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Cowtown’s cocktail culture has it everything, from upscale pubs with secret speakeasies to typical rural saloons. Two-stepping and live country music are a given in this town, which is home to the world’s smallest and largest honky tonks. Use this as a reference when looking for an excellent drink in Fort Worth! During Prohibition, speakeasies became a necessity. Bathtub gin and whatever else they could get their hands on were supplied in secret backroom nightclubs. While America was technically “dry” from 1920 and 1933, the Roaring Twenties continued unabated as speakeasies sprung up around the country. Those in the know knew which door to knock on and which name to drop in order to get in.

Thompson’s Bookstore

Located in downtown Fort Worth, Thompson’s Bookstore is a cocktail bar with a classic vibe. The cocktail lounge and speakeasy create a distinct feeling that the roaring ’20s might be returning. Thompson’s Bookstore is open every day with extended hours on the weekend. The bar requires a smart casual dress code, meaning patrons should lean toward a fashionable blouse or button-up rather than athleisure. Cocktails are on the menu – try the Old Fashioned and visit on Wednesday when the bar offers a special for “Whiskey Wednesday.” The bar also offers signature cocktails – try the Maze Runner, a blend of infused whisky, mezcal, and corn cob syrup. Thompson’s is a classy pub with an eclectic vibe, superb decor, and wall-mounted TVs. 

This bar’s talkative environment is ideal for starting the evening with a round of unique cocktails and chilled beverages. Grapes of Wrath and Blueberry Lemon Meringue Pie are two popular drinks to try here. Drinks here are fresh and economical, so don’t be too fussy about your budget. Thompson’s shouts mystery from the old Vybeck building in Downtown Fort Worth. The upstairs bar, set in an antique book shop, features velvet seats and leather details that will take you to the 1920s. If you’re feeling adventurous, go through the secret bookcase door to find the underground speakeasy. The password is your key to this prohibition-style space (Hint: It’s revealed each night on their Facebook page). 

Another downtown Fort Worth speakeasy, Thompson’s Bookstore, was one of the first on the scene. Thompson’s Bookstore has a lovely front bar, the kind you might find in Paris, where a famous writer could have written an epic novel. There are bookcases strewn with books, and the barrel-vaulted ceiling is decorated with pages from antique books. There is also a back room where you can disappear from the weekend crowd or host a private party. So, this is one of the best bars Fort Worth has to offer! If you are in the city, we highly recommend visiting this venue at least once. Go with your family, friends, or loved ones for a memorable time.

The Amber Room

A traditional speakeasy with tons of whiskey varieties, the secret of the Amber Room is spreading across Fort Worth. Entering the bar is tricky since interested guests need to find one of two entry points, either through a large gold door hidden in the restaurant, Wishbone & Flynt, or an unmarked wooden door on Bryan Avenue. It is similar to a scene out of Mad Men. The speakeasy has a decoration with jewel tone furniture and large patterned rugs that suggest age, class, and intrigue. Professional bartenders give classic cocktails a unique spin. Try the Aztec Old Fashioned with chocolate bitters and cherry syrup or the Scarlet Letter with mezcal, Aperol, and fresh lime. The Amber Room is a classic speakeasy and cocktail bar inside Wishbone & Flynt. Enter via the unmarked wooden door on Bryan Avenue or the concealed gold entrance near the bar area. 

They serve not only wonderful gourmet nibbles like PB&J wings and lobster mac n cheese but also produce some fantastic drinks. Relax on one of their mismatched lounge chairs while sipping a beverage in your hand and enjoy the elaborate design and jewel tones that give the place a wonderful throwback atmosphere. This one was never much of a secret. When Wishbone & Flynt opened, it touted its accompanying speakeasy, Amber Room. There are two ways to enter ― through a large gold door dotted with several door knobs and handles “hidden” near the restaurant bar or from an unmarked wooden door on Bryan Avenue. Once inside, you’ll be treated to classic and new cocktails in a retro-inspired lounge. 

Known as Fort Worth’s best-kept secret, the Amber Room is a speakeasy-Esque cocktail bar tucked inside Wishbone & Flynt. Guests may enter one of two ways—through a large gold door dotted with several door knobs and handles hidden near the restaurant bar or from a wooden door unmarked on Bryan Avenue. The interior features exposed brick walls, classic lounge chairs, exquisite carpets, jewel-toned draperies, and a full bar. The bar boasts classic libations & seasonally-crafted sips, and shareable plates from the Wishbone & Flynt kitchen. Drink highlights range from an Aztec Old Fashioned with chocolate bitters, rye whiskey, and cherry syrup to the Scarlet Letter with mezcal, Aperol, green chartreuse, and fresh lime. 

Blackland Distillery

Blackland Distillery is a modern distillery offering a spirit-forward menu of craft Vodka, Gin, Bourbon, and Rye cocktails, in-house bitters and syrups, charcuterie boards, and other small bites in a sophisticated yet intimate tasting room. The distillery borrows its name after the Blackland prairie, which runs through Fort Worth. The founder of Blackland Distillery, Markus Kypreos, is a Fort Worth native, attorney, and certified sommelier. The lead distiller, Ezra Cox, has been crafting spirits for over twenty years. The distillery offers weekly tours and tastings of the entire operation, and the bar and lounge are open Wednesday through Saturday. The bar offers classic cocktails like a mint julep or Moscow mule and tasting flights of all spirits created within the Blackland Distillery. 

The distillery partnered with the Culinary School of Fort Worth to serve cultivated charcuterie boards. This distillery, named for the Blackland prairie, produces spirits from grain to glass. The extensive menu includes creative cocktails and wine, but they specialize in five distinct spirits, shown on the beautiful mirrored wall behind the bar. The Texas pecan brown sugar bourbon is out of this world. Take a tasting room tour to sample some premium spirits and learn about their distilling methods. Sip your preferred beverage at the bar or in the opulent lounge, complemented by a well-prepared charcuterie platter. Blackland Distilling’s tasting facility solely offers its booze. This small-batch distillery makes everything from bourbon and gin to rye and vodka—no need for a bathtub. 

In reality, a distillery tour displays some astonishing cutting-edge technology. This little cocktail club, one of my top favorites, is darkly lit but glittering, with chandeliers and a ceiling-height bottle wall. Cocktails like the Dreamsicle Fizz, squeezed over an orange juice ice ball, are imaginative and perfectly executed on the seasonal cocktail menu. If it’s your first time here, I recommend starting with a sampling flight. So, this is one of the best bars that Fort Worth has to offer! If you are a city resident or visiting the city, we highly recommend that you go to this venue at least once! Go with your loved ones.

The Usual

The Usual aims to bring a modern twist to the classics. So, it serves innovative and fresh cocktails. It is a bar where mixologists pour Prohibition-era cocktails from top-shelf ingredients at this stylish bar. The bar offers discounted “happy hour” drinks every day of the week. The bartenders have years of experience, and the menu highlights these skills by building flexibility within the drinks menu – like the seasonal daiquiri, which shifts every few months. The signature cocktails are diverse! For a gin drink, try the “Rose on Rose on Rose” made with gin, rose liqueur, and rosemary, and for a bourbon-based beverage, try the “Vieux Carre” mixed with rye, cognac, vermouth, and bitters. The bar also serves beer, cider, and seltzer. At this Southside tavern, the phrase “I’ll have the usual” come to life. 

The Usual, one of North Texas’ first artisan cocktail bars, puts a contemporary spin on traditional drinks such as the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell with lavender and Rose on Rose on Rose with a splash of rosemary. Its soft lighting and candles create an intimate atmosphere ideal for a dating night. At their happy hour, which is offered every night of the week, try one of their distinctive beverages and a charcuterie board! The Usual, one of the city’s first upmarket cocktail bars, opened on Magnolia Avenue in 2009, kicking off the craft cocktail trend in North Texas. (This is not an exaggeration.) While much has changed at The Usual, the elegant cocktail lounge remains. It features a contemporary atmosphere and professional bartenders with a plethora of expertise. 

Furthermore, their showmanship is excellent. The Rose on Rose on Rose, made with Old Tom Gin, rose liqueur, Aperol, and rosemary, is a fun and creative cocktail. It was founded in 2009. The Usual brought craft cocktails to north texas. Their focus is on unique spirits, fresh ingredients, and blending classic and modern techniques to provide an inviting and inclusive atmosphere for the community. Hopefully, they will enjoy some delicious cocktails along the way! So, this is one of the best bars that Fort Worth has to offer! If you are a city resident or visiting the city, we highly recommend that you go to this venue at least once! Go with your family, friends or loved ones.


Proper Fort Worth

Proper is a contemporary bar with an all-day happy hour on Sunday. It is located near the Fairmount-Southside Historic District and part of the strip of restaurants and bars along Magnolia Street. It is a classic & modern cocktail prepared in an intimate, speakeasy-inspired nook with a quaint patio. They have Hand Crafted Cocktails made with fresh ingredients and some house-made syrups. There is no corn syrup here—tasty bites to appease your appetite. The signature cocktails are the focal point of this establishment. Try the “tropic like its hot” made with pineapple-infused vodka or “Hemingway’s brunch” made with all of the famous writer’s favorites: bourbon, banana liqueur, lime, maple orange marmalade, and egg white. 

Try some great bar snacks here, like the spicy goldfish. Notably, the bar is partnering with Fixture restaurant to provide additional food to patrons. The little neighborhood bar on Magnolia Avenue is recognized for creating some of the city’s most creative drinks. It’s a fantastic spot for dates and grown-up talk, with indoor and outdoor seating and an ambiance that’s both informal and classy. Aside from drinks, there are a dozen artisan beers on tap and more in bottles. It’s a Fort Worth favorite: a repeat nominee, having earned Bar of the Year in 2018. If you wander down Magnolia Avenue, you’ll stumble upon this contemporary cocktail bar. Their drink menu has options ranging from classic craft cocktails and wine to hard kombucha and the beloved espresso martini. 

When they have four different espresso martinis on the menu, you know it’s a good place. If you’re feeling snacky, try the parmesan black truffle Chex mix or a charcuterie board. The hole-in-the-wall vibe at Proper has an eclectic throwback ambiance. There’s even a little courtyard to enjoy out back. You’ll find old-school classic cocktails alongside new creations. On Green Fairy Thursdays, Proper even sets up an absinthe drip. This is a contemporary cocktail habitat. So, this is one of the best bars that Fort Worth has to offer! If you are a city resident or visiting the city, we highly recommend that you go to this venue at least once! Go with your family, friends or loved ones.

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A century later, the style is being adopted once more in Fort Worth. In an entirely new light. Some of these Fort Worth speakeasies are concealed behind secret tunnels that need passwords, mobile phone codes, and a little imagination to enter. Others are completely out in the open. No need for a covert knock. Despite this, the vintage vibe and elegant drinks continue to flow. These are some of Fort Worth’s top cocktail bars, with Roaring Twenties speakeasy vibes. While the great ambience and brilliant lights are certainly captivating, Chilled noticed a parallel flying beneath the radar that has the impact of a more real, western-engulfed experience. Fort Worth has an unusual scene that contrasts sharply with places such as Houston and Austin. It has a few rough-around-the-edges yet endearing locations that aren’t quite tour guide stuff.

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