The Best Unique Bars in or near Detroit

If you are looking for unique bars in Detroit where you can have a different drinking experience, you have come to the right place.
So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best unique bars in Detroit. (More in-depth further below)
Numerous bars in Detroit offer the same thing; hence, it can become quite dull with time. These bars all have the same spirits and drinks with some degree of variation. You will also find the same musical groups in most of these bars, which is quite annoying after a while because some of us want that distinguishing factor and something new with these bars because these drinks are sometimes very pricey, and people are paying for the experience. During these trying times, come these five bars which we have talked about. These bars offer different things, whether with their drinks, décor, or the place itself. These places will leave a lasting impression on you.

5. Candy Bar Detroit

Candy Bar is one of Detroit’s most unconventional bars, making it unmistakable and unmatchable. People seem to love this bar due to its unique ambiance and other design elements, not to mention its diverse drinking menu. Detroit has a long list of bars, whether rooftop bars, fun bars, or unique bars like these. However, in our experience, patrons mostly enjoy bars like Candy Bar, which always has some special touch.
The unique feature of the Candy Bar is its use of the color Pink. These people have used a different shade of pastel pink and other pink hues on every surface they could find, which makes the whole bar pink-themed. Other shades of pink are also used, but the dominant one is the candy pink color. Design-wise, this is one of the most beautiful and truly unique bars in Detroit, and hence it was impossible to make this list without mentioning this bar.
The decorators and owners have not shied away from using expensive materials and pieces to ensure that the interior feels upscale. There is a velvet curtain – you can guess its color! – which welcomes you as you step into the main hall. Moreover, there is a beautifully designed chandelier which gives this bar a sense of grandeur as well as further enhances the ambiance.
The candy bar offers a unique drinking menu with a wide variety of craft cocktails and unique tequilas for its patrons. This bar is open seven days a week from four in the evening. Moreover, there are a few recommendations we’d like to make as we talk about the Candy Bar. If you are a fan of expresso Martinis, then make sure you get your hands on Bubble Rum. Apart from this, they also do seasonal cocktails, so you can visit them at various times of the year and expect something different each time!

4. Elwood Bar and Grill Detroit

Elwood Bar and Grill is one of the few remaining bars in Detroit which can capture the authentic style of bars in Detroit, and it’s essentially an old-school bar! Elwood bar and grill is one of the few diners stuck here for over fifty years. The unique feature of this diner is the fact that they have always been the go-to place for people who come to watch a game or their favorite movie nearby since the location of Elwood puts it right near Ford Field, Comerica Park, and the Gem Theatre. You can ask anyone from Detroit about this place, and they will have fond memories of it.
This place served fantastic food and different drinks for spectators of games or enthusiasts of the films run over at the theatre. Elwood served as the main spot for the area’s elite to come and rejoice in these activities. The theme of this bar also makes it unmistakable. The decorative art theme sets it apart from other bars of this era, not to mention that this place was originally built in 1936! However, it has since gotten a complete restoration, but it still maintains some design cues from back in the day, which makes it very special.
This diner has a fantastic menu that serves burgers and fries, among other American food for the movie and game fans who throng its premises on special nights. Moreover, the indoor seating space might be compromised during one of these nights, but not to worry since the diner has an outdoor seating space with seating arrangements complete with patio umbrellas for large groups. This place serves cold beer and some of the best cocktails as well. The different types of wines and rums, along with beers, make the menu very diverse and give the patrons many options.

3. The Whitney Bar Detroit

The Whitney is a mansion in Detroit famous for all the scary reasons. This mansion has huge lawns, which can serve as great places to hold weddings and other functions. Moreover, there is a dedicated dining area in the villa with many food options. The fine dining experience should not be missed if you plan to go to the Whitney.
For the drinks, the Whitney has an upscale lounge called the Ghost Bar, where one can enjoy various beverages. Moreover, the mansion has picked up some ghost rumors over the years, and the owners have capitalized a lot on that extensively, as you can see that the main bar is called Ghost Bar. However, don’t worry. You won’t be sipping martinis with headless corpses any time soon. The bar offers different types of martinis and cocktails about their ghost theme. One of the best martinis, which you should definitely try, is called Witching hour. There are other cocktails and martinis which you need to try, like a cocktail called Dress to Impress, which is made with bourbon and orange peel, among other ingredients, and is surely a game changer. The cocktails are handcrafted by expert bartenders who know how to make you involved in the experience of creating your drink. The staff is also very attentive and will listen to you and try to accommodate you as much as possible. The design elements are spooky but in no way uncomfortable. It would be best if you visited this place to unwind after a long day. The ghost bar is open on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.
The wine selection over at the Whitney is also something you should look out for, and they have a wide range of typical and exquisite wines. Champagne is also available here. Red, white, and sparkling wine collections are also a part of the eight-page wine menu.

2. Bad Luck Bar Detroit

Bad Luck bar is one of Detroit’s most upscale and exquisite bars. This bar is relatively new; however, it has quickly made its mark as one of the most upscale places in Detroit since this bar is reservation only. This bar aims to create a sense of mystery and hence utilizes different design cues, including oddly shaped tables, while also playing with superstitious numbers. There are exactly 13 cocktails on the menu. Moreover, this bar also has neon signs and Illuminati logos throughout the premises, which again help it with its spooky vibe. This bar is certainly not for the faint-hearted, and you will surely meet some exciting individuals here. The cocktail glasses, mugs, and other décor items follow suit and maintain a level of mystery using different design elements.
We will urge you to make reservations when coming to this place since they only allow walk-ins when the space permits – which is rare – given the exclusivity of this place. Almost everyone in unique bars around the town has heard of this place. This bar operates from Wednesday until Saturday, so your window is thin if you want to get in. The menu here is quite diverse and offers craft cocktails and signature cocktails apart from other spirits. Some of the most famous and talked about cocktails of the Bad Luck bar include the Admiral – made up of a type of vintage rum, lime extracts, and sugar.
Moreover, the bar also recommends you to have it with bonbon. Another signature drink we would urge you to try is called the Hammer. This fresh and electric drink comprises single barrel rye, house-made bitters, and lemon extracts to give it that energetic aftertaste. This drink is served with spicy cashews to enhance the flavor further.

1. The Sugar House Bar Detroit

The sugar house is another unique bar in the city of Detroit where one can go if they are tired of their local bars. The sugar house has some of the best craft cocktails in the area. The cocktails feature some of the classics and more creative options made by the bartenders by experimenting with different locally sourced ingredients and a wide range of whiskies, bourbons, and rums.
This place also offers an extensive menu for their small plates, which you can enjoy on your own. Moreover, this bar is one of the pioneers of craft cocktails in Detroit and hence is a trendsetter. You can find some of the most influential personalities of Detroit in this cozy spot, sipping their favorite artisan cocktails, and hence is the perfect place for you to grow your social profile. This place moreover offers a seasonal variety of cocktails, which means that you can come to this place year-round and expect something different. The key is to bring the best of the season to the patrons, and the bartenders over at the Sugar House know how to do just that. Moreover, the owners are experienced, as they also own another unique bar called the Bad Luck bar, which is also an exclusive bar, so you should know that you are in capable hands.
The menu at this place is extensive and filled with imported and local spirits, including single barrel bourbons and American Whisky. The craft cocktails range all the way from $24 and go upwards to $52 for the premium ones made up of expensive spirits and exquisite extracts. Moreover, there is dedicated merchandise for this bar, which includes mugs and t-shirts if you want to collect them as a souvenir while visiting the beautiful city of Detroit.


As you have read above, these bars have something or the other, which is a bit different and uncommon. Some of these bars are painted in various shades of color, making them stand out more, while others have their drinks made in such a manner that they are genuinely different from the rest. The décor and the place matter a lot when going to these bars since the ambiance can determine the type of experience you have and if you will be coming again. This is why these bars go out of their way to create unique experiences for you! Hence, if you are in Detroit for any reason or are a resident, take some time to visit these places to truly enjoy the different bars this fantastic city has to offer!

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