The Best Rooftop Bars in or near Omaha

If you are looking for the best Rooftop bars in Omaha, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Rooftop bars in Omaha. (More in-depth further below)
Many bars can offer you wide different varieties of cocktails and drinks. They will offer you imported French and Italian wines; however, one can get tired of trying all these things in an enclosed space with no natural light. This is where these rooftop bars come into play, and they offer the same level of luxury, and diversity in wine in a completely new rooftop setting, which is very appealing and hence attracts people a lot more than indoor bars. We have conducted thorough research and came up with the list of the following rooftop bars, which are the best bang for your buck!

6. Barrel & Wine Bar Omaha

Barrel & Wine Bar Omaha

Barrel and wine are among the oldest clubs and bars, offering brunching options to its customers. The bar is very well equipped with all sorts of different spirits and liquids, and the bartenders in charge are also very professional. This premier rooftop bar offers everything one could ask for to relax and enjoy. A dedicated pool is temperature-controlled and has mood lights, making it very cool and having a full rooftop with amazing views of Omaha. Therefore, you can dip your legs in the water while listening to music blasting through the many speakers on the roof, with, of course, your favorite cocktail in hand.
Another distinguishing feature of this bar is that regular concerts and music fests are going on at this bar, for which you can purchase tickets and listen to some of the trendiest artists in the industry. This bar invites talent from all over the country, so you will not be bored listening to the same rock band from your neighborhood playing all week, like in some bars we have reviewed. Moreover, it has the credit of being the only bar in Omaha with a day and night pool that you can use and enjoy. Most of the bars in this city have a rooftop, good cocktails, and ambiance; however, the bar makes it so much better and allows you to enjoy the actual rooftop experience.
This bar’s menu is very diverse; it has a unique spread of wines, beers, and cocktails for you to enjoy. All the cocktails at Barrel and wine retail between $9 to $13 are cheap. Some of the best ones include Spicy Margarita, BV Mojito, Cosmo, Western Son Mule, Whiskey Sour Smash, and Aperol Spritz, among others. You can also get tap beers as well as cans as well. You can also get several different wines from Italy and France, while there are local ones from Oregon and California as well. There is also a three-hour happy hour window on the weekdays from three until six pm.

5. Blatt Beer and Table Bar Omaha

Blatt Beer and Table Bar Omaha

Blatt beer and table is one of those places in Omaha which is known for their food as well as their drinks. The craft beers are very famous here. There is a dedicated patio and a rooftop, which means you can enjoy multiple views while trying out their excellent food and drinks. This bar is very accommodating and spacious, the seating is perfect, and despite the location and the size of the building can fit a lot of people without feeling cramped hence is the ideal location for your next party. Blatt beer is one of those brands that have made a name for themselves in the industry, and they have a delicious line of whiskey in collaboration with Jack Daniels! You should indeed check this one out, and we are sure you will love it!
Moreover, the surprises don’t just end there. This café also offers large cans for you to fill your craft beer in and take home. This means that you can enjoy the beer they offer wherever you go! This is a very popular initiative by the Blatt beer and table since many people buy huge quantities of these cans since the beer is top class!
This is an exciting space for people to gather and talk about all the latest happenings over excellent quality beer. You can also watch a game over here since they provide luxurious amenities. Moreover, the food here is fantastic as well. This is one of those bars in Omaha known for its fast food and warm, fresh, and filling. You should pair a meal with their craft beer, and you will not regret it! The chef knows their stuff since they only use 100 % Angus beef for their smash and grilled burgers.
Moreover, the burgers are made in their signature brioche buns, so you can appreciate the attention to detail. Nothing is rushed in this bar. Moreover, for those who need gluten-free food or are vegetarians, don’t worry since this bar has got you covered as well!

4. 1912 Benson Bar Omaha

1912 Benson Bar Omaha

1912 Benson is one of the best bars in Omaha if you want to enjoy craft cocktails with a scenic view of Omaha. This place offers good views, chill vibes, and quality service in one stop, and you should definitely check it out. 1912 Bensons also offers a fantastic spread during the Sunday Brunch and regular menus, so you can always enjoy their delicious food items. This bar is ready to serve you seven days a week, so you can go there any day with your friends and family and enjoy the best of what Omaha has to offer. The nightlife this place offers is also great; you will find people of all backgrounds vibing to your favorite beats and drinking classic cocktails during the dark hours. The vibe is very chill, and one can enjoy it a lot in it.
You can also reserve the roof patio when you are out with friends and family for a more intimate evening. Hence 1912 can allow you to be an excellent host. The seating is very spacious, and the chairs are comfortable as well. The design language is very modern too. Good food can either make or break your evening; hence, we recommend you have the starters at this bar along with the cocktails for a fantastic experience – the 1912 wings are some of the best starters.
Moreover, the drinking menu is also great and offers a variety. This bar provides seven specialty cocktails for you to enjoy, ranging from $9 to $10. Some of the best cocktails include London Sour, a mixture of Gin, Red wine, some syrups, and must-try! Apart from this, the Strawberry kicker is another fantastic cocktail to try at the cost of only $10; this cocktail combines bourbon, strawberry syrup, and lime juice elements to create a wonderful experience for you.

3. Upstream Brewing Company Bar Omaha

Upstream Brewing Company Bar Omaha

The upstream brewing company is more of a traditional pub than a bar which is located in the old market district in Omaha. This place offers more than you’d hoped for since they are known for their extensive collection of fresh brews and craft beer. This place offers the best local distilleries while giving a chance to out-of-state growers and producers, helping the local economy. They also offer picturesque views from their rooftop balcony and should definitely be checked out. This uses some of the best fermentation processes to make the best beer possible. Moreover, you will not just be impressed by the beer but the kind of food offered. The food options are pretty diverse, and you can always ask your order taker to help you pair up the food items with a beer, which makes for a very filling meal.
Moreover, besides using local producers’ fresh ingredients, this place also offers quality entertainment in the form of a billiards table in case you are tired of sitting around and want to have fun.
However, it’s talk drinks. This place is famous for its brews, including Firehouse Red Lager, O! Gold Light Lager, Capitol Pale Ale, and Flagship IPA, some of their best ones. The wine list at this place is also quite diverse and offers a list of different types of wines, some of which are sourced locally while others are imported. The best wines include Cabernet, Merlot, Red Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and sparkling wines. There are many other types of red and white wines available as well. Upstream brewing companies also offer craft cocktails ranging from $9 to $10. Some of the best cocktails include Ocean Blue, Naval Reviver, Cosmopolitan, Flavored Margarita, and Gin Blossom. It would be best if you visited this bar.

2. Takeoff Rooftop Bar Omaha

Takeoff Rooftop Bar OmahaTakeoff bar is another one of the most premium bars in the area, and for a good reason. This bar is located on the rooftop balcony of the Hilton Resort Hotel. Hilton hotels are one of the best hotel chains in the world, so you can be sure that you are in for a treat when you walk into this bar. The bar comes to life in the nighttime when you can spot many famous personalities walking around with their favorite craft cocktails trying to enjoy some of the best views of Downtown Omaha. This place is truly for the rich, and you can see the class is different from other clubs on this list. You will be rubbing shoulders with the elite of Omaha, and hence making contacts here can be very useful for you.
It isn’t easy to paint a picture of how rich the views are from these rooftop bars. However, let us try. This bar is eight stories high in the sky, so you can be sure that you can enjoy the Omaha skyline from this height and appreciate it even more during the night when all you can see are the lights and buildings around you as everything fades into the distance. This view is what this bar is famous for, except for the carefully crafted cocktails they have to offer. The ambiance speaks for itself when you walk into this bar. The wooden rooftop and floors make this bar seem very luxurious as well. The bar has beautifully designed seating areas and furniture, which is not surprising given the fact that it is in the luxurious Hilton Hotel.
The drinks are a similar story in this bar as well. It offers quality craft cocktails made from the finest imported and local spirits. The bartenders know how to do their job and are skilled at what they do. They also take personalized requests, so you can ask them to fix you a drink just as you like, which adds to the bar’s bespoke experience. The order takers are also very polite and accommodating; hence, we urge you to try this rooftop bar if you are in Omaha.

1. The Old Mattress Factory Bar and Grill Bar Omaha

The Old Mattress Factory Bar and Grill Bar Omaha

Old Mattress factory bar and grill is another famous bar in Omaha that promises you much once you step on its premises. This place offers everything a bar should have: tasty food, quality cocktails, and other drinks while maintaining a chill ambiance through live music. You can never go wrong with a bar that offers classical live music. This historic bar’s location is excellent and accessible for everyone in Omaha, making this place great if you want to host events.
This bar is known for its rooftop bar scene, allowing you to escape traditional bars’ walls and breathe in the open air while sipping your favorite beer sourced from reputable local breweries. Some of the best draft beers I would recommend you to have is called Stella, Guinness, Bud Light, and Miller Lite. This bar also offers beers in cans for convenience, ranging from $4 to $6, and some famous ones include Corona and Cider. However, you should try the featured beer, which is called, Blood of the Unicorn Red Ale, Razooka Jane, and Smooth Collider, to name a few.
Apart from high-quality beer, this place will also offer you other drinks such as gin and vodka. Some of the most notable drinks include Walk – made using Vodka and Lemonade as the primary ingredients. Other drinks have a drink made from silver tequila and strawberry puree called Pineapple Strawberry Mule. Another drink to look out for is called the Matt Old Fashioned. It is made up of Rye or Bourbon coupled with simple syrups and is a hit among the patrons. If you are in town, you should visit this bar for their beers and drinks!

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In conclusion, we can say that these bars are some of the best in the area and allow you to enjoy the sky and the weather in an open atmosphere while sipping your favorite craft cocktails and draft beer. The rooftop experience is worth the time and effort you will put into going to these bars. A candlelight setting with soft music and expensive bars can help you interact with attractive individuals around you, helping your social profile. These are some of the best bars we could find in Omaha, with a dedicated rooftop bar. You should try any one of these bars and see for yourself!

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