The Best Cocktail Bars in Cleveland

If you want to know more about Cleveland, Ohio, you should check out the city’s bar scene. Each bar on the list has some special cocktail with a unique taste. With fresh ingredients and some herbs that add a lovely undertone to the drink, each sip is a party on your palette. There are some more classy options while others are chill and laid back. Go on a weekday or a weekend and enjoy music and drinks with great company. Scroll down to choose your pick.  

7. Fairmount Cocktail Bar Cleveland

Fairmount Cocktail Bar Cleveland

If you’re looking for a night out in the town, you’ve come to the right place. This bar has everything from a classic wooden design to one of the best collections of wine, beer, and spirit. Located near the University Circle, tourists come by to have a drink after exploring Cleveland, Ohio’s museums and botanical gardens. Having a well-developed outdoor setting as well, this bar has it all.

The Fairmount Cocktail Bar has a drink to lift your spirits, no matter the mood. From a wide selection of beers such as ‘Coors Light,’ ‘Red Stripe,’ and ‘Labatt Blue’ to a variety of Martinis including ‘Greek,’ ‘Blueberry Cosmo,’ and ‘Island Martini.’ The drinks don’t end here, offering a range of cocktails like ‘Manhattan,’ ‘Winchester,’ and ‘Dark and Stormy.’ So whether you’re in for something solid or fruity, they have it all. They’ve also got groups covered, offering shared cocktails like ‘Moscow Mule Pitcher and ‘Winter White.’ The surprising range of food available matches the quality of their drinks. From starters such as ‘Nachos,’ ‘Tacos,’ and ‘Pork Fries,’ to mains including ‘House Ground Burger’ and the ‘Pulled Pork Sandwich. They even have a special section for vegans, which includes mouth-watering dishes such as ‘Portobella Sandwich,’ ‘Vegan Banh Mi,’ and ‘Vegan Pasta.’

They have an exhibit space inside, which promotes the local artists of Cleveland and booking for events such as office meetings or bridal showers. Outside is the patio of the Fairmount Cocktail Bar, which is known for the atmosphere and vibe that it brings along. The deck is a huge attraction, from seating to music to a dedicated outside bar.

6. Society Lounge Bar Cleveland

Society Lounge Bar Cleveland

Society Lounge is the perfect spot to spend the evening if you’re looking for a classy place with exquisite decor, chandeliers, and dark wooden accents. Soon as you step in, the retro theme kicks in. With red velvet sofas, huge paintings covering entire walls, and a classic bar, this is the perfect place to end the day.

Famous for the strong whiskey, the drinks don’t end there. From a variety of stirred drinks such as the ‘Triple Threat’ and ‘Cafe Carre,’ both of which contain blended whiskey with a mix of ingredients like coffee, honey, and more, to the Society OGs including ‘Death In New York, ‘Lebowski’ and ‘4th St. Sour’ which contains vodka, bourbon, lemon, pomegranate, absinthe and a blend of other mouth-watering ingredients. The combination of these is what makes Society Lounge known for its drinks. There’s a whole section with an endless choice of spirits and cocktails, some of which are limited release, whether fruity, intense or even both. So the experienced bartenders have you covered and will recommend you the best drink on the House. It doesn’t end here; food items, including varieties of pasta, salmon, and steak, are also available here in case you were looking for a meal with your drinks.

The speakeasy vibe of the Society Lounge takes you back to the old days, and the music and ambiance match it perfectly to have a good time with your significant other or family.

5.  LBM Bar Cleveland

LBM Bar Cleveland

A nordic themed bar unlike any other located in Madison Avenue Lakewood, LBM provides an excellent bar experience to all those that visit. Viking-themed carvings on the decor with a touch of modern lighting add a fun vibe to this bar. From classic wooden furniture to barrels, skulls, and spooky decorations, this spot makes you feel as if you’re not in Cleveland. The bar has a variety of spirits and liquor on display which are used to make delicious drinks. Active from 4-12 am, LBM will make sure that the time you spend is worth it all.

The place is known for its cocktails with a unique twist. The House Cocktails are made of gin and whiskey topped with a sweet touch and a citrus punch, such as the ‘Hellhound’ and the ‘Gunslinger.’ Other cocktails, such as the Seasonal ones, are well known as they contain fresh ingredients which are only available for that specific season, like the ‘Totem Sacrifice’ and the ‘Spirit Crusher. Many of these usually have gin or tequila along with seasonal fruits. The food menu here is also not ordinary, featuring items such as Duck, Oysters, Shrimp, Pork Belly, and Bone Marrow which might pique your interest.

Along with the loud music, funky lighting and decorations, and the classic Viking theme that LBM follows, you’ve entered a different era as soon as you step in.

4. The Velvet Tango Room Bar Cleveland

The Velvet Tango Room Bar Cleveland

One of the more upscale bars in Cleveland, The Velvet Tango Room, is located on Columbus Road in Ohio. It gives off a speakeasy bar vibe with an all-wooden bar with the bottles displayed. The wooden furniture matches the bar and gives an overall classy look. There’s a fireplace with classic burgundy-colored sofas where you can sit back and relax. With the Secret Garden Area now ready, you can enjoy the perks of The Velvet Tango Room in the fresh air.

Being known for their cocktails and variety of spirits collections, you can’t go wrong with a drink in this bar. Cocktails such as the ‘Cactus Flower,’ ‘Rangpur Gimlet,’ and ‘Champagne Charlie’ are known classics. If you’re in the mood to add a sweet touch, they have you covered and offering drinks such as the ‘Brandy Alexander’ and ‘Grasshopper.’ They have a noticeable variety of gin, scotch, brandy, vodka, tequila, and many more in a range of prices for you to select. One of the different drinks on their menu is the ‘Fizz’ category which is rare in a bar. A few of the well-known of these are the ‘Ramos Gin FIzz’ and the ‘India Lime Fizz.’ They offer classic combinations of snacks alongside these drinks, like the ‘Cheese Trio,’ a trio of cheese served with fresh and dried fruit, and the ‘Smoked Salmon Platter,’ which is also served with cheese and crackers.

The live jazz trio and the pianist lift your mood and enhance the place’s vibe. The whole ambiance and music of the place complement each other so well that you will revisit The Velvet Tango Room.  

3. Jukebox Bar Cleveland

Jukebox Bar Cleveland

As the name suggests, JUKEBOX is a music-centered bar in Ohio’s Hingetown community. It has a neighborhood tavern-type feel with a beautifully developed outdoor sitting with live music ongoing as you enjoy your stay. The special vinyl nights on Tuesdays are even more fun as people can bring in their vinyl or choose from the given ones and enjoy some classic tunes.

The place is known for its signature cocktails featuring the ‘Tonyrita,’ ‘Dog Daze,’ ‘Dad Bod Summer,’ and many more. The choices don’t just end here, from a variety of ciders and ales such as the ‘Downeast Original Unfiltered Cider’ and the ‘Belle’s Two Hearted Ale’ to various fine, red and white wine choices such as ‘Corvidae Lenore Syrah’ and the ‘Amie Roquesante Rose.’ They’ve also covered the non-alcoholics, offering various juices and sparkling drinks such as the ‘La Croix Peach Pear. For groups, they offer their Bucket Specials such as the ‘Great Lake Beer Bucket’ and the ‘Onda Sparkling Tequila Bucket.’ If you’re in the party mood, then the wide selection of tequila and various other shots will not disappoint you. If you think their drinks menu is impressive, wait until the food comes in; from gluten-free to vegan to regular food items, they have it all. They are offering Pierogi sandwiches, salads, and soups. They also make delicious ice-cream sandwiches, and their famous Cookies and Ice Cream has two chocolate chip cookies served with a Mitchell’s Vegan Salted Caramel Pecan.

The Jukebox is known for its atmosphere. The outside setting has a live band playing music while you enjoy their food and drinks, and they also host weekly events such as the DJ Tone Def’s Music Trivia, where you can participate and even win prizes.

2. Prosperity Social Club Bar Cleveland

Prosperity Social Club Bar Cleveland

In continuous operation since 1938, Prosperity Social Club is known as the ‘Cleveland Bar in Cleveland.’ The place has a retro-style design, art decor on the dark chestnut walls, and vintage beer memorabilia. When the weather is warm and cozy, they open up their vacation-themed patio where you can enjoy what they have to give and have a relaxed time. Being one of the oldest bars in Cleveland, they have continuously provided customers with the best experience.

While waiting on deciding your drinks, you can munch on their starters like their ‘Southwest’ and ‘Sunshine’ salads or even their tacos and tofu wings. They have their excellent sandwiches, such as the ‘Cheddar Bacon Burger’ and many more served with hand-cut fries, and you can add mac and cheese and a salad to go along with it. They have a range of entrees for you to select from, such as the ‘Beer Battered Fish Fry’ or the ‘Ethnic Platter,’ which consists of either a Hungarian stuffed cabbage roll or a potato pancake with a side of their yummy apple cranberry chutney. Now comes the drink menu. Serving their signature cocktails like the ‘White Mango Cosmo,’ which has mango vodka, Elderflower liqueur, white cranberry, lime juice, and the ‘Rye Of The Tiger, ‘ which is made from Rye whiskey, House made cherry cordial, and grapefruit bitters. They also serve classic cocktails and cans of beer and ale, such as the ‘Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust American Pale Ale.’ The drink choices don’t end there; they also offer a variety of red and white wines to go along with the food.

The Prosperity Social Club ensures a relaxed vibe with the theme of their interior and the choice of music to make sure you forget your worries as soon as you enter.

1. Bar 32 Cleveland

Bar 32 Cleveland

Located on the 32nd floor of Hilton Cleveland Downtown, Bar 32 is known for the magical cocktails and delectable bites. It doesn’t get any better with a patio to enjoy the views of Cleveland to the glass walls so you can enjoy it all while sitting inside. The modern furniture, golden lights, and elegant chandeliers make this place look majestic. TVs set up for you if you’re chilling at the bar combined with beautiful bottles and glasses make this place look like it was from a movie.

Their menu is divided into sections to offer you food and drinks from the East, West, Gulf, and the North Coast, all here in Cleveland. Pretzels, Lobster Rolls, Sushi Bake, and Grilled Flank Steak are a few of the dishes featured here. They also have a raw bar section that serves Fresh Oysters and Jumbo Cocktail Shrimp. Their dessert, ‘Warm Carrot Leaf,’ is an absolute joy to eat, served with Mitchell’s Ice Cream and Candied Pecans. Their cocktails are known to be as good as the view, featuring the ‘Top Floor Lemonade,’ ‘Lake Effect,’ and the ‘Sailor’s Delight.’ They also have beer options to choose from, such as the Bud Light and the Blue Moon. Wines, whether red, white or rose, are also available for you.

Remember, Bar 32 is one of the must-visit places in Cleveland not only because it’s a bar but because of the fantastic view of Lake Erie and the Browns stadium. So make sure that you stop at this place when you’re nearby with friends or family.

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A drink from any of these places undoubtedly puts you in a good mood. You can grab a small bite to eat with glass and spend a lovely hour or so here. There are tall glasses and short ones, some slim, some not. With orange slices dried up and hanging by the glass rim of a colorful drink, it is hard not to stare at it in awe. You would love to take a picture or two when you get it. 

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