinks that you love. With high buildings on all four of its sides, the sitting area of Cherry Street Tavern lies deep down, which gives you the feeling of sitting in a valley between mountains. Having drinks at such a lovely location is the best you can ask for. 

The cocktails of Cherry Street Tavern are the best fit to satisfy your cravings for sweet and sour tropical drinks. If you feel like sipping your favorite cocktail under the starry sky, then you are in for a treat at Cherry Sweet Tavern, which is considered one of the best places to have cocktails at. We all have good days and bad days, but nothing is better for the self-care that you need on a bad day than the cocktails of Cherry Street Tavern. 

Just like any other tavern, Cherry Street Tavern offers alcoholic drinks in the capacity of an Irish Pub. The wine provided here is nothing less than the holy grail of alcoholic drinks. If you are a wine lover or you prefer beer to it, there is no way that you would be disappointed by it at Cherry Street Tavern. As far as the food is concerned, it appeals to your taste buds to a point where you do not want to stop asking for more. The service to the customers is commendable, and they are made to feel welcome at Cherry Street Tavern. Choose this bar to have an amazing time. 

9. Mike’s Hole in The Wall Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Mike's Hole In The Wall - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Bar

Mike’s hole in the wall, which is not only a sports bar but also a cocktail bar and Irish pub in the city of Chattanooga, has been known for the amenities that it provides to its customers for quite some time now. It is one of the highly suggested bars to visit as the experiences of people have been noticeably good with Mike’s Hole in the Wall. Therefore, if you plan to come too, then it is highly likely that you will not be disappointed. If you happen to be sensitive about the cleanliness and hygiene of the place you eat at, then you would be glad to know that this place is regularly disinfected. Considering the havoc wreaked by Covid-19 on the whole world, it is a wise choice to be safe than sorry.

Mike’s hole in the wall is a fun place as it even offers bar games, so if you have had your food and drinks, this place will not let you get bored. In addition to this, you can also come to watch sports at Mike’s hole in the wall, because it has all the necessary arrangements to act in the capacity of a sports bar. You can also come here to have the food you like in a cozy and comfortable environment. 

If you want to have wine or cocktails, this place will serve you the best that they have. However, if you feel like being active, you can also have a steaming hot cup of coffee. This bar also offers free Wi-Fi, so if you are having a problem with yours at home but your office work is nearing its deadline, then you can grab your laptop and head out to this place. You will not only get here a nice spot to work but also have a cup of coffee with it, and that is all the help we need when we are working. Do not forget to check this place out. 

8. Fountainhead Taproom Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Fountainhead Taproom - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Lounge

If you are looking for a bar that can become your go-to place because of its casual and comfortable atmosphere in Chattanooga, then your search ends at Fountainhead Taproom. If you are not comfortable in a formal setting and are more at ease in a casual atmosphere, then this bar is heaven on Earth for you. The setting of this bar is comfortable to the point of being so home-like that you can even bring your kids here. This means you do not have to leave your kids with some caretaker whenever you want to feel like coming to a bar. There is no kind of discrimination against customers of any kind, race, color, or sexuality. In this way, Fountainhead Taproom is LGBTQ+ friendly as it does not allow it to be used as a tool of hate. 

Suppose you want to grab a snack late at night, and you think that all bars have been closed by now. In that case, you are wrong because Fountainhead Taproom remains open till late at night in order to be there to provide services to the people of Chattanooga. It is also accessible for disabled or sick people who use wheelchairs and are not made to feel insulated or uncomfortable in any way. This is the kind of bars we need, and Fountainhead Taproom is fulfilling this need of ours by deploying efficient ways. 

As a sports bar, it allows its customers to watch sports in a comfortable setting as the couches at this bar are not only comfortable, but also regal, so it is fun for you to have cocktails and wine while sitting on these couches. On the whole, the elegant furniture and woodwork make the interior of this bar really beautiful. The mirrors on the wall add to the brilliance of the well-lit interior. If you were fair to yourself, you would visit this bar and even come back to visit as it makes you feel at home. 

7. Frothy Monkey Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Frothy Monkey - Chattanooga, TN, United States

It is something known by everyone that the people of Chattanooga love great bars, one such bar that takes after a five-star hotel is Frothy Monkey. The first glance at the building of Frothy Monkey makes you mesmerized as you get impressed by the grandeur and opulence of this bar. After this, even if you do not want to have a drink at that time, it becomes almost impossible to stop your steps toward this bar. After entering through the magnificent entrance, which is painted in white and full of glass panes, one gets to completely experience the amenities of this beautiful bar. Frothy Monkey not only takes after a five-star hotel in terms of its interior but also in its services. It also allows its customers to dine and drink in an outdoor sitting area which most of us prefer, to be careful about the spread of Covid-19. 

As we all know that bars are known for offering food and drinks like cocktails, wine, beer, etc., but this one is also known for its frothy and yummy coffee. As adults, sometimes all we ask for is a hot cup of coffee, and it being provided here is enough for many of us to be there. In addition to this, this place is also known for having healthy food on its menu, which makes it favorable for people who prefer to eat healthily or are on a diet to eat here. On top of all this, the people with a sweet tooth are most welcome at Frothy Monkey, heaven for sweet lovers. 

Our friends and family members belonging to the LGBTQ+ community are encouraged to visit Frothy Monkey, and they would find it very comfortable and inclusive. This makes this bar one of the most favorable bars in Chattanooga. The wine and cocktails here are treats that you do not want to miss, so you should not waste any time thinking about visiting this bar, and come here at the first chance you get.

6. Boathouse Rotisserie & Raw Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Boathouse Rotisserie & Raw Bar - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Beautiful sunset view

Chattanooga is rich in bars that provide a great and aesthetically pleasing view to its customers. One such bar is boathouse rotisserie and raw bar. It is human nature to find peace in the beauty of nature, and viewing this beauty causes all your stress and tension to fade away, and you start to feel comfortable. No wonder the beauty of nature has been the subject matter of poetry in almost all romantic works of literature for as long as we can remember. The good news is that you do not have to go any far in order to feast upon the bounties of nature with your eyes, as this bar provides you with just the scenic view that you are looking for. Sitting in the outside sitting area of boathouse rotisserie and raw bar, you can see the sun as it sets. The sight of a beautiful sunset, along with the passing of trains nearby, makes the scene more attractive than ever. The lovers of literature and aesthetics better come here in the evening to see the sunset as its color changes the color of the river too, which is a treat for sight. 

It is not just the view that makes this place stand out among the bars of Chattanooga, but also its cocktails and booze attract people from far and wide. No one can deny the pleasure of having a drink of your choice. Still, when this pleasure is coupled with that the beautiful view of the sun and the river, then its aesthetic value becomes off the charts.

Whether you need fast food or you prefer vegan, this bar has a lot of options on its menu that are enough to satisfy any foodie who comes here. The ambiance of this place is warm and peaceful, and you would want to come here over and over. Of all the bars of Chattanooga, this bar is a must to try, and you should not miss the experience that it has in store for you. 

5. Southside Social Bar Chattanooga 

Photo of Southside Social - Chattanooga, TN, United States

One of the most fun and great bars in Chattanooga is Southside social. In more than one domain, it is known for its features that allow it to stand out. One of the features that put Southside social in the higher league of clubs is its affinity for sports and games. If you want to watch a game in the company of fans of sports, then you should come to Southside social as it broadcasts your favorite games with a high-quality display so that you and your sports-loving pals do not miss any detail. In addition, this bar allows its customers to engage in activities like bowling and playing pool if they wish. Therefore, if you are one of the kind that likes to play games and stay in shape, then you can come straight to Southside social in order to have the time of your life. 

The interior of this bar is also one thing that catches the attention of customers and they come to visit. It looks more like a bowling alley but a more comfortable one as it also has the most comfortable and soft couches. It also has an outside sitting area with a great view that you would love. If you do not want to engage in bowling or playing pool, then you can just sit back on the couch and cheer for your friends who are playing. The cherry on top is the availability of great cocktails and booze. Of course, nobody loves anything more than a bowling alley with drinks and food.

This management of this place believes in spreading only love, not hate; therefore, they are happy to welcome the members of the LGBTQ+ community as their customers. Its food is famous for being delightful in taste, and the best part is that you can even dine solo here. If you are someone who prefers to eat alone in peace, then at this bar, you would not be made to feel awkward for it. All these features make this bar a must to visit. 

4. Leapin’ Leprechaun Pub and Eatery Chattanooga 

Photo of Leapin Leprechaun - Chattanooga, TN, United States

If you had a long day and you want to take it easy by visiting a good bar in Chattanooga, then it is suggested to you that you visit Leapin’ Leprechaun. It is one of those bars that ensure your fun evenings as their first priority. You can get to play games here too. If you are a pool person, then this place is nothing less than a treat for you. If you are just feeling bored while sitting around, then you can play darts, and you would have so much fun that you would not even want to stop playing. Since it is a sports bar, you can come here with your friends and colleagues from work to watch LeBron James in action. If you are just looking to have a game night, then Leapin’ Leprechaun is the place you want to be doing it. 

People have different preferences when it comes to the choice of drinks, and this bar respects that. Therefore, it offers a wide range of cocktails and alcohol to choose from. Be it beer, wine, or tropical cocktails, you are guaranteed to get the best of both worlds at this bar. That is not all that there is to this bar, as its ambiance is also attractive enough to make your stay worthwhile. The music that is being played in the background puts one at ease and sets the mood for a romantic meet-up with your loved one. You can have lunch and dinner here with the love music in the background, and this setting would appeal to you without a doubt. 

People with disabilities are also accommodated well at this bar. There are even washrooms for people with wheelchairs. We can see that all this place has to offer is love. It is only just that we give it a try once. 

3. Ruby Sunshine Chattanooga 

Photo of Ruby Sunshine - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Interior

Ruby Sunshine is one of those bars in Chattanooga that are friendly in their treatment of the members of the LGBTQ+ community. The overall environment, as well as the staff’s treatment, is tolerant and accepting towards our family and friends from the LGBTQ+ community. They are not only made to feel safe but also cared for due to the service and treatment of the staff of Ruby Sunshine. They are free to come here without fear of judgment and enjoy themselves as much as they like. It is also owned by women, and in this way, it is turning the tables on conventional gender roles. In the contemporary patriarchal world, examples like this are the inspiration for women everywhere. Therefore, it is highly recommended that women visit this bar and come to realize that women can do difficult jobs like owning a bar in Chattanooga as well as men. 

The cocktails of Ruby Sunshine are not only visually aesthetic but also brisk and pleasantly tangy. They are good treats for the hot summer of Chattanooga, but their appeal does not decrease in other seasons too. It is because they are so full of flavors, and the amalgamation of different tastes brings forth one masterpiece to satiate your thirst. 

The menu that this place offers is also a treat for foodies who visit, and if you are here to try the food out, you will not be disappointed. In fact, it is more likely to become your reason for visiting Ruby Sunshine over and over. Moreover, the coffee at Ruby Sunshine is not a boring drink but is a frothy and yummy sample of java that you would not find anywhere else. There are other features of Ruby Sunshine that have us all drooling over it, but you will have to come here to find it. 

2. Home Plate Bar & Grill 

Photo of Home Plate Bar And Grill - Chattanooga, TN, United States. Chicken strips

Chattanooga is not short of party animals in any way, and they need good places to party at. However, if you ask us, then we would say that their search has successfully come to an end at Home Plate Bar & Grill. This place is just where you would want to be if you feel like dancing till you drop. This bar has a lovely and fun arrangement for the purpose of dancing and partying. We all know when the DJ plays music, we are supposed to hit the dance floor which is exactly what happens at Home Plate Bar & Grill. However, this is not the only amusement that you get to have at this bar.

It is one of those bars where you can play as well as watch games. There are big screens installed in the bars where you can watch sports. The area where you can play pool is separate, and the couches there are so comfortable that you can make the most out of the breaks that you take between the game or if you are just there to see your pals play. 

It is also one of the best providers of cocktails, alcohol, and beer, and no day is dull if you have a favorite drink of yours and relax in your own way. That is all the self-care one can ask for. The interior of the bar is also comfy and cozy, and the serenity due to the live music in the background adds to the dining and drinking experience. Home Plate Bar & Grill is also suitable for you to bring your family because of the family-friendly arrangement of this bar. With all of these options available in one place, you would be treating yourself by visiting this bar because there is no compromise on quality here.

1. Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint Chattanooga 

Chattanooga is undoubtedly home to some of the best bars in Tennessee, and these bars emit the true spirit of the people of the United States of America. The people of America love to have fun, take it easy after a rough day, and have booze to celebrate their existence as it makes them easy, comfortable, and happy. For people like this, the bars in a city are of fundamental significance, and their quality cannot be compromised in any tangible or intangible way. The bars of Chattanooga, like Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint, do their best to deliver in an excellent way that is expected of them by not only the people of the city but also those who come to visit.

Being a gay bar, it poses no threat to the safety and enjoyment of the members of the LGBTQ+ community. They are free to use the facilities of the bar as they please. Even the interior of the bar is suggestive, and it represents the solidarity of the management to the LGBTQ+ community as it is filled with colorful clothes signifying pride. The furniture is also of different colors to serve the same purpose. In this way, Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint is as gay a bar as it can possibly get. This acceptance of this community of LGBTQ+ is one reason why you should definitely visit this bar. 

In addition to this, it also provides for you, your family, and friends to be here and enjoy a nice drink while watching sports. They also have a wide variety of alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages to offer to their customers according to their preferences. If you want to grab a quick bite or a drink late at night, and you think every bar would be closed by now, then you should know that it is never too late at Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint Chattanooga. It remains open to serve its customers even after midnight. This way upgraded version of a typical American bar is awaiting you, so do not make it wait. 


 This list consists of different kinds of bars, and depending on your preference and level of comfort; you can choose whichever bar you want to visit. In this way, you can have a great day or evening. It is good to visit a bar, but it is a must to go to good bars like those in Chattanooga. Chattanooga is home to bars that not only attract the citizens but are also a source of attraction for the foreigners or tourists who visit Chattanooga for either work-related reasons or seeking pleasure. For all of those people, it would be difficult to do thorough research before deciding on visiting a bar, so we have done it for them and created this list of the best bars in Chattanooga. We hope this list has been helpful for you in deciding on which bar to visit when in Chattanooga. We hope you have a good day.

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