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If you want to spend your night in a place with fantastic drinks, bar food, and live music, Des Moines has some of the best options for you. The following is a list of the best unique bars in Des Moines. When it comes to satisfaction and the nightlife scene, each brewery in Des Moines sets the bar high. So, we hope you can find your favorite unique bars in Des Moines with our list below!

Iowa Taproom

With 99 taps serving Iowa beers solely, this beer-hall type local favorite is the place to get a true sense of Iowa. You won’t be able to try them all at once, but their flights will help you make a dent in that number and encourage you to return. Serve with raised bar nibbles such as Iowa ham balls or breaded tenderloin pieces. Barn Town Neon Hazy IPA is a must-try. Great beer selection! Wow. Food was good also, with decent portions. They are located in a cool area of the city being renovated from previous industrial use. A great gathering place. Loud ambiance, but a good time.Great meal and fun with friends and family. The endless tables and taps will make you want to order seconds and stay for more! The food is excellent, and the menu is very reliable so that everyone will have a great time. 

The beer selection is unmatched. Service here is speedy and friendly, and they are happy to help you with any situation. PRO TIP: dinner before 6 pm will be worth it for the wait and lines around the area. Get your food early and stay for the fantastic beer and service! Very cool place! L Haiden (I hope I got her name right) is so personable and fun. This is a great place to visit if you’re from out of town. I had the pork chop, but it was not a five. However, I can’t help but give it a five for the atmosphere, over a hundred local beers, and staff knowledge of different beers, and I left happy. Attentive and fun staff, can’t go wrong here, enjoy! This is a fabulous place to bring out-of-town guests. 

If you are interested in craft beers, this is your mecca. They have a considerable number on tap and offer flights. The bartender (at least the one we had) was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. The lunch menu is reasonably priced, and the burgers are delicious. So many beers! Excellent space inside and super busy, but that’s ok! The food is pretty good – I like that they have many side options like sweet potato and steamed broccoli, not just fries. Had the wings dragon’s breath – yes! Such a strange sauce, though / spicy a bit, and it slightly burned but not painful, but it will make you sweat. Loved it!

Hessen Haus

There’s a lot to think about here, with more than 50 different German beers on tap, including options you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Are you feeling brave? Pass the boot and a drinking game focused on a glass boot filled with two liters of your favorite tap bier. To have a strong foundation, get some soft pretzels and schnitzel first. Hoegaarden Wit. The Hessen Haus perfectly recreates the authentic atmosphere of an old-world German bier hall. The fifty imported German beers on tap, authentic German fare on the menu, and sounds of live music on the stage – including local bands and regional polka – create a lively yet cozy atmosphere where large crowds gather to pass the boot and small groups find themselves making new friends.

I came here for dinner last night. I was very impressed by the wide range of stuff they have on their menu. I started with the straw-cherry lemonade, which was terrific. Very refreshing, and I couldn’t even taste the alcohol I liked. I got the bratwurst basket. I added on a wurst because it was only $3 extra. It was perfect. I wish I would have tried one of the other wursts since they have three types, but I didn’t, so I’ll have to go back and try some more. My friend got the schnitzel which I had never heard of before, and it was excellent! Not what I expected, but I liked it a lot. Overall you should be able to find something you like here. Everything was delicious. 

They have a cute medium size bar, grill with authentic German food, and a large selection of beer and ale. Prices are moderate; expect $15 + per person if drinking. Happy hour gets you $4 pints—great staff and very clean. In the year I’ve been in Des Moines, I’ve been here twice, and both times great food, great atmosphere, and excellent service! The bartender this morning, 1/17/21, was awesome! I recommend the Sauerbraten. The pork was delicious, and everything about it was perfect, from the carrots to the subtle sweetness and acidity of the purple cabbage. I love everything about this place: the food, the atmosphere, and the massive selection of German beer. The service I have received over the years has always been positive. I especially love their pretzels. Nothing much to say except that we are so glad we have this establishment.

Beer Styles Taproom and Gastropub

Beer Styles is a British-style gastropub in West Glen Town Center in West Des Moines, featuring a changing roster of over 100 beers on tap. It’s a terrific spot to grab a beer (or fill a growler) and one of their gourmet pizzas, with a solid mix of local brews and hard-to-find seasonals. The beer list on their website includes a great “real-time keg monitoring” tool that allows you to view what was recently tapped! Drink this: David vs. Goliath Pseudo Sue. You guys! What are you waiting for? I am kicking myself for waiting so long to eat here! The vegan BLT is out of this world, as is the pizza (both toddler approved). The staff is phenomenal, and the place is so cool. 

It was pretty quiet when we went (kind of a late lunchtime), which made it easier with a toddler that likes to explore and not sit at the table ever. The staff was more than accommodating, and Chef Eli is a wonder beyond wonders. Thanks for the excellent service, and we can’t wait to come back and try the vegan pepperoni!A fantastic range of beer and whisky. Every draught beer comes in three different sizes and offers flights. The pizza we ordered that day was special, but it should have been on the standard menu; prosciutto, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, and a glaze on top. The facility may be utilized for a variety of activities. This restaurant participates in the Happy Cow initiative, which assists vegetarians in finding somewhere to dine. 

Wide different varieties of beer are available, ranging from IPAs to stouts. I had a flight of four little beers, all of which were barrel-aged stouts—an excellent assortment. The chicken and waffles and the fish and chips are both delicious. First, the beer selection was great, so we chose this place. They weren’t swamped on a Friday night, which was fine because we had a group with young kids and were glad to get a big table out of the way. The food was pretty good, and the service was good—overall a good experience. The drink menu is fantastic, and the meal is excellent! I got a Lambic beer and had the garlic sausage pizza. Great experience hanging out at the bar. The bar staff here is fun and energetic—excellent service with lots of good conversation and prompt service.

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Des Moines breweries and distilleries are well-known for being some of the most cultured and inspirational locations to visit. Each brewery will serve you with the best beer, a great environment, and an evening packed with outstanding live music and creative acts that you will never forget. So let’s raise a glass to some of Des Moines’ top brewers and the best unique bars.

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