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Edmonton has a vast range of nightlife activities to choose from. There are various well-known pubs, lounges, museums, and dance clubs where you may party hard or simply have a peaceful talk with your other half while drinking. The city offers a variety of activities, such as taking a gorgeous trip, visiting historical sites, or simply going to a Café and enjoying your nighttime with your friends. Considering the variety of persons that will be present. Edmonton is well-known for its cultural offerings. Let us look at the most fun bars in Edmonton.

Evolution Wonderlounge

Evolution Wonderlounge is a buzzing gay bar with regular drag shows and events, cocktails, bottle service, DJs, and dancing. Evolution is Edmonton’s only club that serves the LGBTQIA+ community all year. Drag and burlesque performances are standard. EVO is exceptionally proud to be involved in the community. Since 2013, over $250,000 has been donated to organizations and causes such as the Red Cross, Cancer Research, HIV Edmonton, the Canadian Mental Health Association, and others. The main highlights at Evolution Wonderlounge are celebrating Pride daily, serving LGBTQIA+ members, Drag and Burlesque. Evolution, Edmonton’s only club that serves the LGBTQ+ community all year, has won Best Dance Club (Vue Weekly, 2014-2017), Community Choice NightClub (Metro, 2017), Best LGBT Bar (Vue Weekly, 2015-2017), and Best Club Night (Vue Weekly, 2015-2017). (Vue Weekly, 2016-2017). 

The club has hosted guests such as Chi Chi La Rue, Leslie Jordan, Lady Bunny, Alyssa Edwards, Bianca Del Rio, Amanda Lepore, Cazwell, Rocco Steele, Brent Corrigan, Brent Everett, and others. EVO is pleased to be involved in the community. Since its inception in 2013, over $300,000 has been donated to organizations and causes such as the Red Cross, Canadian Mental Health Association, cancer research, HIV Edmonton, GSAs, and others. In addition to fantastic dance floors on Friday and Saturday nights, EVO frequently hosts trivia nights, karaoke, comedy and poetry nights, and other events. For information regarding upcoming shows, visit the official website’s events calendar. Do you want to elevate your evening from a 2 to a 10? Don’t look any further. 

This venue is a dance club and entertainment lounge in the heart of Edmonton that caters to the LGBT and allied communities. Here you’ll find unrivaled drag and burlesque entertainment, DJs spinning upbeat lyrical-retro & top 40 hits, and fundraisers benefiting local charities. They have you covered if you want to see a fantastic show, meet one of their frequent celebrity guests, or have a night out with great dancing and even better company. All year, strange. You can get yourself a drink while watching the drag queens, kings, and other guest performers entertain you. There is a large selection of drinks and three bars from which to order. The money raised at events is donated to various charitable causes, allowing you to party while giving back to society. The DJ plays all of the latest hits and other dance music to get you in the mood.

Blues on Whyte Pub

Blues on Whyte Pub is a casual venue with a dance floor & pool tables, a longtime spot for beers & live blues bands. The beat in the heart of Old Strathcona! Whyte Ave’s the most beloved venue for live music every night. The Blues on Whyte Pub is another legendary Edmonton pub that should be on any list of the best nightlife in Edmonton. It is tucked away in the Commercial Hotel, a popular live jazz and blues music venue. On weekends, expect a large crowd to assemble at this location. Local musicians and well-known jazz artists come here regularly to perform live. To comfortably spend the night here, order a locally crafted beer and a delectable main course. If you want more fun, go to the pool area and play a pool game with others, or show off your dancing abilities on the dance floor. 

Edmonton’s only venue with 2 x 100″ 4K HD TVs in an intimate setting for significant sporting events such as SuperBowl, Gray Cup, hockey games, and more, including featured Pay-Per-View Events. Check the official site regularly for featured viewing. Their Games area includes 10 VLTs and two pool tables with Pool Tournaments facing open windows onto Whyte Avenue. Sleep above the Blues on Whyte Bar at the Commercial Hotel on Whyte Ave in Edmonton, the home away from home for the biggest names in Blues music. Blues on Whyte is a fully stocked Blues bar on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue. There is food and beverage service, an ATM, coin laundry, Wi-Fi in the common area, VLTs, and a liquor store. 

Stop by this bar if the rain took you by surprise during the promenade around Old Strathcona. You can listen to live music in the evening. Professional service is something clients agree upon here. Prices at this place claim to be average. It is a classic blues bar you should not miss if you are in Edmonton for the day. The free Saturday afternoon blues jam begins around 3 p.m., and the dance floor quickly fills up. The ‘house band’ is incredible, with influences from New Orleans and Austin—those southern rock blues. You can drink and dance throughout the night and still have time for dinner and a good night’s sleep. Where else would you be able to do that? I’d travel to Edmonton to return to Blues on Whyte!

Red Star Pub

Red Star Pub in Edmonton

Red Star Pub is a lively hangout with many beers on tap to pair with Italian plates and outdoor seating. After seeing Annoor Mosque, you can visit this bar. Red Star Pub serves delicious crostini, beef, and beef carpaccio. Many visitors order good beer. You can get some delicious coffee here. This establishment is famous for its excellent service and helpful staff. Pay reasonable prices to eat at this restaurant. The homey atmosphere and modern wood interior will undoubtedly appeal to you. I’d been to Red Star Pub a few times over the years. It was always to talk with friends over drinks as we extended our night a little longer. I’d never tried the food before. The only indication of the space’s existence is a bright red star that lights up like a beacon in the dark on the lower level of a building on 105 Street and Jasper Avenue. 

The interior is designed in the style of an old Irish pub, with dim lighting and dark wood accents throughout. However, it is incredibly cozy and feels like a respite from our months of desolate winter or the ideal place to huddle on a rainy day. I’m sometimes hesitant to order sliders and crostini because the individual prices are still relatively high. However, don’t worry. At Red Star Pub, you get your money’s worth. The crostinis and burgers are both generous in size. The Pork Crostini was about the size of my palm and was heaped with braised Pembina pork, shaved fennel, and Pecorino cheese. These were succulent and flavorful, with a substantial toasted bread base. 

My meal was completed with a serving of Red Star Pub’s Beef Carpaccio ($15). Spring Creek beef, thinly sliced, was carefully laid out on the plate, covering every millimeter. Arugula, Granny Smith apple salad, pepper, lemon, Parmigiano, and olive oil were then sprinkled on top. A slice of soft bread was served on the side. The beef was so tender that it almost melted in my mouth, and the combination of fresh meat with tart lemon and apple flavors was fantastic. The approximate $30 cost per person after tax and tip was reasonable, given how much food we consumed. What I love about Red Star Pub, however, is how comfortable it is despite being in a dark basement with little natural light. The service is also excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful. 

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