The Best Rooftop Bars in or near Detroit

If you are looking for the best Rooftop bars in Detroit, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Rooftop bars in Detroit. (More in-depth further below)
One can try out many different bars in Detroit; however, most bars are either indoors or in confined spaces. Hence, we have come up with a list of the top rooftop bars for you in Detroit. These bars are often situated on the rooftops of tall buildings, which allow you to get a fantastic view of downtown Detroit away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moreover, imagine sipping your favorite cocktails under the open sky with your loved ones. This is an unmatched experience, so you should try out these bars. The staff here is very accommodating and understanding, along with experienced bartenders. These bars are the real deal!

8. Tin Roof Detroit Bar Detroit

Tin Roof Detroit Bar Detroit

There are many excellent bars and dining spots in Detroit where one can enjoy their favorite cocktails and dinner items in a relaxed atmosphere. Tin Roof Detroit is one such place where one can enjoy a wide variety of drinks and food while enjoying their rooftop area. The tin roof also offers three different levels if it is cloudy and raining, or you want the peace of an indoor corner spot to sip your drink and be on your way.
Tin roof Detroit also offers its patrons live music, so you can enjoy upcoming musicians on the stage and drink with them later on since this place is known for its relaxed atmosphere. The patrons and community here at the Tin Roof Detroit are a very closely-knit and helpful group of people so that you will find yourself among friends after a round of drinks. Moreover, there are many different types of people here, so this place will not turn into your regular bar after a while. Tin Roof Detroit has many talented bartenders who know how to make your drink the way you want. You can also ask them for suggestions since they are very polite and well trained.
Tin Roof Detroit is located in a bustling neighborhood, so you are always a few minutes away from most shopping centers and other places, which makes this place an excellent option to stop by when out for chores. There are many different food items on the menu here, which means many other options for you to try. There is also a happy hour for those who like to drink on a budget; the happy hour is from three until six pm every day from Monday until Friday. Some famous cocktails people have during these hours include Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Mich Ultra, among others. We should also mention that the appetizers are almost half the price. You should give this bar a try if you are in Detroit.

7. Pinky’s Rooftop Bar Detroit

Pinky’s Rooftop Bar Detroit

Pinky’s rooftop is another bar in Detroit famous among people who like their craft cocktails under the open sky in an electric environment among like-minded patrons. Some of these bars will offer regular drink menus, cocktails, and your regular craft beer. However, the ambiance will be so breathtakingly good, mixing well with the bar’s aesthetic, that one is compelled to stay longer and take in the whole vibe.
Pinky’s rooftop is one such place and uses a dull beautiful pink shade on its walls and several interior items, as the name suggests. The décor is charming and gives a luxurious feel to the bar. Almost anything you can imagine in the bar has a touch of a pale pink shade, making it unique. However, this color scheme and design are not too much for the eyes, making the whole area stand out. The rooftop of this bar is also very luxurious and offers a relaxed lounge-type setting where one can enjoy their food and drinks. The rooftop has imported plantations and small outdoor plants, which add a lot more color to the whole setting, taking the ambiance to a new level. Imagine sipping your cocktail in this beautiful plush outdoor setting along or with friends, and it’s genuinely a very relaxing feeling.
Pinky’s craft cocktails offer a lot more than just looks and ambiance. They have a very diverse menu, consisting of several small platters and shareable plates if you have friends. Moreover, the drinking menu offers several cocktails, beers, wines, and other spirits. This fantastic bar also offers remarkable services; the bartenders are very accommodating and will prepare any drink you like, any way you want. Moreover, the staff is very responsible and polite so you can enjoy yourself peacefully. The restaurant opens six days a week at around four pm, so you can come and enjoy your favorite drinks anytime you want during these hours.

6. Delmar Rooftop Bar Detroit

Delmar Rooftop Bar Detroit

Delmar Rooftop bar is known for its electric ambiance and exquisite parties held on the rooftop. Delmar also has a fantastic café, where one can enjoy plenty of delicious dishes. Delmar Rooftop offers what little rooftop bars can offer here in this city, and that is a beautiful view of the Detroit Skyline, which makes for a spectacular view at night when all the mood lighting is turned alone. And the place is abuzz! The experience at this bar is out of this world. From bartenders to the waiters, they are so professionally trained that you feel like you are in a very premium spot with the city’s elite. The music system here is also great, so you can dance to your favorite beats without getting interrupted by the city noises on the rooftop.
Delmar bar is covered with neon signs on every wall, paintings, and artsy décor. This place is perfect for your next Instagram story and attracts many influencers in the area! You can enjoy your drinks and interact with a lot of people here who come from different backgrounds and expand your social reach!
The rooftop bar offers one of the best bottle service experiences in the city; hence, it is always crowded and booked. Make your bookings in advance if you plan on taking your friends or family with you. The menu at this place is very diverse. The ambiance makes you want to forget about going home, especially on game nights when the whole town comes together for a couple of chilled beers, wines, and craft cocktails to watch the big game on the twenty-foot HD wall, which also happens to be the distinguishing feature of this fantastic bar.
This bar is open from Wednesdays until Sundays, and the dress code is smart casual, so make sure to dress accordingly!

5. Lumen Detroit Bar Detroit

Lumen Detroit Bar DetroitLumen Detroit is one of the most famous bars in Detroit, and for a good reason. The concept of this bar is quite astonishing. The open-air bar is right beside a park, a large green patch that allows users to enjoy their drinks in the greenery. The park side seating area has relaxing and comfortable chairs for you to sit down or lie down as you enjoy the greenery Detroit offers. However, if you plan on coming during the day, make sure you have your lotions and sunglasses with you. The open-air concept allows the patio to be unique; hence, it is almost always booked, and you can’t get a table quickly during your walk-in visits, so we recommend you to call and book the table before that, after which you will get it for two hours. Moreover, the menu is quite diverse here, which we will discuss later.
The bartenders and menu team over at this restaurant are constantly working on a new thing or the other. The ingredients are sourced locally and imported as well for those exquisite creations. The chefs always want something extra for the patrons, matching the energy of the bartenders who try to make the perfect drink for you based on your preferences and tastes. The bartenders are incredibly professional; hence seeing your next craft cocktail get made is a treat in its own right. Some of the best cocktails, which Lumen Detroit offers, are, Glow Up, My Best Friends Mom. The first one is made with limited edition tequila and lime soda extracts, while the latter is a masterpiece made with rum and pineapple-jalapeno syrup.
The desserts at this restaurant are to die for, and we would highly recommend the crème Brulee cheesecake to be paired with your favorite cocktail. The wine list is also spectacular. You can get red, white, and rose wines by the bottle.

4. The Monarch Club Bar Detroit

The Monarch Club Bar Detroit

The Monarch Club stays true to its name as it is one of the best rooftop bars in the area, which attracts the upper middle class of Detroit. The Monarch Club is based in a penthouse on the metropolitan building and hence offers some of the most beautiful views of downtown Detroit and the Detroit skyline at night. The design language and ambiance are very sleek and minimal, and the grandeur of this place is unmatched. This rooftop bar is famous for its fabulous views of Detroit, which allow you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tall buildings and landmarks from tall buildings.
The mood at this rooftop is also quite cozy since the candlelight at each table brings out your inner romantic. Imagine sipping your favorite craft cocktails and wines under the candlelight while enjoying the sparkling lights of the skyscrapers around you – this is nothing short of a dream come true.
There is a dedicated indoor space for those who like to sit privately with friends and family. The exquisite grandeur also continues inside the premises. The beautiful wallpapers and the plush sofa chairs allow you to sink into luxury and create a sense of luxury around you which is one of the main features of this bar.
The food here at this bar is unmatchable as you are treated to the creations of some of the finest chefs in the area. There is an option for small plates and shared platers before dessert. The dishes are prepared in-house by the master chefs for you. You can always ask your waiter to help you choose the best wine or drink to pair with your food since all our staff is very knowledgeable and attentive and is ready to cater to your every need.
Some of the best cocktails this bar has to offer include, Stolen Moments, Summer Wind, Side By Side, Daybreak, Stella by starlight, and At Last, among others. These cocktails are some of the finest creations of this bar and are priced at $20 each.

3. 3Fifty Terrace Bar Detroit

3Fifty Terrace Bar Detroit

3Fifty terrace has that electric ambiance and energy that some of us need at our local bars. This bar hosts some of the most outrageous parties in the area and has a lot of dancers as well; hence this could be the ideal location for your next bachelor party. With mood lighting throughout the premises and disco lights blasting the patio, the environment is chill and relaxed. This is, however, a quiet place, so people who like to have their drinks in a quiet and chill atmosphere should look for other bars. This bar is a nightclub and bar all rolled into one, where you can mingle with other high-profile people of Detroit and attractive women to take on a date later.
The dedicated DJ stations and Hi-fi music systems bring this place to life; hence, you must visit this place once if you are in town. Moreover, the LEDs can make this place look like the best spot for your Instagram stories; hence influencers throng this place in huge numbers!
This fantastic bar and nightclub are open from Thursdays until Sundays, offering unmatchable service. The premises is enormous here – around ten thousand square feet to be exact; hence you can easily relax and enjoy your favorite cocktails. There is a list of wines, craft cocktails, beers, and essential tequila for those who like to drink the good stuff! Moreover, the bar is illuminated with LEDs, so you will enjoy the ambient lighting while waiting for your drink.
You can ask for custom cocktails, and the bartenders will be more than happy to cater to your preferences. The staff here is very welcoming and ensures you enjoy your evening. Due to all of these reasons, we must urge you to visit this bar if you are in Detroit.

2. Bookies Bar and Grill Detroit

Bookies Bar and Grill DetroitBookies Bar and Grill is another fantastic bar in Detroit. This bar, however, is more famous for hosting parties and other events since the ambiance here is fantastic. The place is very cozy and perfect for those who like to party. You can book this place and host a party for up to five hundred people. The staff is very welcoming and accommodating, so you will have fun here.
This place is also known for its fantastic food combinations. The menu offers distinct American cuisine. You should try out their starters and pair them with their cocktails for a fantastic experience. The burgers are also extraordinary, so you should try them too.
This bar also offers live music, so you can enjoy music, good food, and chilled beers on the terrace and relax after a tiring day at work. The location is great with this bar and many other landmarks nearby, so you can always catch a bus or order a taxi conveniently. The bar here is very well stocked and offers all your favorite cocktails and beers, so you have many options to choose from. Moreover, the terrace is heated so you can enjoy the view year-round, which is a standout feature of this bar. This bar is open from Thursday until Sunday till midnight and opens for bookings and parties from Monday until Wednesday.

1. Level two Bar and Rooftop Detroit

Level two Bar and Rooftop Detroit

Level two bar is another fine example of a bar and nightclub all rolled into one in Detroit. This fantastic bar is located in Detroit’s Greektown district. This bar has electric vibes and a high-energy atmosphere. If you love to party and enjoy expensive cocktails, then this is where you should go.
The winters in Detroit can be pretty harsh, so the rooftop area is only open in summers, where you can enjoy the Detroit skyline and views while sipping your favorite drinks. Many people are coming in every day, so you can also increase your social profile here. You will find people from all backgrounds hence none of your visits here will be boring if you come alone.
This is one of those bars offering a specially curated menu for drinks and small plates. We all know that all that dancing and shaking can leave you hungry hence allow the Level Two bar to help satisfy your cravings. The drinking menu has all your favorite cocktails, especially cocktails, tequilas, and other spirits, giving you many options. This bar has something for everyone; hence you should know that they also offer happy hour specials where you can try the exquisite and more expensive spirits in a budget-friendly range.
We all know that you can watch a game at one of these bars and sip your favorite cocktail. You can watch your game through their large-screen LED TVs, further enhancing your experience. Moreover, this bar offers DJ nights and live music featuring local talents four days a week, so you are in a treat if you live nearby! This bar is also available for booking hence if you want to invite all your friends and family that can be arranged as well. In short, this is one of the best rooftop bars in Detroit, where you can enjoy delicious cocktails in a relaxed environment.

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To summarize this article, I would like to say that If you have not tried out the bars in Detroit, especially the rooftop bars, then you have not fully experienced what Detroit has to offer. These rooftops are decorated with mood lights, neon signs, and music, which make your experience even better. Rooftops have a different cool factor about them and are ideal when you want to dance your heart out with your favorite martini in your hand under the stars. Check out these bars if you happen to be in Detroit. Most of these bars are not expensive, so either you will enjoy your visit here, or it will not damage you financially.

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