The Best Rooftop Bars in or near Tulsa

If you are looking for the best Rooftop bars in Tulsa, where you can chill with your friends and family and enjoy some of the most delicious cocktails, then you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best Rooftop bars in Tulsa. (More in-depth further below)
This page contains some of the best bars you can visit if you live in Tulsa. These bars are known for their rooftop views. A rooftop is one of the most prominent features of a bar; it provides a change of scenery away from the enclosed spaces and allows you to breathe in the open air with your craft cocktails. Some of these bars also offer live music and other amenities on the rooftops, which you can enjoy with your drinks. You can also enjoy your favorite foods under the moonlight at some of these bars, which is also a fun experience.

5. The Vault Bar Tulsa

The Vault is one of the best bars in Tulsa, especially if you are considering a bar, which is also a restaurant and can serve delicious and crafty meals throughout the day. The Vault is located at a perfect location on Cincinnati Avenue in Tulsa and hence sees a lot of patrons in a day. There is always a very vibrant and lively vibe at the Vault on weekends and weekdays. The bar is situated in a very aesthetically pleasing building, which is quite sleek, adding to the grandeur of the bar. Apart from this, the bar prides itself on offering a wide variety of American dishes, crafty cocktails, which are made from fresh ingredients sourced locally, and the addition of house-made syrups, which take these drinks to another level.
These drinks are offered on the rooftop, which is relatively high, so one can easily enjoy the good views while sipping on their favorite craft cocktails. The Vault is one of those places that offer more than crafty cocktails and good drinks. They also offer cocktail classes to their patrons if they are interested. These classes comprise artisan bartenders who will demonstrate the different types of cocktails and how they are made, from the glasses used to the types of ice and other essential tricks to the trade. However, the classes are fun and engaging so that you can enjoy different types of cocktails you can make yourself later! This is one of the best features of this bar.
The menu is quite diverse as well. There are ten craft cocktails, which are pretty famous among the patrons. These drinks are priced modestly at around $10. Some of the best ones we think are Jungle Bird, Ginger Love, Maple Old Fashioned, and Ponzi scheme, among others. Another cocktail we would like you to try is Menace to Sobriety, which is made of high-quality bourbon, bitters, and maple syrup.

4. The Penthouse Rooftop Bar Tulsa

When a bar is situated on one of the rooftops of one of the most prominent hotels in the city, you can be sure that it will be a worthwhile experience to visit it. The penthouse bar is located on top of the Mayo Hotel in Downtown Tulsa. The place is very exotic and offers beautiful views of the city. The Penthouse is situated on one of the tallest buildings in Tulsa; hence the rooftop gives you uninterrupted views from all sides, which can make an excellent background as well.
Moreover, this place is known for its expensive wines and craft cocktails, which ensure that people who visit it once will not forget about it quickly. This place is not just for food or cocktails. Quality live music is offered on selected days, which can make your evening even better—nothing pairs enough with a good cocktail except live music, which this bar offers.
There are eight specialty cocktails on the Penthouse’s menu that expert mixologists and bartenders make. These drinks range between $10 and $15. Some of the best ones include 1926, The Resident, Tiger King Margarita, French 75, and Trula Cosmo. Another drink, which we highly recommend, is called The Mayo Gold, which is made up of Tito’s Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Lemon juice, and sugar toppings. These cocktails are made up of the finest quality gins, vodkas, and bourbons for the best experience. The ingredients are all fresh and sourced locally.
Apart from this, the bar also offers many different wines, including Bubbles, white and red wine. This bar offers one of the rarest wines in the area. A testament to that is the fact that this bar offers the prestigious Dom Perignon Vintage wine for about $400. Moreover, this bar also offers exclusive red wines such as Far Niente – Cabernet Sauvignon, which retails for about $290.

3. The Rooftop Bar Tulsa

The rooftop is one of the best and chilliest rooftop bars in Tulsa. This place is one of the first bars in the Arrow District to offer a rooftop. The rooftop has a great relaxed vibe, which one can enjoy while having a good quality pizza and craft cocktails. There is music blasting through high-quality speakers, which enhances the experience. Being the pioneers of the rooftop scene in the Arrow District, this place sees a lot of rush; hence, you will meet people of all backgrounds here. It is not at all boring at this place even if you are alone.
There are also dedicated outdoor and indoor seating, should you get tired of the rooftops! This place is open all days of the week, so you can come here any day you like; however, make sure to make reservations since it’s mostly crowded on the weekends!
The rooftop bar is known for its pizzas, which you should give a try. They have many unique flavors, such as the Smokey Shroom, Chicken Bacon & Jalapeno, and Rooftop Blues – a house favorite. They have flavors for everyone. The dough is hand-made here by expert chefs who know how to make that perfect pie that would go along well with their signature cocktails. There are sandwiches, salads, and other appetizers as well for those of us who like to have a light snack with our drinks and not go too heavy!
The specialty cocktails are the main reason this place is so famous in the Arrow District, and The Rooftop offers six specialty cocktails. These hand-crafted cocktails are priced modestly, between $7 to $8. The specialty cocktails we urge you to try to include are Pink Pussycat, Caribbean Queen, and Strawberry Punch. In our opinion, the best cocktail is called Blue Hawaiian, which is made up of Blue curacao, Rum, and pineapple extracts!

2. Roof Sixty-Six Bar Tulsa

Roof 66 is a premium bar which is located on top of hotel Indigo. This place is known for its crafty cocktails and signature drinks. The bar is located on the seventh floor, so you can be sure to get some pretty beautiful views from the top, which adds more glamour to the vibe and is a beautiful sight to be at during the night.
Roof 66 is also known for its food menu, and you can dine in and try out their small plates while enjoying the expensive ambiance they have created for the ultimate experience. Moreover, the drinks menu is regularly updated and has different seasonal cocktails and expensive wines, so you will find almost anything that suits your taste buds. The staff is also well informed; hence, you can ask the servers for recommendations for wine and other drinks, and they will ensure that your taste buds are attended to, and your needs are catered for. The bartenders are also an expert in what they do, so expect the best when dining here, they are the most prestigious mixologists in the district, and you will know that soon enough when you take the first sip. You can have a craft cocktail made for you as well. Just make sure to guide your bartender and see the magic happen.
The menu is also very diverse here, as we shall see. Seven craft cocktails are on the menu, priced moderately at $13.50. Some of the best cocktails include Ginger Apple Snap, Blood Orange Spritz, and Greenwood Grimlet. We recommend you try another specialty cocktail called The Communion, which is made up of Koval Cranberry Gin, a special kind of orange, and sugar. Different types of white wines are available, ranging from $6 to $10. Moreover, the red wines cost from $8 to $15. Roof 66 also offers many different types of brews for you to try.

1. Side Car Bar Tulsa

Side Car is a brand of famous bars all across Oklahoma. The bar in Tulsa is another famous one, which opened its doors recently to the public. This place is designed using modern elements, and hence the quality of the premises and the drinkware is extraordinary. The architecture is modern and hence attracts younger audiences.
Sidecar in Tulsa is situated on a five-story building, which means that the place offers some of the most beautiful views of Tulsa. During the night, the view becomes even prettier as you can see cars hustling down the streets and the lights from buildings fade away into the distance. The Sidecar is all about these views; hence, one must try this bar if they are in Tulsa and want a premium bar experience.
Most of these bars on our list will offer fantastic craft cocktails and other services; however, very few will also have live music. Sidecar hires some of the local talents and brings talent from other states for special nights. This live music, when combined with delicious cocktails, is something fascinating. Imagine listening to your favorite tunes while sipping a craft cocktail and watching Tulsa from the top at night. This is what this bar is all about, unique ambiance, views, and good quality drinks.
The starters at the Sidecar are delicious and pair well with the drinks. Moreover, we have heard about their flatbreads and sandwiches. They also have a wide range of spirits on their menu, such as Whiskey, Bourbon, Vodka, Tequila, Rum, and Cognac. They also have a wide variety of cocktails, ranging from $8 to $12. Some of the best drinks that we recommend you try to include, The Slurred Word, Pineapple Daiquiri EN Feugo, Dutch’s Plan, Cucumber Cutie, Maker’s Manhatty, Patakahata, and GTO Margarita.


Now that you have read about the top five-rooftop bars in Tulsa, we would urge you to try one of them! These bars will offer craft cocktails made with the freshest ingredients in a different setting, allowing you to enjoy and relax. Imagine an intimate evening with your plus one under the stars while slow music is playing, and you are sipping one of some of the finest craft martinis in the city! Hence, if you are in Tulsa, check these bars out!

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