The Best Cocktail Bars in or near Omaha

If you are looking for the best cocktail bars in Omaha, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best cool bars in Omaha. (More in-depth further below)
Omaha has a ton of different bars, which offer a massive list of varying craft cocktails and other things; however, we have searched the top bars for you to go with your eyes closed and expect good cocktails and quality food, and expert artisanship when it comes to these cocktails. These places focus a lot on the type of food they offer apart from the vibes and the atmosphere of the place; hence they will not disappoint you. Their menus are specially curated for people who love to drink and contain a lot of variety.

5. Herbe Sainte Bar Omaha

Herbe Sainte Bar Omaha

Herbe Sainte proud itself of the exceptionally diverse menu it offers. Herbe Sainte is one of those bars which tries to bridge the gap between two places by mimicking the ambiance of New Orleans here at Omaha. This bar is made according to the traditions and customs of bars in that city and hence allows you to get a feel of what it is like to drink in another city without leaving your own. The bar provides a very luxurious and upscale feeling. There is floor to ceiling windows by the entrance wall, which allow a lot of the sunlight to penetrate through and enlighten the whole bar. This makes for quite a spot for those conversations and quiet dates. The lighting is also very dim at night, setting the night’s mood.
With expert bartenders who know how to mix the spirits and locally sourced ingredients to create something new, this bar truly has it all. With no significant downside, you should try it out. In a place such as this, the ambiance is essential and the experience; hence the fully trained order takers and bartenders try to accommodate you as much as possible to make for a truly luxurious experience. The bartenders will try to fix your perfect drink your way and don’t be afraid to ask the waiters for recommendations since all our staff is highly learned and their suggestions won’t certainly disappoint you.

The menu is also quite diverse, as it offers different cuisines, which are made with a lot of attention to detail; you can almost compare it to dining in a fine dining restaurant! There are classic cocktails and seasonal cocktails you can ask your bartender for. Some of the best classic cocktails include Sazerac, Absinthe Frappe, and Hurricane. Most of these delicious drinks are priced between $9 and $12. Moreover, some of the finest seasonal cocktails include Peruvian, Afumat, Triple BS, and Cool Your breeze. These cocktails are also priced moderately.

4. Inkwell Bar Omaha

Inkwell Bar OmahaInkwell bar is one of those premium bars in Omaha which you should visit. This bar offers many craft cocktails and prides itself on the extensive range of local and imported spirits and syrups it uses to make you a cocktail you won’t forget. This bar is all about having a good quality beer with your friends in a relaxed and chill atmosphere. The ambiance is perfect and relaxing. The order takers or other staff will not bother you since they are highly trained professionals. Moreover, the menu is also quite diverse, and this place sees quite a lot of rush during Happy Hours. The music is kept low and serves as background music because this is one of those bars which does not blast loud music through the speakers and wants the patrons to talk and enjoy with their favorite cocktails in hand.
Happy hours are a limited period, allowing people to experience the bar and its specialties at discounted rates so that it is not too heavy on the pocket. People enjoy happy hours a lot, so you can expect the bar to be quite busy during this time, so if you want a space that isn’t crowded, try to come outside the happy hours. For this bar, the happy hours are every day between 3 pm and 6 pm, where you can get $7 Old Fashioneds.
The menu offers a diverse range of cocktails we shall talk about. Some of the best cocktails include Manhattan, Mule Varietals, Daiquiri, Margarita, and Sidecar. Manhattan boasts a unique mixture of Rye and House blended vermouth and bitters. Daiquiri is another house favorite, and it is made of deluxe three-star platinum Rum and lime juice extracts to keep it simple but feisty.

3. Nite Owl Bar Omaha

Nite Owl Bar Omaha

Nite owl is another amazing bar in Omaha, known for its craft cocktails and exceptional bartenders. This bar uses dim lights, imported furniture, and other modern design elements to make this place attractive. Hence people from all age groups – of legal drinking age – can be found here. This has colorful signs, neon, paintings, and murals to make it picture-perfect for people who want to upload many stories on Instagram, such as influencers. The cocktail menu has a lot of variety, as we discussed before, and offers a ton of different spirits, and drinks, which are not offered elsewhere. Moreover, there are seasonal specials as well if you get bored with the regular cocktails.
A bar like Nite Owl does not only offers a few cocktails and stops for the day; its menu ranges from multiple gourmet food options to fast food, which spans various cuisines. This place has everything from crabs, beef, chicken, and other seafood options to fast foods like smash burgers, which are a delight in their own right. You can always pair the food items with delicious cocktails, which would make for a very filling meal and allow you to get the best bang for your buck.
There are several cocktails on Tap called Rosemary’s Baby, Spring Sangria, and Suffering Bastard, made from several types of tequila, rum, and dry gin for that unique flavor. Most of their regular cocktails range from $9 to $12. They include Backyard Oasis, Timelord, Pinko Flamingo, Slaughter Melon, Hop Scotch, and Material Girl, among others.
There are three different types of beers available as well. They include PBR, Coors Tallboy, and Strong bow Cider. These beers range from $3 to $4. Moreover, wine is also available here; however, there is not much variety in that sense. You will only find rose wine, which is priced at $7.

2. Mercury Bar Omaha

Mercury Bar Omaha
Mercury is one of Omaha’s most unique and different bars for reasons we will discuss later. The staff over at Mercury is very friendly, and they will help you pick your favorite cocktail from a plethora of craft cocktails and drinks. These people know their art, and hence it is a delight to get your cocktail made. This place is known for its diverse menu, not only for the drinks but also for the food. Everything is made fresh, and the ingredients are used locally. This place offers a cozy vibe and relaxed atmosphere while working till late hours; hence it has been the go-to bar for people living nearby who stay up late.
The wine menu attracts the locals to this place; however, we shall discuss it later. First, we will talk about how it makes up the mood and makes you feel relaxed. This place does not have fancy artworks or murals to make up the vibe. However, they provide a hot and home-like vibe to the patrons. The staff is very friendly, and the seating space is ample. Hence you can enjoy it without feeling claustrophobic. The crowd here is nice, so you do not need to worry about mixing with the wrong crowd either. Overall, this is a great cozy bar. Moreover, the people over at Mercury know the importance of music, so they play the 80’s yacht rock music to complete the experience and make it even better. You can also host parties here if you are in the mood!
Moreover, this place is serious regarding business, which can be determined by the fact that they have an ice machine that is very rare in the area. They use it to make rice balls for special cocktails and other drinks. Also, know that there are different aspects to a drink, such as the type of cocktail container to use, the type of ice, and the shape of the ice, among other things. Having this icebox, you can see how this bar gives attention to detail in every one of their craft cocktails.

1. Cedar Bar Omaha

Cedar Bar Omaha
Cedar Lounge is another amazing place to enjoy your drinks and cocktails in a soothing atmosphere. The place has murals, vintage designs, and paintings all over the walls, which makes it very picturesque. There are several other design elements as well which differentiate this place from the rest of the bars. There are art and décor items, which complement the whole vibe of the bar, scattered throughout the premises. Moreover, the seating is quite suspicious, and you get a luxurious feeling as soon as you sink into the chairs at this bar to order your favorite cocktail.
This place has a huge collection of wines, including red whites and white and sparkling wines, apart from having seltzers. Moreover, you can also have beers from the taps, and we urge you to try beer from Code Brewing Cream Ale. The domestic and import beer lists are endless, which you can surely check out from their website. You can also have whiskies and ciders there. The thing about this whole menu is that it gives you many different options you can choose from.
Cocktails can make or break a bar; hence, this bar features some good craft cocktails made by expert bartenders. The best cocktails include Cava Cocktail, Cucumber Smash, Espresso Martini, Fernet Con Cola, Negroni, Manhattan, NYC Sour, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Sidecar, House Fireball, and House Black Berry Brandy.
You should try this place if you want a bar with chills vibes to go with your friends. Moreover, the staff is very attentive and professional; hence it will give you that upscale vibe if you are looking for that. The place is very spacious, and the seating is good; therefore, you can also host parties here.

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Now that you have gone through the top cocktail bars to go to in Omaha, we urge you to try one of these bars and see for yourself. Make sure you choose a bar with the type of cocktails and amenities you want. These places will be worth your hard-earned money. The bartenders here are very professional and know how to properly use a mixture of different syrups and spirits to make for a very mean drink, which will energize you. Moreover, the cocktails offered at these places are very economical and get even more so during happy hours, all of these places provide. So check out these bars if you are from Omaha and love cocktails!

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