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The Bloomsbury Club Bar is an elevated bar bites pair with craft cocktails in this sophisticated bar with outdoor tables. Step inside The Bloomsbury Club Bar’s hidden realm and let the Cocktail Diviner guide your evening and reveal your deepest aspirations. There’s a reason why the Bloomsbury Club Bar is on every gorgeous bar list in London. Whether it’s the twinkling of fairy lights, high-end drinks, or tiny meals, this romantic storyline in London feels a world away from the hustle and bustle. The Bloomsbury Set was a group of intellectuals, authors, painters, and philosophers who believed that leisure – and pleasure – were as crucial to human development as their various fields of competence. The Bloomsbury Club is no exception. The Bloomsbury hotel’s bar is decorated with luxurious leather sofas, dramatic lighting, and wall-to-wall bookcases. 

It opens onto the lovely outdoor patio, a glittering grotto ideal for those long summer evenings. The bar offers a wide range of premium spirits, including a rare and exquisite spirits cabinet from across the world, liqueurs, aperitifs, and a meticulously curated cigar collection to fit any mood. While there is a highly competitive shortlist for the less-living, we can be sure that almost all of the Bloomsbury Set’s booze-friendly luminaries would be on it. And you’d take them to the Bloomsbury Club Bar. The BCB is a lusciously atmospheric ’20s style cocktail spot split into two areas: a central bar with art deco-ey flourishes, leather seating, and dark wood floors/ceiling/everything; and a laid-back, booth-filled grotto with exposed brick walls and lush vegetation greenery encased in so many glittering little lights, it’s like walking into a damn fairytale. 

And on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you can take it all in a while, serenaded by a live band performing jazz, blues, and soul. For drinking at this bar, there is a cabinet stocked with expensive and rare whiskeys, cognacs, and liqueurs, a menu of cocktails inspired by a 1910 tarot card, and the 14 states of being. Are you depressed? The Persian Mist promises to brighten your day. Are you trying to be kind with your date? The Black Narcissus promises to be able to prevent desire from becoming an obsession. Indecisive? There isn’t a drink for that, but there is a Cocktail Diviner on standby to unearth your actual feelings and channel them into alcoholic form. That sounds reasonable. So, The Bloomsbury Club Bar is one of the best!

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