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15. Coyote Bluff Cafe Amarillo


Often we come across places that seem a little fishy from the outside; such was the case with Coyote Bluff Cafe. However, after you step inside and eat there, you will agree to the statement that ‘never judge a book by its cover. This applies to this situation. This hole-in-the-wall offers some fantastic eats. The place is always packed with locals coming in for a meal as there are only 12 tables. This is the sort of place one would want to explore as a tourist.

The place is packed with tables that have checkered tablecloths on them. The decor is very kitschy, even from the outside. The windows have art and benches on the outside. Wheels are placed on the outside. On the inside, there’s a hand-painted wall with all the menu items written in fun colors and fonts. Burgers are the main item on the menu and are a big hit here. The ‘Burger From Hell’ has fresh sauteed jalapenos, Coyote Hell sauce, Tabasco, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. The green chili stew is thick, with lots of chilies and meat. Try your luck if it turns out to be hot.

There are nine toppings on the burgers, with all sorts of fresh ingredients, juicy patties, and lots of fantastic house-made sauces that kick it up a notch. There are sandwiches and salads on the menu. You can pair these with a classic beer or a glass of wine. They go well with the food. There are domestic and premium varieties of beer and wine that you can sip on.

14. Golden Light Café Amarillo


Established in 1946, Golden Light Cafe is probably one of the oldest cafes operating in the same place in the area. Good food, friendship, love, laughter, and entertainment are staples here and something you will always find here. This place is the go-to for those who love some eclectic live music. They feature talent from around the area and give them a chance to perform.

It is an Austin-style restaurant that focuses more on the bar, and the kitchen is located in a food truck they have. You grab food from the food truck and find yourself a seat. They have an outdoor beer garden with picnic tables and corn-hole pits. The building resembles a West-style prison with bars on its windows. But not in a negative way, you know. Route 66 is mentioned everywhere inside and outside the space as it leads to all the customers coming into the cafe.

The bar is small but keeps churning out drinks and burgers constantly. The low long tables fill up the space, and there is not much open space here. Beer is the go-to drink here and is what is mainly offered here. You can get draft beer in a glass or a pitcher or grab a bottle if you like. Other options include ice tea and soft drinks. There is one dish for each of you, from burgers, chilis, stew, pie, and sandwiches. At its heart, Golden Light is a neighborhood dive bar that is a great place to hang out at.

13.The Big Texan Bar Amarillo


The smiling cowboy welcomes you to The Big Texan. Opened in 1960, the restaurant has grown quite a lot by taking up more and more space in the area. The brewery opened in 2010 and has been a hit here ever since. The place is enormous with a yellow building with blue accents. A huge cow statue stands outside to add to the whole character and theme of the place.

They are famous for their 72oz steak challenge, where you have to eat a 72-ounce steak with its side condiments in one hour. You pay upfront and can cut into the steak and take a bite before the challenge starts. You can proceed with the challenge if it is cooked to your satisfaction. No one can help you or touch your food. If you fail to finish it all up, then you lose. Their hand-crafted beer is considered one of the best in the area. The beer list includes options like ‘Pecan Porter,’ ‘Raspberry Wheat,’ and ‘Whoop your Donkey’ amongst others. These include notes of chocolate, pecans, berries, oatmeal, and herb and pine undertones.

Favorite items on their food menu include fried mushrooms, baby back ribs, and mountain oysters. They have a list of appetizers, sandwiches, quesadillas, seafood, specialties, steak, and a kids section. You can wrap up the meal with some dessert at the end. The restaurant is open daily, from 10 am to 10 pm. They also have a motel and hotel for you to stay at if you’re passing through.

12. Six Car Pub and Brewery Bar Amarillo


A dog-friendly microbrewery and restaurant, Six Car attract many people to drop by and enjoy it here. The place is pretty big and has excellent sitting arrangements inside and outside. The building looks very industrial and has steel hardware all around the space. There are beer and wine barrels and long wooden tables in the hall. Lights hang from above, and on one side of the hall are all glass windows that let the lights through. Fun and huge murals decorate the walls. The patio has wooden tables, benches, heaters, and fans for your comfort.

Being Amarillo‘s one and only brewpub, they even try to buy local grains mostly. They also offer ciders and cocktails along with their large beer and wine list. You can drop by from Thursday to Sunday; check their hours before going in. They always have a few house beers on tap, coming in straight from the barrel. There’s also a guest draft list that keeps on rotating. Cider, mead, and seltzers have their section, and you can get them on draft or a can.

The rooftop opens at 5 pm, and cocktails are only served there. There are summer seasonal cocktails and their signature cocktails. The summer options are ‘Deaf Smith,’ ‘Golden SPread,’ ‘Amarillo Slim Texan,’ and ‘Lone Elm Punch’. Deaf Smith includes Stryker smoked single malt Texas Whiskey from Andalusia, Cherry Heering, house-made Orangecello, and orange juice. In the signature drinks section, ‘Madam Queen’ is popular among locals. It is named after the coal-burning railroad engine and includes cucumber-infused vodka, seersucker gin, lemon juice, cucumber-basil syrup, and sparkling wine. Sounds super refreshing!

11. Metropolitan Bar Amarillo


Metropolitan is a speakeasy and the ultimate dining experience for those who want something a bit fancy. Closed on Monday, you can grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner here as it opens from 10 am onwards the rest of the week. The place has dim lighting that sets a mood for those who come in. The building is dark and black and has a few windows to let in natural light. There are lots of tables inside with white cloth laid over them. Some of the chairs are black while others are white and blue. Glasses, silverware, and napkins are laid in front of each seat. You can also find a seat at the dimly lit bar with bottles on the back shelves. Fancy chandeliers and lamps add more of a classy feel to the restaurant.

The brunch menu is pretty extensive, with everything ranging from pancakes and waffles to steaks and pies. You can also grab sandwiches and sliders to balance the breakfast items. The lunch menu includes soups, salads, burgers, steaks, pasta, nachos, and other tiny bites. Their metro-style Philly sounds yum with shredded duck confit, sautéed bell peppers, grilled onions, topped with five-alarm queso, brioche bun, house chips, and pickles.

You can enjoy live music on Friday and Saturday evenings 8-11 pm. Performers like Insufficient Funds, Tom Beach, Andy Chase, and many more are set to perform very soon. You can grab an orange, grapefruit, cranberry, pineapple, or pomegranate mimosa with it. Or you could grab cocktails like ‘Metro Dirty Bloody,’ ‘Swedish Mule,’ or a ‘Lavender Chilton’. Swedish mule mixes absolut lime: fresh lemon, lime juice, syrup, and ginger beer. A kick from the lemon is just what you need.

10. Crush Wine Bar Grill Amarillo


At the corner of 7th and Polk, you will find a patio full of people. This is Crash Wine bar and grill. A place that serves fantastic sandwiches and soups at lunchtime attracts everyone to this space for food. You can sit indoors and outdoors in the dining space there. There’s also a rooftop where you can grab a few drinks. There’s also a party room which is up for reservations for you to host your party at. This place is a hot spot downtown.

The interior is painted a soft sage green and has dark wood furniture. There are long and small tables scattered all around. There are also shelves of wine bottles displayed in the central area. You can see what is available and pick your poison for the day. There are a few blue plush leather booths; to match those, there’s a nice mural wall with a pretty pattern repeated all over it. Other decor features include some vintage photographs.

The bar has Italian-made enomatic wine along with many beers on tap. They are very passionate about mixed drinks here at Crush. There are lots of white and red wines on the menu. You can grab a glass of Cabernet Aviary or Chardonnay Gibbs. Inhale the undertones and savor each sip. A few drinks can accompany appetizers and small plates. There are tacos, burgers, salads, pasta, steak, and seafood to eat when you visit. Their double smash burger is a big hit. If you want a classic beef burger, then this is your go-to.

9. O.H.M.S. Restaurant Amarillo


In the historic downtown is OHMS Restaurant, a mix of Santa Fe and the panhandle. One visit and your mind and body are both refreshed. OHMS means ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’, which was named by an ex-pat who was the owner. The neon lights that spell the name of the cafe bring you in. You see the bar running along the room’s length as you open the door. There are dark-colored high chairs all around the bar. Bright lights fill up the whole space, along with oversized windows on one side. The place has an entirely different vibe to it at night. It would be an excellent place for a date.

You can have a gourmet dining experience here. The evenings here are hard to beat, so you can grab a glass of wine and sit outside. Their sandwiches are a great pair with these. There are appetizers, salads, and entrees on the menu. You can have elk tenderloin, ribeye, pork chops, and wagyu beef steak from the entrees. So it focuses more on the meat lovers and caters more to them. Remember this place if you’re in the mood for some steak. Each dish has been plated so beautifully and is full of fun colors.

There are many pinball machines on one side, and they have a small arcade for those who want to unwind. The bartenders know their stuff and can guide you the best in terms of what to choose with your meal. You can get a glass of red or white wine, or even a bottle if you fancy it. Other options include mixed drinks with fresh ingredients that will increase the flavors.

8. Bubba’s 33 Bar Amarillo


Bubbas 33 is a famous sports restaurant and bar which is family-friendly. As soon as you step in, you will see people around you. The place is crowded and packed as the tables are placed close. They are separated with wooden partitions between each table. Being a sports bar, there are a lot of T.V. screens placed all around the room, high up on the walls. The bar is rectangular and has sat all around it, with stools on each side. Sports jerseys, team signs, and more sports-related merch acts as decor all around the place. Whatever seat you get, you will have the front row seat to the game right now.

Their portions are very hearty and fulfilling, so think before ordering. Everything is made from scratch. From pizzas to sandwiches to burgers and wings, there’s something for all the foodies! Whether it is a date night, meet-up with coworkers, or game night, Bubbas promises you will have a great time. However, you might need to get your hands dirty if you order a burger. Fancy a ribeye? Or pasta? Or even some salmon; you bet they got it!

The beer menu has domestic, craft, imported, bottles and cans, and seltzers on the menu. They can also bring out the lime for the margaritas. For that chill, you can try the triple crown marg frozen or blended with ice. Then we have cocktails. There are classics like the ‘Old Fashioned’ and more contemporary mixes like ‘Blackberry smash’. This place isn’t one for wine, but if you love it, don’t worry; they have a few red and white options for you. Open for almost 90 years now; this place is a must-visit if you’re in the area.

7. Drunken Oyster Bar Amarillo


The Drunken Oyster is a concept inspired by the French Quarters of New Orleans. Amarillo has a lack of seafood places where you can eat fresh shellfish. The place transports you to another world where you see drapes of curtains, chandeliers, gas lanterns, aged bricks, and a library-laddered bar. The place is a big hall with tables scattered all around, so there’s ample room to sit. The shelves behind the bar are illuminated, and the reflections of the bottles add more sparkle to the room. The walls are painted lilac and mirrors, and T.V.s adorn the walls. The wooden furniture compliments the lights and the shiny surfaces around the space.

The menu is Cajun-inspired, and fresh ingredients and produce are dropped daily. They have their famous age-certified Angus beef cuts. The menu starts with Nawlins-inspired entrees. These include ‘Blackened Catfish,’ ‘Shrimp and Grits,’ and ‘Cajun Alfredo’ amongst others. The all-time famous Cajun boil includes seafood like fish, shrimp, clams, calamari, oysters, and lobsters. You can choose what spice level you want and add on sides. Then there are the entrees, starters, burgers, oysters, and greens. So there’s always something for each one of you.

The place opens up every day from morning to nighttime. Their brunch is a hit, and there’s even a separate menu here with unique brunch-only dishes in it. With over 300 different liquor options, their mixologists have come up with fun combinations for you to try. The absinthe section includes ‘Mati Hara,’ ‘Saint George,’ ‘Lucid,’ and more. The latter is described as the first absinthe to become legal in the U.S. It is distilled from spirits and whole European herbs and has no chemicals or additives.

6. J’s Bar and Grill Amarillo


A restaurant, bar, and grill in one, J’s Bar and Grill is an excellent spot for families to eat out at. It’s a big building with many windows on the front and blue shades, so the sunlight does not hit you too harshly. You see tables around the open space as soon as you step in. Some booths line up with the walls with plush and comfy leather seats. The bar is a black marble top with stone tiles placed on the sides and bar chairs to sit on. This gives the space a more rugged feel. There are televisions set up all across the space and even some pool tables for you to try your luck!

J’s has daily special deals. Each day there is a discount or an offer on certain things on the menu or drinks at happy hour each day. So no matter what day of the week you choose to be at this spot, you will avail yourself of an excellent offer here. Everything from pizzas to sandwiches to salads is on the menu here. Why don’t you start the meal off with some cheese sticks or buffalo wings? They will leave you licking your fingers! You can also customize your pizza with whatever toppings you prefer. They even have stuffed burgers! Can you imagine burgers filled with cream cheese, jalapenos, green onions, and mixed cheese? Yes, that is a thing here. There are all sorts of comfort food available, like chicken and waffles, fish and chips, and quesadillas.

Their beer menu has a section each for domestic, craft, I.P.A., dark, and imports. You can also have wine by the glass or by the bottle. Their signature drinks include ‘Blue J,’ ‘Dreamsicle,’ and ‘Goldrush’. Imagine a shot called ‘Mexican Candy,’ does it not sound like something you should try?

5. Taco’s Garcia Grill Amarillo


Open in Amarillo since 1986, Taco’s Garcia is a family-run Tex-Mex restaurant and bar. The couple who are the owners started small and struggled a lot before they could find success and then expand their premises. The place still gives off a very humble vibe and is not extravagant or fancy in its decor. Wooden beams run up the ceiling. The walls are a mix of rust and purple color. Simple tables and chairs are placed all around. They have some beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, adding a soft glow to the room. There are many stained glass windows and Christian crosses hung around the place. This makes it feel like an antique church.

The bar area is secluded from the general sitting space. Big plant pots add freshness and color to the space. The whole place has its character that represents the food that they serve here. The menu has authentic Mexican food like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chalupas, and more. Even their drinks are inspired by Mexican cuisine and complement the food well. Each dish has portion sizes and different toppings or meat options that you can opt for according to your tastes. They do not put in the effort to plate each dish in a very presentable way, but their main focus is on the quality of food you get, which will never disappoint you when you’re here. To end your meal, you can order a flan drizzled with caramelized sugar and whipped cream—a fantastic combination.

4. Lone Star Bar and Grill Amarillo


For the past 30 years, Lone Star Bar and Grill has been representing their motto of ‘no small steaks, no hot beer!’ and have stuck true to it. They focus on serving you traditional American food all days of the week except Mondays and Sundays. You just need to bring your appetite with you, don’t lose it on your way! The place has a kitsch element to it in terms of how it looks. From the outside, it resembles a container.

It is dark inside with lights hanging from the ceiling, low near the pool tables. So they are illuminated. Other tables are set in nooks and crannies around the space. They also have a few plush leather sofas in a deep red color. A few televisions are up on the walls. Some metal plates of different team logos, posters, flags, and frames adorn the walls of the space. These add lots of color and elements you notice when you step in.

When you get the menu, you will see the appetizers section first. This has jalapeno poppers, mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and onion rings, amongst other options. Try out their onion rings while they’re fresh and crispy. Their steaks are aged and make the perfect dinner meal. Whether it is a ribeye or filet, whatever you prefer will be cooked to your liking. There are also quesadillas, salads, burgers, and sandwiches if you are not a fan of steaks. To pair with the food, grab some beer, one of the best craft beers in town. You can also go for the classic wine and steak combination or try spirits, cordials, or cocktails if you want a new mix of flavors.

3. Fire Slice Pizzeria Bar Amarillo


In the mood for some cheesy, comforting pizza? Run to Fire Slice pizzeria. You will inhale their hand-tossed pizzas. Since 2009, this place has been serving these along with beer, wine, and other detectable items on the menu. They have a unique process for making their dough and even make their sausages, pesto, and more in-house. Other ingredients are sourced from local farmers, including artisanal cheeses and meat cuts.

It is open from Tuesday to Sunday. You can hire them or cater to your event. No matter how finicky the eater is, they will have a way to cater to everyone. They have gluten-free cauliflower and no crust options available as well. They also have some cheesy, gooey pasta like lasagna and tortellini. Some with pesto and goat cheese and fresh herbs. Sounds amazing! They have a delicious beer section with domestic, imported, and one-of-a-kind beers. There are about ten sections, so the choice might not be easy. Their unique wines are also paired perfectly with a slice of pizza. There are also many non-alcoholic drinks available here.

Often they have weekly special events that they host here at the restaurant, along with living performances. The local talent and those passing by create a fun night scene at Fire Slice Pizzeria. The team is dedicated to giving back to the community, and they choose a different organization each month to donate a part of their sales too. They choose an item off their menu, and they donate $1 to the organization each time it is sold.

2. Texas Firehouse Bar Amarillo


A leading sports bar, Texas Firehouse, is located in the Coulter Forum shopping center. It offers some new gastronomic sensations. You could get steak seared perfectly and steamy from the inside. Other items on the menu include gourmet pizzas, quesadillas, pizza rolls, wings, wraps, salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, burgers, and entrees that include pies, chicken, and pasta dishes. Once you open the menu, you will keep scrolling; it is that extensive.

Texas Firehouse has about 52 beers in its beer menu section. Yeah, that does not make your choice any more straightforward. But it does give you the room to experiment. The wine list is short and straightforward, so there will be limited options. Check out their cocktails if you’re in the mood to experiment. It includes ‘Moon Tang,’ ‘Dirty Hose Water,’ ‘Lava Flow,’ and ‘Patron Sunrise,’ which are less than half of the options available. Moon Tang has frozen moonshine and tang with a bottle of Blue Moon in it. The concoction is beautiful; imagine how good it will taste.

The whole room has a lot of flat-screen T.V.s displayed all around the room. Whatever game you’re in the mood to watch, it will be on here. You can grab food and drinks and get a spot at a table. They also offer daily, weekly, and monthly special offers that will make your day a little less heavy on your pocket. You will find sports enthusiasts here all the time if you need company.

1. Plaza Restaurant Bar Amarillo


Family-owned and operated, Plaza Restaurant has been serving Mexican food to its customers since 1982. This branch in Amarillo is the second in their chain of restaurants throughout the country. The current location is purpose-built and has ample seating along with private rooms for the event you would want to host here. It was accompanied by a tortilla-making machine that is part of the state-of-the-art kitchen their chefs work in every day.

The servers are very hospitable and make it their duty to give you the best experience while you’re here. They can help you decide your order as their menu is pretty extensive. They have an appetizers and nachos section, burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, seafood, salads, and soups, from the grill, combinations, and specials. Then there’s also a desserts and drinks section. You can try their ‘Fajitas Mar y Tierra’ or ‘Chile Verde and Enchilada’ from the specials section. It makes you want more even if you’re full.

Their happy hour offers vary daily and have price cuts on different drinks daily. Their ‘Avion Margarita’ is made with their in-house Avion tequila, lime, orange juice, and agave nectar. A refreshing sip for sure. There are also more options in the margarita section. The cocktails menu includes ‘Mexican Candy Mule,’ ‘Paloma,’ and ‘Ranch Water. The ‘Mexican Candy Mule’ is a Moscow mule with a Plaza twist. Vodka, watermelon puree & ginger beer. They are topped with freshly squeezed lime juice & a sprinkle of tajin.

Amarillo is no short of incredible places to eat and have fun doing some outdoor activities. But sometimes, you want to go to a bar and grab one of those fancy cocktails to sip on while you hang out with friends. It’s an excellent way to unwind post-work. Amarillo has some fancy spots, many of which have opened up throughout the city. From speakeasies to rooftop lounges, the city has got it all!

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