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The Bitter Alibi Bar Chattanooga , Guide & Review

Chattanooga has bars that align with the interest of almost every kind of person. The ones who only like to go to posh and elegant bars choose bars like The Bitter Alibi. The interior, food, and drinks of this bar are as fancy and classy as they can get. As far as the interior of this bar is concerned, the well-maintained and clean shelves, stylish crockery, fashionable counters, and floor place this bar among the most stylish bars in Chattanooga. At this bar, you can have the best food in the best setting. It is beyond doubt that the food is extremely good to taste, but what makes it better than the food at many other bars is the presentation and service, which would make you think that you are at a five-star hotel. On top of all this, the seating arrangement adds to the brilliance of your experience. There are eating arrangements with chairs around the table. Still, the best arrangement is the wood counters next to the windows where you can have your delicious food and enjoy a great view of the outside.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are other factors that catch the attention of customers from different areas of Chattanooga. Be it fresh, syrupy, and sour cocktails or your usual wine and beer, the variety of drinks found at The Bitter Alibi is enough to make a person happy. The chic presentation also makes you want to have your hands on the glass, and before you know it, you are drinking to freshen yourself up. The demeanor of the bartender and waiters is not only amiable but also respectful to the customers.

This place does not have room for any discrimination toward the LGBTQ+ community, and they get to have the food and drinks here just like anyone else. You would want to go back there again if you visit this bar once, and this is for us to know and you to find out. 


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