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11. MadTree Brewing Bar Cincinnati

MadTree Brewing Bar CincinnatiOpen for almost two decades, MadTree Brewing company is an expert at brewing beers of all sorts. The company has focused on creating something bigger than themselves and wants to create a great community with everyone who comes in to drink here. They’re a part of the 1% of the world that donates to environmental sustainability. They work effectively towards saving the trees. They aim to connect you to nature and inspire you whenever you stop by. 

Their taproom has seating for many people, and you will enjoy your food and drinks while you’re here. The building was made in the 20th century and was a factory for railroad tracks. So you will now understand the industrial feel of the place. Their extensive draft list features 32 beers on tap at all times. These range from classic favorites to one-off, more experimental flavors. The core line-up includes Happy Amber and PsycHOPathy IPA, while the taproom has some old-style brews like British pale ale and more contemporary ones like New England style. 

Taking inspiration from spirits and even wines, they have about five new experimental flavors brewing all the time with the traditional ones. The company hopes to release these flavors eventually if they turn out to be successful. They also have hard cider, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beers for those of you who are interested in other options. The cafe inside has some incredible woodfire pizza, appetizers, and salads. There is always ample room for everyone as the sitting space is extensive. There are long tables indoors, so a bigger group can sit inside, or you could opt for the outdoor beer garden if you have a pet with you! You can also take part in yoga classes, trivia, summer markets, and painting classes that are held here.  

10. The Eagle Food and Beer Hall Cincinnati

The Eagle Food and Beer Hall CincinnatiThe sound of blues music and the smell of fried chicken welcome you to The Eagle Food and Beer Hall. There is a loyal following for their fried chicken made from scratch, other Southern comfort food options, and a long list of beers. The space is comfortable and cozy, with long tables and booths inside the hall decorated with wooden furnishings. The bar is u-shaped and has stools around it for sitting. There’s an outdoor patio to enjoy the weather as well.  

The restaurant bar offers an excellent value for money in terms of food and drinks. Their portion sizes are great, whether it is starters like pickled vegetables, their artichoke dip, or their sandwiches, which you will need to share. Something or the other will attract you even if you are not a chicken fan. They have vegetarian options on the menu as well. They have 16 taps that offer you local and national beers and are mighty fine at mixing up a mean cocktail. The bourbon punch has a mix of Old Forester, ginger liqueur, cranberry, and white grape juices and a housemade sour mix.  

The room seats 150 people and has high ceilings and a mezzanine floor to host bigger parties. The place looks like a barn that has received a lot of love. There is a brick wall on one side with a huge eagle mural. The high windows let a lot of natural light in. Reclaimed wood is used all around the place.  

9. Via Vite Bar Cincinnati

Via Vite Bar Cincinnati

On Fountain Square, you will find an Italian Bistro called Via Vite. Opened in 2007, the place is designed on a vision, and you can tell that Chef Cristian Piesto’s vision came to life with it. The place has versatile cuisine and is relatively moderate in its prices. Some recipes have been passed down for generations, while others are new and more contemporary. The place has the most extensive outdoor sitting, with people from all backgrounds. There are people conducting work meetings, some for leisure and relaxation and others to celebrate their happiness.  

Some of the options on the menu include gazpacho, risotto, gnocchi, Italian meat and cheese platter, and many Naples-style stone fire pizzas. The Penne Bolognese is an old family recipe passed down for many generations. You can drop by any day of the week except Sundays. You can also see the ice rink and P&G Music Stage from here. You can also try octopus or artichoke dishes if you are a fan of those. There are hot and cold antipasti and housemade pasta on the menu too.  

You can grab a cocktail with your food. There are options like the ‘Sgroppino,’ ‘Italian Stone Sour,’ ‘Via Vite Negroni,’ and ‘Aperol Spritz’, among others. The Sgroppino has ingredients such as Madison‘s Ruby Red grapefruit sorbet, absolut grapefruit vodka, and prosecco and comes for $13. They also have beer, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, wine, and Italian non-alcoholic drinks. Their limited vintage releases have bottles you’ve wanted to get your hands on for a while and won’t regret buying from them.  

8. Incline Public House Bar Cincinnati

Incline Public House Bar Cincinnati

Incline Public House is located in Price Hill on an incline, where you will find locals and tourists. It opened back in 2013 and has the most fantastic view of the city from the top. You can spot all your favorite spots from the top during the daytime, and at night the city lights create a spectacular view that is relaxing. From tall buildings to neon signs, you can spot them all. The city girl within you will surely enjoy it here.  

For those of you who are on a budget but want a nice fancy day out, this is the place for you. The food is priced well, especially for students. In a sightseer’s dream, you can sip on your cocktails or eat your food while watching the boats on the Ohio river below. The pathway to the restaurant goes through colorful tiny houses, and pink sunsets welcome you on the patio. They have a very spacious dining room and a bar located just by it. The windows are enormous for you to look at what’s happening outside.  

The menu is well-rounded, with some meat options, vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan options. You can get everything from seafood to pizzas to satisfy your cravings. Get poutine, any pizza topping of your choice, sandwiches, and even salads. So there is a lot of food variety but don’t worry, there are drinks. These include ‘Peach Bourbon Smash,’ ‘Wildberry Sage Margarita,’ ‘Key Lime Martini,’ and ‘Sunshine Daydream’. The latter includes bumbu rum, cream of coconut, creme de banana, and creme de cacao for just $9. Pocket-friendly and stunning views, what a combo!   

7.  Arnold’s Bar and Grill Cincinnati

Arnold's Bar and Grill CincinnatiCincinnati‘s oldest tavern, Arnold’s Bar and Grill, opened way back in 1861. This place is hip and so interesting that you will want to go in to see all that we tell you. There’s a dark wood interior with old-style fixtures all around the place. The walls have art of all sorts plastered on them. Outdoors the patio has vintage signs and heaters for when it gets cold. It is the best spot if you want to see the performer doing their thing. The place has history engraved on its walls, along with comfort and fantastic food you can devour. Each dish has the flavor of tradition running through it.  

Outside, the wall has a giant mural, preserved all these years by the owners. There are more murals in the courtyard and alleyway as well. So this place has been home to these artists’ work for years. The bar has an old-fashioned saloon vibe, making all its customers return for more. They have excellent service as all the staff here is friendly and welcoming. The live music keeps you entertained when you come in after a tiring day. 

From hosting festivals to parties to weddings, Arnold’s is very accommodating if you want to celebrate here. They can accommodate about 300 people in-house for your event. You can customize your menu according to your tastes and budget. Their Greek spaghetti and sandwiches are an absolute hit amongst the customers, so do try them out. You can pair these with a cold beer from one of the local breweries in the area or a cocktail mix of your choice. This place offers you comfort, and great value for money, so do drop by.  

6. Abigail Street Bar Cincinnati 

Abigail Street Bar Cincinnati 

Named after what was originally 12th street, Abigail Street is a welcome escape from work and a hectic day. The restaurant/bar is famous for its tapas. Their serving style is meant for sharing, so don’t forget to bring some friends. From the friendly servers to the food they ring to your table, the long wait is worth it if you drop by on the weekend. There are specialty dishes like batata, wood-grilled hanger steak, and scallops, and they have ricotta and honey, the perfect combination for dessert. The housemade ricotta will have you wanting more.  

Everyone here is aggressively happy and waiting to shower you with warmth in this cozy little space. Even with a heavy load, their service is not affected much. They offer wine on daft, which is one of a kind thing here in the city. They have cuisine inspired by Spain, France, Turkey, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, and other Mediterranean areas. You won’t be surprised if you see such dishes at a restaurant with white tablecloths, it is that good. They do not take any reservations, so you better drop by on time.  

The space is long and narrow, with the bar on one side and small tables on the other. There are wooden furnishings and leather booths. The walls are exposed brick which goes with the whole color scheme. The serves help you choose what wine to pair with your order which will compliment the flavors best. Grab a seat by the bar if you’re just here for the wine. We can also tempt you to try the prosciutto and egg crostini. You won’t regret it.  

5. Somerset Bar Cincinnati

Somerset Bar Cincinnati

This place is the perfect mix of nature and fun combined in one place. The Somerset bar is divided into two parts. One is a greenhouse-like space full of plants and natural light coming through. The other is an indoor lounge. There is also a double-decker bus that serves as their kitchen with a rooftop sitting area. The pièce de résistance is an area with all the tropical plants and seating in tiny nooks around the space. There are lots of decor elements here that come from the owner’s personal collection. The place is inspired by the actual area called Somerset, which was an easy escape from reality for the owner, and he wanted the bar to be the same for all those who come in.  

This place is an escape from Cincinnati while you stay in the city. The drinks offered here are a mix of global spirits and some unique cocktails that use fresh herbs from their garden. The place oozes character with all the different materials used to build it. They sourced found materials from all around the world. One bar has a library that is open to anyone to borrow from.  

The house cocktails include ‘The Sansalone Martini,’ ‘Somer Solstice,’ ‘Ube Margarita,’ and ‘Scarlet Begonia’. The ‘Scarlet Begonia’ is a mix of cherry-toasted coconut rum, orgeat, lime, and cinnamon. It is priced at $11, which is not so bad for a cocktail. There’s also an infusions section which you can have as a shot or in soda like strawberry rhubarb gin. The beer and wine lists also have lots of options, along with some alcohol-free options.  

4. Longfellow  Bar Cincinnati

Longfellow  Bar Cincinnati

Over-the-Rhine’s Longfellow bar is a relatively new one. This place has already made its mark in the cocktail scene just a few years old. The bar has a rustic feel in a modern and contemporary space. Brick walls and wooden panels decorate the walls. The bartop is also wooden, with sage green walls. The high chairs by the bar have white seats and a soft brown structure. The bar is a curved shape in one corner of the space. The shelves behind the bar are decorated well with all the glass bottles creating reflections that attract the eye. Other than this, small tables are scattered all around the place.  

There is also a pay-it-forward chalkboard that records all the drinks people have gifted to others in this bar. The decor is like that of a pizzeria, and all the food here is made on a plancha, a metal grill with various heat levels. The ingredients are locally sourced from the farmers, which the owner takes pride in, and you can taste the freshness in each bite.  

This old and comfortable waterhole is something that you would want to keep a secret. Many people walk past it as it’s not too much of a party place. There is a decent crowd here, although not too crazy. The scrap sandwich here is very fresh. The sandwich packs flavor with all the small meat cuts that do not fit anywhere else. The cheese and meat boards are a perfect pairing with drinks.  

With old and eclectic music playing in the background, more than enough servers are here to help you out. They make this neighborhood bar someplace you would want to relax.  

3. Homemakers Bar Cincinnati

Homemakers Bar Cincinnati

Every color lover’s dream come true, Homemakers bar is a rainbow blast of colors. There is a story in every corner of the space. Co-owners Catherine and Julia made their passion project come to life. Brick walls have been painted a candy pink and a lovely hue of blue. This color combination brings life to the whole space. There are some wooden touches in the space, plus some black and white patterned tiles cover the floor under the bar. The marble top bar is adjacent to the massive window in front of the bar.  

There are squiggly colored lines painted on the walls. Other places have prints of art and photography that add creative elements to the space. Yellow chairs hang from the walls giving it the feel of a fun bus stop where you get to relax. A few tabletops are made of mosaic tiles and some fun patterns. Ting plant pots sit with the glass drink bottles on the shelves behind the bar. And if you look up, you will see metal spoons and forks hanging from a chandelier.  

The cocktails are fun and super innovative in terms of their names. They are named after commercial ads of the 1950s. Whether you want to sip on these in the central area or one of the more private rooms at the back, you will enjoy every sip. ‘The Johnny,’ or ‘Some like it Hot’ are a hit amongst the customers. The latter has notes of honey and saffron that create a fantastic mix of flavors. You can grab empanadas or pizzas to pair with these drinks. 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday; the place hosts events like spritzer hours, tiki Tuesday, gin and tonic bars, and monthly cocktail classes.    

2. Low Spark Bar Cincinnati 

Low Spark Bar Cincinnati A small 70s-inspired bar that features an aquarium, Low Spark is a chill, lowkey spot to hang out. The octopus named Sheila watches you as you sit at the bar and sip on your drink. There are beveled mirrors and a vinyl record in a corner, adding more to the whole vibe of the space. Orange-colored high-level chairs are set up with the bar. Red leather sofas and checkered tile decorate the whole space. The gold ceiling adds such a glow to the whole space and catches your eye.  

The bar is named after Traffic’s 1971 song ‘The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys. Every Tuesday to Friday, the happy hour is from 4 pm to 7 pm. Each weekday there are special offers on some drinks or another. If you fancy a liquid brunch, worry not cause that is an actual thing here. Drop by on Saturdays and Sundays.  

Craft cocktails include drinks like ‘Doctor Satan,’ ‘Pencil,’ ‘Hellboy,’ ‘Excita-bull,’ and ‘Gary the Snail’, among others. ‘Doctor Satan’ has ingredients like lavender-infused Tito’s handmade vodka, Cointreau, lemon, blueberry, rosemary, egg white, and plum bitters. It is priced at $12 like all the other cocktails on the menu. Other drinks include wine, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, and seltzers. There are beers on tap and in cans and bottles as well. So there is something for everyone and every sort of drinker. Whether it be friends or family, drop by to forget about the day’s worries or celebrate any occasion.  

1. Sundry and Vice Bar Cincinnati

Sundry and Vice Bar Cincinnati

In the heart of Over-the-Rhine is Sundry and Vice, an apothecary-themed cocktail bar. It is inside the Bottleworks hotel, which has many other restaurants and bars. The place pays tribute to the pre-Prohibition era, where alcohol was mixed with their medicine of choice to make it taste better. Or the experience, at least. Sundry and Vice found theirs quickly among places that struggle to find their niche in the cocktail scene. 

Drinks include ‘Divine Frequency,’ ‘Seeds of Spring,’ ‘Dolomite Heights,’ and ‘Little Jack’ with many more options. ‘Seeds of Spring’ has a mix of gin, sotol, lemon, pineapple, cinnamon, toasted sesame, and a fortune cookie, which, we won’t lie, sounds intimidating at first, but you HAVE to try it out. There’s also a list of classic draft cocktails if you’re not in the mood for experimenting tonight.  

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They have added many historical elements to the decor to add more character to the space. Hand-painted Moroccan tiles, booths with jade upholstery, and medicine and prescription bottles were scattered as props. They are serious about their theme. The dim light and iron lamps create a different mood as soon as you step foot in this place. Can you guess what their wallpaper is? Hand-written medicine prescriptions from the 20s and 30s! Imagine collecting all of those. All of this fits in perfectly with the historic architecture around this space.  

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