The Best Cool Bars in Long Beach

Long Beach is spread out that, at times, it gets difficult for you to navigate all the fun places the city has. Whether you’re in the mood to have a drink by the ocean, listen to live music, or have a classic drink in a quiet place, there are all sorts of bars here that you can drop by on weekdays or at the weekend. We have compiled a list for you to make your choice easier.

6. The Attic Bar Long Beach

The Attic Bar Long Beach

A classic Southern-style place in Long Beach, The Attic is a breath of fresh air. It is situated in a craftsman-style home, and with its redesign in 2019, the place has been given a modern touch. Outdoor seating is also available here, so you can enjoy the weather while having a nice drink and a meal while chatting with your friends and family. The chefs use local and fresh ingredients to blend American and southern cuisine.
The bartenders are known for their beautiful cocktails offering ‘The Meaty Man,’ which is a traditional bloody mary with a short rib slider to go with, and the ‘Pear Shaped Heart, ‘ which is made up of tequila, pear brandy, and lime, and the ‘French 75’ which is gin, lemon, syrup, and champagne. The Attic also serves a variety of beers such as the ‘El Sully’ and the ‘Allagash White. For wine lovers, they have an impressive collection of white and red wine by both glass and bottle; this includes ‘Chiesino,’ ‘Sea Smoke,’ and the ‘Gaja Majari’ along with many others. The menu doesn’t end here, as The Attic is known for its quality food. For starters, you can choose from ‘Mac and Cheetos,’ ‘Short Rib Poutine,’ and ‘Avocado Toast.’ The salads and Sandos have the ‘Kale Caesar,’ ‘The Attic Burger,’ and the ‘Three Little Pigs.’ For mains, they serve mouth-watering dishes like their Chicken and Waffles, Gumbo, breakfast burrito, and ricotta french toast. You can choose to add bacon, salad, eggs, sausages, and seasonal berries for the sides. To end your meal, they serve yummy doughnuts covered in powdered sugar.
If you want to enjoy the weather of Long Beach and feel as if you’re having a meal on the beach itself, visit The Attic, and they will treat you with their delicious menu items, which will ensure you revisit the place.

5. BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap Bar Long Beach

BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap Bar Long Beach

Look no further if you’re in the mood for a French touch on American food and drinks. The BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap provides what it calls California-French comfort food along with some elegant and delicious cocktails. The restaurant is decorated elegantly with luxurious couches and decorated doorways. The walls and the pillars have a tile design with lamps attached, and the roof is also given a unique design. The roof bar is open air and has a different touch with a brick wall design and wooden benches and stools at the bar.
The menu at BO-Beau will leave you wondering what to get once you look at the delicious dishes featured there, such as the ‘Lamb and Filet Meatballs,’ ‘Loaded Bulgogi Steak Fries’ and the ‘Smoked Salmon Tartine’ for starters. Moving on to the mains, they have burgers, sandwiches, and steaks, but the more noticeable section is the Bistro Plates. Dishes such as ‘Duck Leg Pappardelle,’ ‘Grilled Shrimp Farrotto,’ ‘Pan Seared Chicken Breast,’ and the ‘Braised Bone-in Short Rib’ are available and made with such delicacy and expertise that you would be in awe after tasting them. BO-Beau also offers wood oven flatbreads like Margherita Flatbread and Prosciutto Flatbread which are a delight to eat. For the drinks, you can choose a variety of wine, beer, and spirits, such as Basil Hayden’s, Modelo Lager, and Sauvignon Blanc, but you must try their signature cocktails. They offer the ‘Le Romantique,’ ‘Thyme de La Nuit,’ and ‘Rhubarb Paloma,’ all of which have a french touch on an American drink.
So if you’re at Long Beach and want to experience something other than traditional American cuisine, visit BO-Beau and enjoy what they offer.

4. The Blind Donkey Bar Long Beach

The Blind Donkey Bar Long Beach

Set up in a dark, mysterious, and brooding way, The Blind Donkey is the perfect place to be when you want to get away from the rush and noise of Pine Avenue. Head inside, and you’ll see leather sofas, wooden stools, dim lights, and a couple of games like darts, shuffleboard, and a pool to relax. The place gives a proper old-school look with the lamps, decor, and style. Grab a drink and enjoy the music and games with your friends or a stranger.
The Blind Donkey is like heaven for whiskey lovers, with countless options for you to choose from. The place has whiskeys from all over, American ones like ‘Angel’s Envy’ and ‘Four Roses,’ Scottish ones such as ‘Lagavulin 16’ and ‘Ardbeg 10’, Irish locals which include ‘Greenore Single Grain’ and ‘Locke’s 8’ to a section of everywhere else which included whiskey brands from all over. If you’re not much of a whiskey drinker, then fear not; the menu features rotating draft beers, canned and bottled beers, and wines. The list doesn’t end here; classic cocktails such as old-fashioned, boulevardier, and mules can also be made. House cocktails such as the ‘Southern Tartan,’ ‘Lady Grey,’ the ‘Sazerac,’ and a few more are also available, which are soothing and delicious to drink. Three types of flights are also served where you can test a variety of drinks and choose the one most to your liking.
Have a seat at The Blind Donkey and relax with your friends and family while playing games, or enjoy the music and dance the night off in the club-type area where you can meet strangers and chill.

3. Legend’s Sports Bar Long Beach

Legend's Sports Bar Long BeachIf you’re a sports person and prefer American food, then the Legend’s Sports Bar is the place to go. Decorated with sports gear and shirts from various players throughout the place, this is the perfect place for a sports fan. The walls are filled with TVs for various games, and on big game days, they set up a huge screen so all the fans can gather around, have a nice meal with some drinks, and watch their team win. The roof has thin wooden lines for the fans to hang from with venting for air conditioning. The wooden theme of the place is matched with the stools and chairs, which can seat a considerable crowd even.
They serve tasty appetizers to start your meal like Tater Tots, Calamari, Onion Rings, Tacos, and Mac n Cheese, along with many others. For the main meal, you can choose from burgers such as Drunken Mushroom, Smoky Mac n Cheese, Five Alarm, and ABC Burger. If you’re not feeling the burgers, try their sandwiches section, which offers The Rueben, Legends Classic, or the Big Dipper. To go along with the meal, you can order a chilled beer like a Heiniken, Fat Tire, or Coors Light, which are only a few from the variety available. If you’re in for drinks alone, then do have a look at their signature cocktails which has ‘The Legendary Mimosa,’ ‘El Presidente,’ ‘Agent Cherry,’ and ‘What Jerry Did To Cherry,’ all of which have a spirit combined with fresh fruits, lime, syrups and many more to offer you a new flavor. If you’re a classic wine guy, you can choose the one you prefer from their options and enjoy your drink while watching a game.
The Legend’s Sports Bar is a must-visit for sports fans and even if you aren’t one, have a visit; you’ll love the place’s ambiance and enjoy the drinks and food it offers.

2. Café Sevilla Bar Long Beach

Café Sevilla Bar Long Beach

This three-story bar has a restaurant, nightclub, and bar all in one place. Cafe Sevilla brings a vibrant flair to the area with live entertainment such as salsa, flamenco dancing, and jazz music. The real place to be is the bar section. It has stone tiles all across the walls, beautiful chairs, and sofas for seating. The outdoor sitting has the roof covered and low hanging lamps to give it an extra touch of beauty. The bar area has a beautiful gold metal structure hanging from the ceiling, with the bottles and glasses displayed for decorating. This place lightens up Pine Avenue.
Let’s start with the brunch menu. They offer Spanish eggs benedict, short rib hash, flat iron steak, eggs, and breakfast burritos to start your day with something delicious. You can order Spanish sausages, bacon gravy, or applewood smoked bacon as sides to enhance your breakfast taste. If you’re here at night, they have a separate menu that features Meat Paella Rupestre, Halibut & Shrimp Ceviche, Cordero Bruschetta, Papas Bravas Tapas, and Cordero Asado, along with many other Spanish dishes that will leave you wanting more. Depending on your mood, their drinks menu has been sectioned to choose from. If you’re in for something refreshing, try their Original Mojito, Sangarita or Gold Rush. The Smokey section offers Oaxacan Flower and Mezcal Negroni. Some straight whiskeys and bourbons are also available for you to pick from. If you’ve joined a group, order a pitcher that is available in different drinks so you can enjoy it together.
Stop by Cafe Sevilla to experience a local Spanish bar and enjoy their nightclub, bar, or restaurant, whichever you like, and have a drink while experiencing some traditional Spanish dances and music.

1. Panama Joe’s Bar Long Beach

Panama Joe's Bar Long Beach

A small and casual bar in Long Beach, Panama Joe’s is known amongst the locals, especially the college crowd. Open from the front, the bar area always has fresh air, so the place doesn’t feel congested. There are TVs all around the place for you to sit back and relax with a drink in hand while chatting with your friends and family while some 90s playlist goes on in the background. Classic chandeliers and lamps hanging from the roof and walls give the place a glow at night, and some funky colored lights add a little touch to a nightclub. You can also visit the club area, where the DJ plays some lovely tunes for you to dance with.
The menu offers a shareable and bites section, like appetizers to start the food and drinks. Order a Guacamole Fresh, Crispy Potato Taquitos, Wicked Buffalo Wings, or Quesadilla De La Parilla and enjoy them. Then order from different tacos like the ‘Pollo Asado,’ ‘Rib Eye Steak,’ or the ‘Isla Cortez Shrimp Tacos.’ If you prefer a burrito, choose ‘Cheesy Biria Beef,’ ‘El Supreme,’ or the ‘Rancho Cheese & Bean Burrito.’ Go to their wood fire grill section to order food with a smokey tinge like the ‘Chimichurri Ribeye Enchiladas’ or the ‘Arroz Con Pollo Ranchero’ along with many more. Please don’t get lost in the food; remember that they have an amazing selection of drinks. The cocktails include ‘Frozen Fruity Margarita,’ ‘Great White,’ ‘Passion Fruit Paloma,’ and the ‘Slim Sippin Skinny Rita’, all of which are made from spirits with fresh ingredients to give them a refreshing taste. They also have a Tiki-themed drinks section and old-school throwbacks, which serve some absolute classics.
Visit Panama Joe’s for a fun time with your family or friends and enjoy a cultural mix of Spanish and American cuisine. You will leave this place satisfied.

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There are so many places with classic drinks and unique cocktails that you won’t taste anywhere else. Sit at the stools by the bar or grab a table. They also have that if you like to sit by the booths on plush leather couches. The bartenders are skilled and will make some fantastic concoctions for you to sip from. You should consider going out tonight if you’re here.

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