The Best Irish bars in St. Louis 

Pubs in Ireland are much more than drinking holes. These establishments are a place to meet friends and family, a low-key place to spend the night and enjoy yourself – for some regulars, a home away from home.

And while the ideal St. Patrick’s Day certainly includes Guinness and Jameson, Irish culture extends far beyond alcohol. So if you’re looking for a good corned beef sandwich or hearty potato soup to complement that flow, here are 10 St. Louis, in which you will feel like you are in the old country.

When you say St. Louis, what comes to mind immediately? What is the first thing you do when you want to visit this place? Maybe experience a baseball game? We cannot forget the infamous arch, the Gateway to the West.

Fancy a few beers in the new space? Speaking of beer, there are more than just a few types in town, you can also find tasty cocktails, whiskey, wine and much more, especially on St. Patrick’s Day.

9. Blood and sand Bar St Louis

Blood & Sand is considered a members-only restaurant and bar located in an unremarkable stretch south of Washington Avenue’s loft district. If you have a membership or know someone who does, you should go. Owners TJ Vytlacil and Adam Frager, and chef Chris Bork have created a remarkable place: not a snob club, but a community of people who are passionate about good food and good drink. Borko’s menu is seasonal, sophisticated, and playful: a plate of heirloom tomatoes as an abstract-expressionist painting in three dimensions; earthy candies paired with apple kimchi. Vytlacil’s cocktail list nods to tradition while indulging the mixologist’s impressive creativity. The service throughout is top-notch.

A nationally recognized restaurant, cocktail, and wine club celebrating the flavors of the world. It’s everything you never knew you loved. While they are open to the public, they continue to offer a membership program that is compelling and affordable. They feel that extending these benefits to members of the Blood & Sand family will make your experience even more special.

Perhaps you have been looking for such a place. A place to rejuvenate your tired soul after a long day of hard work, where you feel exceptionally well looked after and quite at home. A place to relax with artisanal, seasonal cuisine and handcrafted cocktails in a friendly and refined atmosphere. Welcome to Blood & Sand.

They are deeply committed to providing unparalleled service and an extraordinary dining and drinking experience. The meaningful relationships they create with our members and their guests are the source of our inspiration.

If this is the place you’ve been looking for, they’d love for you to join us. They look forward to pouring you a drink and getting to know you.

This members-only cocktail bar hints at what’s to come by naming its cocktails after songs. Don’t miss the spicy Fionn Regan-inspired Be Good or Be Gone, a bourbon-based cocktail topped with pumpkin oil and sea salt. 

8. Olio Bar St. Louis

Olio Bar St. Louis

Olio is a restaurant so unusual that Esquire Magazine enthusiastically described it as an “anti-restaurant.” Inspired by Tel Aviv‘s bohemian scene, Olio’s undeniable energy and charm is a meeting place for creatives of all ages and backgrounds. It is located in a renovated 1930s Standard Oil gas station that has adopted and preserved some generational and urban decay elements. Against the background of this urban industrialism, Oli’s patio garden is a peaceful oasis.

Olio sits in a brilliantly converted gas station in the McRee neighborhood. With the Midwest’s leading sommelier Andrey Ivanov at the helm, you can expect Olio’s world-class wine list, including some special varietals and a great Rosé made just for them. But the cocktails are also top-notch. The menu changes monthly, and bar manager John Fausz pays homage to classic cocktails from every era. The drink list is a little history lesson on the origins of each selection. Olio doesn’t have anything on tap but offers a carefully curated list of beers in bottles and cans. Be sure to order a bite from the small kitchen that can be seen from the bar. From snacks like marinated olives, toasted nuts, and hummus to heartier meals like scones and grilled chicken, the food is just as good as the drinks.

The food is rustic, bold, and comforting, with a strong emphasis on vegetables. Traditional and modern are a colorful mix of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Our bakers make bread the way it was made centuries ago: mixed, shaped, handmade, naturally leavened, and baked in a wood-fired oven.

Their bar program focuses on classic cocktails, creatively reinterpreted by their experienced bar staff. Over the years, we have amassed an impressive list of spirits with an emphasis on vermouths, aperitifs, Amari, and anise. Olio’s list of wines by the glass includes a thoughtful selection of producers, varietals, and regions, both well-known and esoteric. A complete list of Elaia bottles is also available on Olio.

When the weather is ideal, and the garage door is open, there is no St. Louis better bar for a romantic night or an evening on the terrace with friends. 

7. Famous Bar St. Louis

A staple of the nightlife crowd, The Famous Bar offers several Bloody Mary variations.  The bar is known to have a perennial favorite for cocktails in a quiet atmosphere. The drink is the thing at Famous Bar. You might not find the ambitious pre-Prohibition cocktails that everyone and their mother is trying to make these days. Still, you will find a solid selection of martinis, marks, shots, cocktails, and (oh yeah!) the kickass, multi-award-winning Bloody Marys. Famous Bar is for drinking, flirting, laughing, and dancing. And by throwing in the name of a long-lost department store just a few blocks down the street, Famous Bar is genius.

We know it’s not for everyone, and we do our best to keep the air clean, but Dave’s is a smoking bar. This is the place for those who want to have a drink and smoke. We also have some non-smoking regulars who come just because this bar is fun and the people are great. Non-smokers who don’t mind the smoke and families with children may want to try Massa’s next door. Ice cold bottled and draft beer is available, and chilled mugs and glasses are available on request. By far the best-mixed drinks in town at very reasonable prices. The friendly bartenders make all the best shots and bombs, including some originals. No special drinks are necessary here. Most domestic bottles are $3.25 each, and pitchers and buckets are available.

There is a pool table, shuffleboard, darts, and Golden Tee for your competitive side. A TouchTunes jukebox turns up nice and loud so you can listen to your favorite music, and they’ve been known to break out spontaneous dance parties. Cardinals and Blues games, Thursday night, and Monday night football are shown on seven large screen HD TVs with sound.

6. Three Kings Public House Bar St. Louis

Three Kings Public House is known to be an independently owned restaurant established in 2011 in the Delmar Loop, with 4 locations. They offer upscale global pub food with an emphasis on fresh ingredients grown by local farmers in Missouri and Illinois. Sourcing their produce from nearby farms reduces their overall carbon footprint and ensures you get the best produce picked at the peak of the season. What’s more, they serve all-natural non-GMO beef and chicken. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, or simply gluttonous, their delicious menu is sure to please you. Kings also offers over 30 beers on tap, a unique beer bottle list, and a wide selection of cocktails and wines. They’ve won numerous local awards for their popular appetizers, burgers, and craft beers and national recognition for their unique breaded chicken wings.

One of the most popular watering holes in St. Louis has a new South County base. Initially founded by Mizzou alumni Derek Deaver, Derek Fleig, and Ryan Pinkston, the casual concept features upscale pub grub and an extensive beverage program. This 5,000-square-foot South County space is the local brand’s largest bar outpost, complete with an additional 1,800 square feet of patio space. In total, the restaurant has room for more than 250 guests through the dining room and two terraces.

The ambiance and atmosphere of a public house are what we try to model at all Three Kings. It’s a place to relax, enjoy a drink, and have good company.

There’s a reason Three Kings has been able to expand its empire across the metro region recently: a timeless mix of quality food and great beer. Start with the ultra award-winning breaded wings or the unbelievably good Captain Crunch shrimp before biting into the Pogue Mahone or Korean burger. Wash it all down with a brew (or two) from the ever-changing selection of beers.

5. O’Connell’s Pub & The Village Bar St. Louis

O’Connell’s has been a family tradition in St. Louis for over 50 years and is home to their world-famous ground beef burger and roast beef sandwich. O’Connell’s was inaugurated in 1962 in Gaslight Square and purchased by Jack Parker in 1965. They are family-friendly but also a traditional Irish pub where the conversation flows freely. Guinness is on tap, and burgers are served piping hot. Their homemade soups are prepared daily every morning by their kitchen staff, who take great pride in serving great food. Their servers and bartenders are professionals who work hard for money. They are a family that has been established over the last 50+ years and have had regular customers who have done so for decades. They rarely, if ever, make changes in place because if it ain’t broke, you ain’t fixing it. Come on in and grab a pint at this establishment in St. Louis and start your own tradition. You can talk to people who are third-generation customers and feel the tradition of the Pub that says everyone is equal when they walk in these doors. They only ask that you treat your colleague with the same respect as the staff who adore this place as much as everyone does. See you soon for a pint! Cheers!

Some of the greatest burgers in town can be found in St. Louis. O’Connell’s Pub, the last bar to leave Gaslight Square is legendary for its perfectly cooked beef. And the Village Bar, which has expanded in recent years, offers a great double cheeseburger. 

4. The Post Sports Bar & Grill St. Louis

Post-Sports Bar & Grill opened its flagship location in Maplewood, MO, in 2009 and is recognized as the world’s first Fantasy Sports Bar. This is the sports bar you can finally call home. They offer more than great food, drink, and strong wi-fi; they offer more than just an experience. They offer a lifestyle.

You get the perfect mix of a relaxing environment and an adrenaline rush when you post. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite sports team, grabbing a bite to eat with the kids, working on a project deadline outside of the office, enjoying a few cocktails after work, or participating in a Saturday session post, they’ll keep you posted.

Their specialties include delicious cheesesteaks, baked wings, post-its, and homemade pizzas. You can satisfy your cravings anytime with a full lunch, dinner, takeaway, boxed lunch, and catering menu. Like a proper sports bar, our TVs are strategically placed so you won’t miss any of the action. And as a teaser, 100% of our seats are double padded for your sitting pleasure. So, sit back, relax, enjoy and stay informed!

Stand in a fan cave near The Post Sports Bar & Grill. A full-service sports bar specializing in fantasy sports, good times, great food and drink, and tons of specials every day. Proud member of Maplewood Neighborhoods and Green Dining Alliance certified restaurant. Of all the sports venues in St. Louis, you’d be hard-pressed to find one with a better combination of solid bar food and game variety. Come football season, and both venues cater to the fantasy league scene with countless screens to ensure no one misses a minute of the action. 

3. Pat Connolly Pub Bar St Louis

It’s hard to think of Dogtown without Pat Connolly’s Tavern coming to mind. Opened in 1942 by a recent immigrant from County Galway, Ireland, the pub is the canvas on which much of the neighborhood’s green, white and orange history has been painted. Over the decades, the venerable bar and grill have embraced the classic Irish pub: simple atmosphere, friendly service, and cold Guinness on tap. Under new owners Theresa Connolly Jovanovich and Joe Jovanovich, who are descendants of the eponymous Pat Connolly, the pub also has a new and improved menu of classic pub food and a sleeker look reminiscent of its mid-century origins. Of course, the famous fried chicken hasn’t changed – and it’s still one of the best in town. Patrick Connolly, from County Galway, Ireland, began his bartending career in 1942 when he opened the Pat Connolly Tavern. For two decades, he worked to create the landmark St. Louis in the historic Dogtown neighborhood. Once again owned by the Connolly family, we are proud to carry on the tradition that Pat started over 75 years ago. Thank you to our customers who keep this history alive with your continued patronage! History is only as good as it inspires us to a better future!

Pat Connolly’s Tavern is a popular place to refuel after activity in nearby Forest Park, especially after softball league games or visits to the zoo. Adults dig into fried chicken, toasted ravioli, and fish ‘n’ chips; kids usually go out for hamburgers. Roasted chicken livers and gizzards have a devoted following, as do frog legs, a popular seasonal specialty. On the healthier side, there’s rosemary and white bean appetizer and a grilled salmon burger with chipotle mayo. Make them a meal, and you’ll feel better about indulging in Sugaree’s Pies or Park Ave’s Gooey Butter Cakes (a sugar-rich local treat). A game room and music room with their own upstairs bar can be reserved for private events.

Dogtown Bar recently celebrated 75 years, making it one of the oldest continuously operating bars in the metro area. The fried chicken is considered one of the best in town, but don’t miss the fried chicken livers and gizzards. 

2. Helen Fitzgerald Bar St Louis

Helen Fitzgerald’s is a chameleon restaurant/bar/club serving St. Louis since 1992. The great Irish pub offers daily food and drink specials, live music, and an energetic atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, main courses, and desserts. Helen Fitzgerald’s is a restaurant/bar/club chameleon: The nature of the place depends on when you go. Located on Lindbergh Boulevard just south of Watson Road in South County, the Great Irish Pub offers daily food and drink specials, live music, and an energetic atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, main courses, and desserts. Diners can start their meal with beer-battered Monterey jack cheese, vegetable spring rolls, or some crispy, spicy wings from Helen Fitzgerald’s downtown sister restaurant, Syberg’s on Market. The entree and sandwich menu includes pub staples such as smoked beef, cabbage, Irish beef stew, and a long list of burgers. In addition to food, the pub offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Local bands play everything from hair metal to Janet Jackson covers. 

Helen Fitzgerald’s Irish Grill & Pub – located just a few blocks south of the intersection of I-44 and South Lindberg, makes it an easy destination from wherever you’re traveling to visit one of the city’s most popular Irish restaurants and pubs. Additionally, they offer live music, which can be found in their music schedule on their website. Helen Fitzgerald’s is a chameleon restaurant/bar/club serving St. Louis since 1992. The great Irish pub offers daily food and drink specials, live music, and an energetic atmosphere. The menu offers a wide variety of appetizers, salads, pizzas, main courses, and desserts. If you like a lively atmosphere and live music, Helen’s has one of the best stage settings. And in case you were wondering, Shark Bites are on the Irish pub menu since Helen’s is part of the Syberg’s empire.

1. Maggie O’Brien’s Restaurant and Irish Pub Bar St Louis

Whether you are a native of St. Louis or just visiting the city, Maggie O’Brien’s should be your “Best in the Nation” destination for dining and entertainment. Maggie’s has always been a fan favorite for all St. Louis sports fanatics. Louis, with 14 TVs and four big screens, you’ll never miss an auction. Maggie O’Brien’s also offers free parking and a shuttle to and from the Enterprise Center and is located directly across from the new St. Louis CITY, SC. Maggie’s, centrally located across the street from the new St Louis CITY SC Stadium and just three blocks from the Enterprise Arena, home of the St. Louis Blues, offers amazing traditional Irish dishes like corned beef hash, corned beef and cabbage, and shepherd’s pie. Burgers, soups and salads, savory sandwiches, wings, pizza, and more, including the original St. Louis – Toasted Ravioli! Thirsty? We have a huge range of beers, including Guinness on tap and countless other beers and wines to wash down your next win in St. Louis Blues!

Utterly unassuming, Maggie’s is a pub, pure and simple. It may not only have the largest selection of old-school (Busch, Bud, Michelob) Anheuser-Busch products in town, but it also offers a decent list of craft beers. 

In addition to serving some of the best food in downtown St. Louis, Maggie O’Brien’s has become an iconic local sports favorite in St. Louis. Louis, holiday parties, and corporate and private events.

Maggie O’Brien’s now has a second location in Sunset Hills with over 25 flat screen TVs where you can watch your favorite sports, enjoy great food and drink outside on the spacious patio, grab a table or sit in the front row. A classic U-shaped bar for Guinness and a good time. Need a private room for a private party or special event? Maggie’s has you covered.

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With restaurants starting at higher capacity limits and spring just around the corner, we expect this year to be a big winner for the Irish pub on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s always been a tumultuous day for these pubs, but this year could prove to be the biggest yet after being shut down for almost a year due to the virus. Who says St. Patrick’s Day isn’t so exciting in St. Louis? Knowing the right places to go, you’re sure to have a great time celebrating the occasion at pubs that remind you of the Emerald Isle. Social Scene kicks it off with Top Irish Bars in St. Louis that you can visit!

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