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Is there anyone else up for a drink? We could certainly benefit from one. Perhaps on a rooftop with a view of the city? Or how about a pub with retro arcade games? All of these pubs, as well as many more unusual alternatives for a night out in this huge metropolis, can be found on our list of the finest bars to visit in downtown Minneapolis. Although we could list fifty different pubs to visit while in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, we’ve whittled the list down to the top 4 Best Sports Bar in Saint Paul for you (and that was difficult). 

Grand 7

Grand 7 is a comfy bar. It has served West 7th for more than 40 years. Because Grand 7 is close to downtown, it may become a little boisterous before events, but that’s OK. Get a cheap beer and sit in for a lengthy sip. Their specialty is robust, inexpensive cocktails with a small-town feel. This bar first opened its doors in 1980. The Heine family has been running the tavern for almost 30 years. It’s a terrific neighborhood bar with variable hours and a bustling atmosphere on event days/nights. Note: This is also listed without a review as “The Grand” (as regulars refer to it). So let me start from the beginning. Classic cocktail bars with hand-carved ice cubes and ingredients I would never expect to find together are my favorite. 

Irish pubs where you become a regular after just one visit are recognized worldwide as the best bars in town and Up North style dive bars. The Grand nailed that final one. Strong cocktails, a lot of locals, Heggies Pizza, excellent food on game nights, classic bubble hockey (wait for a second, that last one may have been me fantasizing about excellent bars, and what do you know, it’s right there at The Grand). Come here for fun but not too many of you because if this place gets trendy, it might somehow change. I love it all. This is a hidden gem. I have stopped in here before and after hockey games. There is plenty of space in the old traditional dive bar in MN or WI. Wood paneling completes the hometown field. 

I was coming back into town, and the food had always caught my curiosity given seeing the food and chef. Well, I dived and had the western burger and fries. We live about 15 minutes away. When I got home, my wife and I were excited to try things out. WOW. The burger was done perfectly with great flavor. I guarantee if we had stayed, the fries would have been perfect. We can’t wait to try out more burgers and sandwiches. The Grand is a classic neighborhood bar with a lot of regulars. The prices are low, and the staff and owners are fantastic. The kitchen is usually only open on event nights at the Xcel, but their limited menu is surprisingly good. A steak sandwich made with filet mignon? Yes, please! Heggie frozen pizzas are always available.

Joe & Stan’s

Joe & Stan’s is a typical neighborhood bar with a casual vibe for watching games & chowing on classic comfort food. So, Joe & Stan’s is a family sports lounge and grill specializing in food, drinks, sports, and laughter. They provide a casual vibe for watching games & chowing on classic comfort food. Joe & Stan’s Bar would win if sports bars could play sports! Watch the game on their massive TVs, comfortable booths, and excellent home-style food. Its objective is to be the finest bar in town by providing the most easygoing, pleasant, and comfortable sports lounge with the best and most cheaply priced food and beverages. They are located off 7th Street and W James Ave in St. Paul. Joe and Stan’s has been operating for almost 60 years and is worth checking out if you’re looking for a comfortable location to watch the game or grab lunch with friends. 

This bar’s best feature is that it serves well-cooked pizza, prime rib roast, and ribs. Take your chance to taste delicious beer. Joe & Stan’s is famous for its excellent service and friendly staff always ready to help you. Prices at this place deserve attention as they’re affordable. The foreign environment may entice you to remain a little longer than you had anticipated. Joe & Stan’s was renovated a few years ago, so it’s not nearly as divey as it was, but the neighborhood spirit remains strong. Joe & Stan’s, located just outside of downtown, is a sports pub with a daily happy hour worth leaving work early for. If sports bars could play sports, they would be unstoppable! 

Watch the game on their massive TVs, comfortable booths, and excellent home-style food. Their objective is to be the greatest bar in town by providing the most relaxed, pleasant, and comfortable sports lounge and the best and most reasonably priced food and drinks. Their BAR: They are a family sports lounge and grill, and they specialize in food, drinks, sports, and laughter. THE OWNERSHIP: Joe & Stan’s has been owned by the KELLY FAMILY since 1997. (John Kelly Jr. and sisters Colleen, Patty, and Peggy). THE NAME: Joe and Stan’s have been around for as long as anyone can remember! Their best estimate is roughly 60 years. They couldn’t break the mold! THE BUILDING: The beginnings of 949 West. So, this is one of the best bars Saint Paul has to offer you!


Shamrocks is an Irish hangout for pub grub such as burgers & hand-cut fries, plus TVs & frequent live music. Shamrocks is an Irish restaurant and pub that entertains the whole family with delicious meals, daily deals on food and beverages, and lively live acts. Try any appetizers, soups, salads, flatbread pizza, sandwiches, and, of course, the Shamrock Burgers. They provide their distinctive Butcher Cut Ground Black Angus Chuck burgers to deliver a fresh joy to downtown burger enthusiasts. Shamrocks also feature outside dining and many flat screen TVs for your favorite sporting events. But why watch the TVs when Shamrocks offers a complimentary shuttle to all Wild and Vikings home games? Please go check it out! On game days, the wait staff inside this lively West 7th restaurant and bar is a sight. 

Shamrocks never stop dropping off beverages, taking orders, or serving its famed burgers as the booths and chairs fill up. Shamrocks is a well-known sports pub with a welcoming dive bar vibe. Shamrocks have been serving delicious cuisine since 2012, with a menu inspired by its sister site, The Nook. Shamrock’s enlarged cuisine, live music, and shuttle service to nearby events make this family-friendly establishment unique. You can’t beat the location in the middle of historic St. Paul. See for yourself! It all started with The Nook, a modest restaurant with huge burgers. Shamrocks, the Irish Nook, their second location, debuted in 2012, offering the same fantastic burgers and fries that made them renowned and an expanded menu. 

They aspire to be your first option for your next party with a full-service bar, a shuttle to numerous St. Paul events, a family-friendly attitude, a capacity for 200 people, and live music on weekends. They look forward to serving you in the future! – The Runyon and Casper families. May you always be filled with love and beer in your bellies. Excellent cuisine tastes even better when shared with good people. Take the Paddywagon for a trip! Excellent meal and service! The cuisine is delicious, especially the jalapeno poppers, the second best I’ve ever tasted. If you think second best is a bad grade, consider that they are competing for that honor against a grandma—root beer of wonder. The waitress was fantastic. I am overjoyed. Thank you very much. And thank you, Mike, for operating such a fantastic establishment. So, this is one of the best Irish bars Saint Paul has to offer!

Peppers and Fries

Peppers and Fries is a kitschy sports bar & eatery with a baseball theme whipping up burgers, burritos & other pub grub. Peppers & Fries is a renowned sports pub where people share a passion for baseball. Peppers & fries, run by Marie and her father, Steve Frias, provide a friendly atmosphere to enjoy handcrafted beer and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. This baseball-themed sports bar also serves handcrafted burritos and tacos, a bar, and a choice of burger options. If you and your pals are die-hard baseball fans or searching for a casual sports pub, Peppers and Fries is undoubtedly one of the top options in Saint Paul City. The most excellent burritos and burgers in Minneapolis, MN, can be found at Peppers & Fries Sports Bar. To fulfill everyone’s appetites, they combine scratch-made, juicy burgers and handcrafted burritos! 

They provide a variety of artisan beers and refreshing beverages to wash down that burger, burrito, or other fresh meals. Their sports bar in Minneapolis also offers games on one of their 16 HDTVs! A father-daughter duo, Steve and Marie Frias have been serving specialty burgers and burritos in Minneapolis since 2015. So, Award-winning house-made recipes, a wide beer selection, specialty drinks, and more make for an easy choice. Steve Frias (nicknamed “Fries”) was raised in a restaurant. Steve learned his trade at Boca Chica Restaurante in St. Paul, which his parents, Guillermo and Gloria Frias, started about 60 years ago. The Peppers & Fries burritos are still created the way Steve’s mother and father taught him. “Everything tastes better in a tortilla,” Steve is renowned for saying. Steve also has a weakness for hamburgers. 

Steve enjoys various burgers, but his favorite is the classic COLT burger, which consists of a large, juicy patty smeared with cheese and topped with Onion, Lettuce, and Tomato snuggled between two fluffy buns. As Steve’s daughter, Marie, got older, the two frequently searched for the most incredible burger in town. Wherever Steve and Marie went, they had to discover the most significant local burger establishment. Steve combined his two eating passions and his love of baseball under one roof in 2014. He invited his daughter Marie (whom he adores) to join him, so Peppers & Fries was formed. They hope you like their burgers and burritos as much as they do. They both go well with one of our local artisan beers!


There are many nice bars in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and around the Twin Cities. Locals consider it to be one of the most popular things to do in Minneapolis. Starting at the south end of town and working our way north, we’ll take you on a tour of the Twin Cities’ best bars. So be sure to pop in and try one or two of these local favorites; there are plenty to choose from. You’ve got a night out planned, and you want to make the most of it. You’ve come to the correct place!

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